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December 03, 2007



Girl, you made a baby this year. I think that way trumps cards and jam.

(Although I do understand what you're saying...)


Yes you are now a mom. I don't even get Christmas cards sent out. I felt guilty that I bought gloves for the girls and didn't knit them mittens. They are wearing hand knit hats though. You are doing a great job.

Kathy in KS

The guilt doesn't really get better, you just learn to live with it. And "sprite"s right, you made a baby this year. That totally lets you off the hook for making anything else. And, I almost peed my pants looking at those cards. They are fantastic. I love sarcastic humor. When you have time, check this out... You know those motivational posters and stuff? This is sort of like a sick version of those. Like the cards.


Okay, "You put the Ass in Asstastic" just about did me in. THat site is hysterical! Thank you.


Those cards are great. I wish I had the nerve. And I ditto the thought - you made a baby. That's way more than anything.


I work fulltime, have two kids, am a single parent and have a partner who lives an hour's drive away. The thing that has to give is a clean house - unfortunately. Half the time I feel guilty and think I should be cleaning when I have a spare half hour, then I remember my mum always being home with a cup of tea and a biscuit when we came home from school, and I sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit with my two when they get home from school, rather than grabbing the hoover. I tell myself that one day they will have left home and I'll have all the time in the world to hoover. I want them to remember me having time for them, not me forever doing something else. (and when I do have some spare time, I try to spend it on *me* rather than the house). Enjoy James and enjoy the job - it's enough to be super woman, don't try to be super super woman :-)


You will find a new balance, it just takes time...

O.K., actually you will find a new balance multiple times as your son grows, and if you have another child, more new balance points!

(don't wait 10 years between kids tho'! It's nice to have built-in baby sitting, but sometimes hard to let go of the freedom of having an older child!)

I think it took me about 2 years to feel "normal" after having my first child, and I was able to stay home for that time; finding "normal" was faster after the second one arrived. Cybele is right - something has to give, somewhere - and you'll find the "gives" that work for you and your family. I just wish there was a guide out there somewhere (instead we just keep muddlin' along and somehow it usually works out o.k. in the end...). So relax and enjoy, it goes by really fast!

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