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November 01, 2007


Lisa K.

Ohhhh -Mary Janes. I used to get them at the penny candy store when I was a kid (okay, yes, that was thirty+ years ago) but now the only time I can find them (and it's only sometimes, not every year) is at Halloween.


Oh, my favorite is Sugar Daddies. I love caramel anyway, and the Sugar Daddy is so long-lasting. Umm so tasty!

Sally Boyd

Definitely Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I especially like the ones that are special for the holidays (more p.b.--which I love).

Sally Boyd

Definitely Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I especially like the ones that are special for the holidays (more p.b.--which I love).

Tracy Hite

I'm a big fan of anything chocolate and/or caramel. For commercial candy, my favorite's probably Twix bars, best of both worlds with a bonus cookie crunch.

Still, nothing beats the gooey caramels Grandpa used to make from scratch every year when I was a kid. I remember cooking sugar & butter with him on the stovetop, spreading it in a pan to cool, then wrapping little bits up in waxed paper squares to take home.


I can't wait to try the Alpaca Sox!

My favorite Halloween candy is Mary Janes. I used to hate these as a kid because the "old ladies" gave these out, but I love them now!


Nerds, definitely. I love me some candy coated sugar.

bobbie wallace

My all-time favorite is mini-Snickers, but close seconds are the little pumpkins and candy corn. And my newest favorite is Peeps Ghosts ('cus I LUVS the Peeps at Easter!

laura a smith

my favorite candy is anything chocolate

Happy Knitter

Hmmm, I remember those wax harmonicas, and wax pop bottles with fruit liquid inside! Any day any time for me would be a Mounds bar. No one else in the house likes them. Lucky me!

Bobbie Partain

My hands-down favorite Halloween candy is Smartees.


Popcorn balls!!!


My favorite Halloween candy is tootsie rolls. Delicious!

Thanks for the contest. :)

Sharon T

Beautiful sock yarn, as always. PEZ and the cute dispenser! Not that I won't eat other candy, though.

Barbara Sisco

My friend Louise is teaching me to knit at my age! She has so much patience. It is wonderful!!! I have a skein of Trekking yarn that I can't wait to try (a wonderful gift from Louise).I would have to pick Almond Joy minis.

Melissa the Weaver

Mary Janes! And in a pinch those orange and black wrapped molasses taffy will do.

sue t

my favorite candy is a snickers bar, oh and then m&m's, and maybe 3 mousketeers...or maybe just anything with chocolate in it

Sue J

I LOVE the foil covered eyeballs that are chocolate with carmel in the middle!!!
The whole eye-dea is so gross! yet so tastie!


alpaca is my favorite fiber, and I know just the person I could knit those for. Now for a color decision.

Susan L

Hmm, hard to choose just one! But Snickers seems to have been among the top few each year for forever!


My favourite is Popcorn Balls, which of course have to be homemade and are the best!

knit chick

My current favorite are Affy Tapples ( They're local caramel apples.


I just bought some of the Alpaca Sox yesterday. I'm excited to see some of the colors you carry and will get cracking on what I have to see how many more colors I have to have.

This year my favorite candy is miniature butterfingers. I ate the last one yesterday. :( Now maybe I can avoid the rest of the basket. :)


I like snickers bars best. :)


Trick or Treat! My favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops! :D


Peanut Butter Cups - what could possibly be better?


I know it's been said a dozen times above, but there is nothing like good ol' Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Especially cold with a glass of milk. Mmmm, that first shock of chocolate and faux, gritty peanut butter sort of melts away the worries of the world for a few seconds, doesn't it? :)


Oooh, my favorite is candy corn. Boring, you say? Not if you pair it with salted peanuts!! WOW! Try it! You'll be a-maized!

Daryl B

Reese's cups for me. We all fight over them. This was a good year for chocolate in our neighborhood. we are ALL happy


Butterfinger candy bars. I cannot stop eating them once I start!


Butterfinger candy bars. I cannot stop eating them once I start!

Laura G

Hmmm, my favorite halloween candy. I would have to say I love it when my son comes home with those mini bags of sugar babies--something he would never dream of trying but takes me back to my childhood!


I love those mini Coffee Crisp bars--like mocha Kit Kats

Knitting Addict

Ohhhhh, great price on Opal! Thanks :)

And Candy Corn Pumpkins is my favorite Halloween Candy but I have two favorites and can't leave out Milky Way Bars either.

Of course, I can't have them any longer (diabeASTIES)-- but that doesn't stop them from being favorites!


I have two actually. Mary Janes and Sugar Daddy. Love them both!

