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December 17, 2007


Michele in Maine

Since our chimney leads to a woodstove, we always sprinkle "reindeer dust" on our front porch so the reindeer know where to bring Santa (rolled oats and glitter mixed together work great!). And we leave carrots outside on the front porch for the reindeer to eat while they're waiting for Santa! Leaving a few chewed-up carrots on the steps adds to the fun!


one that came up yesterday was "I was nineteen". what? i think i had a post a couple months back about "when i was nineteen"...
And then there was "his bare little bottom". hmm...wonder what kind of site they were looking for? probably not knitting!


We have some kind of baked bread (Cinnamon Rolls, Butter Braids) for breakfast on Christmas morning. We also go to Christmas Eve Service at church. This year we went Christmas caroling which I think will turn into a tradition.


I stole this from somebody else. Every year the kids get to open one gift, that I pick out from under the tree, on Christmas Eve. It's always a new pair of pajamas to wear for Santa. We call them their Santa pjs until outgrown.


Let's see... we "open" stockings on Christmas Eve (usually filled with candy!), and presents on Christmas. We "dress" for dinner on Christmas itself (some of the family in the only finery they own). We have a big table and everyone that comes to Christmas dinner brings one or two small gifts (again, usually treats or small "useful" stuff) on the table. After dinner, we all sit around and play games. If you win a game, you get to pick something off the table. And if there are any gifts left over, they sneakily find their way into someone's luggage on the way home.

Really, most of my family's tradtions center on the fact that we're all over the country, so we want to make Christmas last as long as possible.

Sue J.

I always make several batches of homemade Chex Mix for my family. And we eat while watching two movies: A Christmas Story and White Christmas. We sing along to all the songs in White Christmas, too. It's hilarious.


Our oldest was an only for a long time with no cousins....we always have a wrapped book at our dinner places as a way to extend the delights of the day in a quiet way. also allows the book to shine more than it does under the tree competing with toys.Adults and guests also receive books.


James might be a little too young to enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life". My step-DD and I always watch it together the weekend before Christmas.

Sandra D

A new "special" ornament for each year. One for you and Joe, and one for James. When he flies out on his own, he'll have the makings of his own tree, with memories of his childhood in all those "special" ornaments. And they don't have to be real ornaments. Momentos of vacations work, a hummingbird nest you discover together. Whatever. Oh, and little handknitted socks!


Every year, the kids get a new ornament and since I have three boys -- it's usually Star Wars or something crazy like that. They love putting up the tree and looking at all the past years' ornaments. We also do cookies for Santa and always put out carrots and water for the reindeer.

Kathryn in Minnesota

Candlelight service Christmas Eve, homemade waffles with real maple syrup on Christmas morning while everyone is still in p.j.s, midnight sledding New Year's Eve, and cheese blintzes with Finnish sour cherry soup for breakfast on New Year's Day. I can hardly wait!


traditions are so fun....
let's see, some of ours are: we open only one present Christmas eve - each person selects one (and the giver has veto rights) - in the morning we open stockings in our pj's and then break for breakfast before diving into the rest. Of course, carols are playing on the cd player all day long :-)
Have fun creating your traditions. Your son will love them.

Sheila in Ohio

We didn't have many traditions as I was growing up (do arguing and driving endlessly from one set of grandparents to another count?), except my grandfather's homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. My son started a tradition with his family that he'd read about: new pj's for everyone that arrive wrapped on the doorstep sometime on Christmas Eve and we now have a cookie decorating 'contest' on Christmas Eve.

I fell in love with this blogger's family tradition a couple of years ago and wait for it each year: . With 8 or 9 kids, it's alway interesting!


Every year, we make cookies with Hershey's Kisses in them. About three get Kisses with Almonds, while the rest get the plain chocolate ones. The first person to get a cookie with an almond gets a prize.


I have bought Christmas ornaments for every child still living in the house every year. When they move into a place of their own, they have the ornaments for themselves. What a treat to visit their homes now and see the gifts given to them over the years. ANd what stories they tell to their own children as they hang them on the tree. I also baked sugar cookies that they decorated, and we had Advent Calendars to help keep in mind that this is Christ's Birthday we are celebrating. There was usually a Bible verse and a lovely picture to help remind them of the reason for the season. We tried to go to Christmas Eve service at Church and we always attended the Christmas programs at school. (This was when there really were Christmas programs in school)


Every year I have bought Christmas ornaments for every child who is still living at home. When that child leaves home, he or she has the beginnings for their own Christmas. It is a treat to see their tree and hear them tell stories about the ornaments to their own children. We also baked and decorated sugar cookies, and opened doors on the Advent Calendar. We went to Christmas Eve service at Church and to the school Christmas programs (back in the day when the schools had Christmas programs). When we moved to a place where the neighbors were close enough to walk to, we baked cookies or breads to take to the neighbors on Christmas Eve day.


I know we live in the same ciity so, You have to start the Tradition of going downtown and seeing Santa lit up and eating Coney Island Hot Dogs. We used to go on the the night before Thanksgiving when they officially light it up, but since the are older we pick a night and go downtown and look at Santa. My children really enjoy that and it is the best way to start Christmas.

Kathy in KS

I live for Christmas traditions! One of the best ones is one that I'm pretty sure my mom just made up one year and decided that it was a "ancient family tradition". She never cooked on Christmas! We'd have summer sausage/ beef logs, cheese logs or balls, sliced cheeses, apple wedges, olives, and crackers all on one big plate, and another big thing she'd prepare the day before with tons of fresh veges, carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, etc, and a big bowl of dip. She'd just pretty much leave it all out on the table most of the day, and we'd run back and forth between taking a couple bites to keep up our strength, and running back to the tree to open or play with the presents. Sometime in the afternoon, when she had decided that we had eaten enough "good" food, she'd bring out the cookies and we'd eat those the rest of the day. Until we wanted more veges and dip. I think it was a pretty ingenious idea, and one I've tried to do with my family too. Growing up, we never had one of those fancy get all dressed up Christmas dinners. It was always, stay in your pj's most of the day until you want to get dressed to go play in the snow, and snack all day. Plus, that way, my mom wasn't stuck in the kitchen all day missing everything fun while cooking. We also have a specific cookie recipe that we'd always fix in the days leading up to Christmas. It's the kind that you roll out and use cookie cutters. And you usually get flour all over the floor, so I like to plan it for a day when I have to mop anyway. There's more, but I have Christmas knitting to do.


I love seeing how people find my blog so much that I'm trying to do a monthly post about how people get there. This past week had one search for "perfection salad plot." There's a plot? Who knew?!


Like several others, we do a new ornament each year, but it needs to be related to something that happened during the year. We have ornaments from places we went on vacation, a black cat ornament for the year we adopted the black cat, a knitted ornament from the year my partner taught me to knit, and so on.

Once I was old enough to handle money, we did a fun advents calendar thing. We were a family of three so each person bought 4 small gifts (under $3 at the time) for each other family member, for a total of 8 each or 24 all together. Then the gifts got wrapped and set below the homemade advents calendar and each day one gift got opened - first dad, then mom, then me.

Small presents often went in the tree itself, instead of in stockings as stockings were usually filled with fruits and nuts. My partners family always put a pomegranate in the toe of each stocking; mine used a tangerine or orange.

One of my coworkers with kids has each child go shopping with her to pick out one present for one of the toy drives. Each child picks a present for a child in their own age group. As the kids got old enough to have allowances, she found that they began asking to pay (or help pay) for the toys for the drive.

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