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November 01, 2007


Lanette Hastings

I love Candy Corn! This simple candy will never go out of style. It's so festive and doubles as a thanksgiving treat.
Candy corn reminds me of my childhood and all of those trick or treat nights! Pure sugar goodness!!!


I like the Halloween themed gummy candies!

Sue Sticksel

I love candy corn mixed with dry roasted peanuts but laffy taffy is a close second. Love the day after halloween when all the candy is marked 1/2 price-


M&Ms all the way, any kind, any size!

mary meyer

favorite candy, you ask? Well, let me see that must be the Krackle bar that only comes in the Hershey's mix bag.
I pick them all out......
Trick or treat give me something okay?


My all time favorite is Milky Way Dark, delicious anytime not just at Halloween. Hum


We bought this giant bag of assorted mini-packs of MM's to hand out. There were peanut, regular, peanut butter, and DARK CHOCOLATE!!! I immediately downed a pack and they are now my favorite Halloween candy, Dark Chocolate MM's. I even fished out the rest of the dark ones and kept them all for myself.

Wendy C

I guess my favorite Holloween candy would be determined by what I buy, eat between door rings and hope will be left over. Reese's peanut butter and smarties. All the other days of the year it has to be Lindt dark.

Someone asked if Mary Jane's are still available, and yes, they are. My boss gets them every fall to put in a big pumpkin shaped jar at the desk for customers. Don't know where she finds them.
My favorite, however, are the orange pumpkins that come in the candy corn bags.
Happy Fall to all.


ANYTHING chocolate...Kisses, M&Ms, Hershey bars with or without almonds, Dove (any size), Marabou, Toblerone, etc, If it's chocolate, it's my favorite!


This Canadian girl looooooves Coffee Crisp bars.


SweeTarts! Mmmmm. I bought some to give out with all the other candy this year, and mysteriously none of the SweeTarts actually left the house!

Dana LaPorte

My personal favorite is anything with chocolate and nuts. Your son is really adorable.


I love those peanut butter taffy kisses - the ones in the black or orange wax paper wrappers. Periodically I still find them, and when I do, I wipe out the stock at the store. :)


Smartees! I just can't seem to get enough of them. They're even better than chocolate.


All candy is good but I found these fun gummy pumpkins at a local Cracker Barrel. They came with some "special" tongs that made the gummy pumpkins glow when you picked them up.


SMARTIES!!!!! I love 'em!! My kids know it too so they bring them to me. What great kids I have,

Vicki Byram

NO candy in the world is better than Hershey Kisses, for any holiday.


Peanut M & M's, all the way!


I love your site-the yarns are as yummy as the Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins that seem to disappear here as fast as they arrive!!!

Amanda Cathleen

As much as I love Reese's PB Cups, I love candy corn even more. I swear that white tips taste better than the rest of the candy. Once (quite a few years ago) I had eaten the tips off a pile of candy corns and left the pile in front of the computer, my Mom started eating them and didn't notice until the pile was almost gone that they didn't have any tips! *L*
Jack is so cute in his skeleton costume! Little Kailey was a kitten, and her big sister was a cat.


I love the little chocolate babies in the marshmellow mixtures that have pumpkins, candy corn and etc.

Beth De Long

O.K., that's it !!!!!!!!!After reading about everybodies favorite I have to take A trip to the candy bowl of leftovers ....and can I vote All of The ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!


The mini mounds bars are my favorite dark chocolate is the best. I'm willing to try new flavors....anyone willing to share? =)


I have a real weakness for Snickers,and not just at Halloween.


My favorite Halloween candy is Hershey's Take 5 candy bars. They are too dangerous to eat any other time of the year! Mmmmm...pretzels, chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter and caramel...all winners!


Tootsie rolls! Halloween is almost the only time I ever eat them. Of course Reese's and Snickers I eat all year round.

I've been trying not to eat my kid's Halloween candy, but I saw some tootsie rolls in there earlier and now I'm craving some.