Patti W

Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins (actually, this applies to any of the holiday shapes). My son is allergic to all nuts, so we haven't had any in the house for years. And if I eat one there's a whole decontamination procedures before I can go near my son. So, when he goes to college a short 12 years from now you'll find me on the couch, surrounded by Reese's wrappers, in a sugar coma. That will be the only moment in my life when I won't need any sock yarn!

Debbie D

Gee, only ONE candy? Well.... of the fruity variety, Starburst Sours; and as for chocolate, Mini 3 Musketeers!!!!


I am a Snickers kind of girl!


who can resist those black and orange wrapped peanut taffy chews!!!


My favourite is Rockets!


Almond Joys for me. I gave out all the other candies first and held them back until the end.

E to the M

Anything with chocolate; I'm not picky. :)
Unfortunately, this year my daughter decided she likes chocolate so I can't pilfer her Halloween much.

Belinda Giliberti

Pumpkin shaped PEEPS! is my favorite Halloween candy. I know that you used to be able to only get peeps during Easter, but they are turning up at every holiday!

Linda Wood

Midnight Milky Ways. None of this milk chocolate stuff. Gotta have dark chocolate. It's even GOOD for you!


Peeps! When I was a kid, they were only around at Easter. Now I don't have to wait! PEEPS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!


Your skeleton is adorable!

As a kid, my favourite was the candy apples made by a neighborhood lady, but now, definitely Crunchie bars... and no one seemed to be giving them out this year... :>((

janet daum

okay hard to pick i too love reese's but conventional sugar is hard on me so i will go with Panda Brand Licorice love it!

Angela La Grasta

Definetly Sweet Tarts, especially the purple ones

Linda Van Der Werf

My favorite Halloween candy would be candy corn -- I don't know why other than I like the taste. But you have to admit the candy does contain the colors (at least some of them) of fall!

Lise G.

O.K., here goes, because the best candy for me is chocolate! Not just any chocolate that comes in those little bite-size wrappers, but the expensive, fresh kind that's only made at the chocolate store downtown. They have huge glass windows to let people walk by and see in as their making the candies right there in front of you, all the while you're starting to salivate like my Jack Russel Terrier. Just can't resist them, they're that good!!


My favorite Halloween candy is Bottle Caps...hard to find the rest of the year, but always at least one package in my kids' trick or treat bags...


Necco Wafers - wrapped ib a wax paper tube -so thin and lots of different flavors all in one pack. Th e older version of smarties--less sweet or tart.


Gotta be Reese's Pieces!


I'm a sucker for Skittles! I bought 2 bags of mini's and we didn't have a single knock on the door. Now they're in the candy jar - YUM!


Wow there are alot of folks out there who like candy corn. My favorite is Baby Ruth!


Chewy fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls - better than regular Tootsie Rolls!


Thanks for a fun contest. My fave is Snickers.


My favorite Halloween candy is no longer made!:( Way back when, there was a candy called "Witches Broomsticks", they were banana flavored taffy that was shaped like a stick. I LOVED these. Banana Laffy Taffy is a poor substitute, but accepted.

karen o

Peanut Butter M&Ms!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmm.
Well, actually anything with chocolate and
peanut butter.....m&ms, Reese's big and little,
Reeses pieces, etc.

Sandra D

Mary Janes. That dates me, huh? But they're peanut buttery and chewy, and they make me nostalgic. I haven't had one in years (are they even still available?), but they've always been my favorit Halloween candy!

Jan Z

My favorite is definitely Take 5, the candy bar that combines two things I shouldn't eat - sugar and salt - in a delicious mixture of milk chocolate, pretzels, and nuts. Yum!


My favorite has to be Peeps ghosts. I love that they make Peeps for all holidays now!!


I love the Opal sock yarns although Socks That Rock is wonderful to work with too. MMMm Peanut Butter cups with candy corn stuck in them!!

Kathryn J.

My favorite halloween candy has to be coconut mounds with almonds!


My favourite Halloween combonation has to be Reese peanut butter cups alternated with Cheezes, bite for bite. Mmmmm.


Great contest! Hmmmm I'd have to say for this year I discovered some Swedish Fish in the candy bowl and really like them a lot. But gosh they are high in calories. lol

Tania W

The cherry blossom would make some great socks for my mum. Because I am in Australia I have to say Tim Tams are my favorite. OK they are technically a cookie, but you get them wrapped like an individual candy bar (notice my correct use of technical terms cookie and candy bar instead of biscuit and chocolate bar). They are eaten best with adjacent corners bitten off, dipped in hot tea or coffee and used like a straw. The inside layers all melt, quickly put in your mouth it becomes a chocolate explosion. You want to try?

Christina C.

heath bar all the way!!


