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December 20, 2007


Gwen in Bowmanville

I did it, too. When my Grace was just a year, I made Christmas cards. And wouldn't you know it, her hair was just long enough for the waves (that were just starting to show) to be sticking out at odd angles. I Photoshopped them out -- perfect baby, perfect hair. I guess we share the same dirty little secret.

Best Wishes for all Blessings at Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


I think it is okay that you Photoshopped your son. I will be worried if when he is five you are trying to get him on TV though. He sure is adorable and I totally believe you about his eyes. It is amazing the colors of their little eyes. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. At least he isn't going to wake you up at 5 am wanting to open presents this year.


Too funny! But if your going to add hours to the day, make it 36! Twelve glorious hours for sleep and a full 24 for play, work, etc!!

Cute kid! Is he yours? (heh, heh)!!


Photoshop or not, he is adorable! I love his outfit.


He's beautiful no matter what. I remember when #2 was a baby: he alway had a goose egg and a bugger on his forehead! How I wish I had PS in those days!

Merry Christmas!


You know, if you paid a professional photographer to take James' picture, you would *expect* the "flaws" to be Photoshopped away. Right?

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