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December 11, 2007



Oh man, I LOVE those pictures of James with the cup! Such a cutie pie! I too cannot wait for the Noro sock yarn, but I am waiting to see other's reviews of it before I buy some! I find regular Kureyon kinda itchy, so I will interested to see if this is softer and to see how a single-ply yarn holds up in socks!

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

Oh don't give the yarn to James ... then you'd have to share your stash! There's time enough for that when he actually learns that you knit with yarn instead of eat it.

I only learned to knit socks back in May of 2006, and for Christmas last year, nearly EVERYONE got socks! I forget the exact number I did for gifts, but as a hint, since I began, I've now completed 49 pair, most of which have been given away or will be gifts for this Christmas, and I have three more pair on various needles, all scheduled to be gifts again this year. This is always one gift that is truly appreciated!

Carrie K

No, he'll just want to knit it up himself.

He's so cute! Definitely tearing the paper off at Christmas.

Pretty yarns!


Awww - James is such a cutie pie. We tend to forget that everything is new to babies so things we don't even notice because we see them so often are endlessly fascinating to them. Anxious to see the Noro sock yarn - like the fact that the colorways are the same (at least in some cases) as Kureyon. I love the 150 - have a bunch of the Kureyon & will have to get the matching sock yarn. I just wish it weren't handwash. Not that I mind hand washing. I just worry that they'll get mixed up with the rest of the wash & felted!


How cute can he be?! I remember my two being thoroughly entertained by a plastic cup in the bath when we went to stay with some friends who didn't have any bath toys. Have you tried blowing bubbles for him yet?


Sooo cute!

And you are killing be with the Noro! I just ordered! Though if that baby gets some before I do, we won't be on speaking terms, you and I!!


If he's anything like my nieces and nephew were for their first christmas celebrations, he'll have fun EATING the wrapping paper! Another easy baby toy: a clean brown paper bag, with the top edges rolled down. Babies LOVE the crinkley noise it makes, how it feels on the tongue and fingers as they squish it. If it's uninked, no worries about what color the face/fingers/tongue is after a little baby slobber gets on it.


Adorable pictures! I am knitting socks for my husband in Alpaca Sox Dress Grey in a very simple k2p2 pattern. I am in a race to finish before Christmas!


He is so cute. Enjoy the cheap entertainment while you can. I remember when mine would play with a box or a cup for hours. Now it is Ipods and Wii's etc...


That is such an adorable child!!!


Please do you have any Kochoran #5 remaining anywhere or know of anyone who does?

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