My favorite Halloween candy is Snickers, but my youngest has a peanut allergy! So sad! So in our house, the favorite Halloween candy is Kissables.


Favorite Halloween candy? Of course, candy corn. It just says "Halloween" to me. I'm 65+ years old and I buy candy corn as soon as it appears on the shelf (gets earlier and earlier each year) and stock up when the candy goes on sale after Halloween.


mine would definetly be peanut butter kisses with mary janes as a runner up.

Gale Fields

Definitely anything chocolate--especially the milk chocolate Dove foil wrapped squares. Gale


mmm candy. I love it all. Pretty soon my 5 year old will figure out that Milky Ways, my fav, are *not* choke-ables.

Lea Vollmer

Gee, it's so hard to pick just one... let's just say that this Halloween my favorite candy bar is the Dark Chocolate Snickers bar! Yum!!!



Brach's Candy Corn. It has to be Brach's and it has to be eaten from the top in sections...first the white, then the yellow, then the orange. I don't like the stuff with the brown bottom, cause it just doesn't seem like Candy Corn. I even made myself a Candy Corn Hat for Halloween..another way to embarass my 10 yo son!




Somehow my post came up under someone else's name! So, hopefully, now my name will come up! Here it is again.

Brach's Candy Corn. It has to be Brach's and it has to be eaten from the top in sections...first the white, then the yellow, then the orange. I don't like the stuff with the brown bottom, cause it just doesn't seem like Candy Corn. I even made myself a Candy Corn Hat for Halloween..another way to embarass my 10 yo son!


My favorites are the Butterfingers! I will allow myself to eat the Butterfingers collected on Halloween but not any other time of the year. It makes it more special and I don't feel guilty about eating them. :)


For some reason, my favorite Halloween candy has alwasy been the caramels with the white cream on the inside. Not sure what they're called, but oh man... I could eat them by the pound!

Donnely the BlueRose

I totally adore black-jacks! so hard to find them. I really need some of the cherry blossom!


My fave is snickers. It's not only available at Halloween, but Halloween gives me a good excuse to eat them :)


Definitely Butterfinger Crisps. Ate my weight in them this Holloween. Thank goodness it's over!


My favorite Halloween candy - since most people don't give out the good stuff; ie: chocolate truffles from DeBrands, or Dark Dove, - I would have to say is Mr. Goodbar - the mini ones that you can't unwrap fast enough to get all of the peanuts and chocolate into your mouth! Less calories if you eat them faster, right?


My all time favorite is candy corn. I used to stick it on my teeth when I was a kid so I could have pointy monster teeth. But, they didn't stay on long because I would eat them.. just couldn't resist.


Mini Almond Joys = favorite for Halloween


Give me the real candy not the chocolate. We're talking airheads, laffy taffy or Now N Laters.

Merry Glover

Kit Kat Mini's! Gimmie a break, gimmie a break, break me off a piece of that KIT KAT BAR! Yum!


That's easy - Twix!


Definitely Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!


I think I'd have to choose Snickers - it's not my favourite candy of all time, but my favourite one that I often see on Halloween.


It's so hard to choose just ONE favorite Halloween candy. I think the one that I'd most love to get my sugar coma on with is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.


Three Musketeers!


Butterfingers--it covers all the sensations-crubchy, chocolate, salty too!!!
got to go on hunt thru the kids stuff now!!!

Dawn ;)

"hand over the candy corn and nobody gets hurt." heehee ~ I love it and Mary Jane's. ;D Thx


Anything with chocolate--but my son likes sour candy so that's what we got this year. I had to get my chocolate fix at work (Almond Joy bars...)


My fav is Bun Maple Cream....hard to find, but really worth the trouble!!!


Decided to comment while I'm deciding which yarns to order .... like I'm not going to order them all?

Fav candy is Milk Duds althought I have to be careful not to pull out a filling or two ... or 10.

cindy lubbert

My favorite candy is M % M's !!! especially black and orange this time of year !!!


PayDay! Mmmm....

Ronni Lynn Spoll

I'm a Halloween Harlot! I love everything about Halloween. The decorations, the costumes, the fun house, the hay rides, trick & treat parties with apple bobbing, etc. etc.
but most of all
I just love the candies...........
everything & anything, the more the merrier
but most of all I absolutely love
midnight milky way, milky way, snickers & three musketeers all of them frozen...
and let us not forget the
candy apple taffy (red & caramel too)
(a real treat for your teeth & a trick to eat so you don't lose those teeth)
Oh God Give Me Halloween Everyday
and wow I could really fill that fabulous bag with kit kats & hershey kisses too, some for me & some for you
so all I want to say is
ronni lynn spoll

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