Who can pick just one candy? If I must, it's Baby Ruth. The little ones are just the right size. Then you get to eat 3 or 4 because you're burning calories by unwrapping them, right?

Mary Ann

My favorite halloween candy is a Peanut Butter Kiss. They are only around at Halloween as far as i can tell and they come in on stores promo sales. They are mollasses candy with a peanut butter center, mum mum good. I could eat a whold bag so i only get one and then stay away from the store.
Glad to see expanded colors in trekking for husbands socks, the dark solids make for dull knitting about half way through.

ann-marie mackay

normally i would say chocolate--but i used to always look for the suckers. there were fruit ones that had white candy paint on them--and we'd hold them on our tongue to make pictures.


Caramilks (Dangerous to eat while knitting though, things get sticky.)

Mary Alice Helgesen

My favorite halloween treat is caramel apples. If that doesn't count, I'll choose the little Nestle Crackle Bars. (I was never given any big bars at halloween.)

Jen Johansson

I didn't know they were making Peeps for Halloween, but I just found a jack-o-lantern one in my daughter's candy stash! That's my new favorite Halloween candy.


Tootsie Roll Pops, especially cherry and lemon-lime! We give them out, and I always buy more than we need so I can sample them before Halloween (to make sure they're safe) and after (waste not, want not).


I love candy corn,although twizzlers would be close.


Oh how I love the chewy goodness of bit o honey. Yummy and kit kats and candy corn. Just any chewable is good to me!

Karen Baque

I will admit it's Tootsie Pops...I even went so far as to "push" those aside when I gave the kids the candy...bad me. I was running low and the night wasn't over yet so I even "pulled" the rest of them out of the bowl just in case my husband gave them away. I don't know why I don't buy them during the year just to eat, but I don't and I do this every year..... what does that say of

New Jersey Laura

Hershey chocolate, in any form!


favorite halloween candy ???
arrrgh !! what DON"T i like. i've been reading down the list going yeah! that's a favorite on each one...but the best candy overall that i have ever, ever had was home-made by my aunt and it was chunks of honeycomb dipped in the best chocolate she could find...oh gosh, i guess i'll be makin' some candy this weekend.
is there any place that makes candy like that commercially ??? i'd love to dispense with the makin' and jump right into the eatin' of it.


Duh! Candy Corn!


My favorite Halloween candy has to be some kind of chocolate. I guess Snickers snack size bars if my most favorite, followed closely by Hershey's milk chocolate snack size bars.



I love the tubes of pastel hard candies. They are like little tablets, and are slightly tart. Don't know what to call them because we very carefully didn't buy anything we would like, so not to be tempted. (We gave out gummy lifesavers. Hope the kids liked...we sure wouldn't! VBG!)

Heather K

Definitely the pumpkin gumdrops - Love 'em, to pieces. Save them and give out the mini Mars bars to save myself from chocula.


My favorite Halloween candy has to be tootsie rolls. They're so cheap that I was sure to get a bunch of them every year.


My fav Halloween candy has always been Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. But I have to admit, Take Fives are becoming a close second.


Traditional, triangular shaped candy corn. But the ones with brown at the bottom are better than the ones with yellow.

Does anyone remember getting Zagnuts?


My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn mixed with honey roasted peanuts! Yummy!

Jennifer Barr

Hard to narrow it down to only one but would have to say candy corn. :)


Babe Ruth and I only eat them at Hallowen!


My favorite Halloween Candy is whatever is left after the last trick or treater...ha ha! But this year it was the white chocolate Reese's PB cups...yum!


Pick one, pick one...
mini size Mounds, and definitely with the Dark Chocolate!!


Alpaca sock yarn, yay!

My favourite Hallowwen candy has always been the licorice-flavoured toffee with the witches on the wrapper. Licorice in toffee form is just too good to pass up.

Lora Jenkins

Mine definately has to be candy corn (I know- thats telling my age) but it brings back so many memories of being a little girl ;o)


Peeps, how can you not love the sugar rush you get when you bit into a peep?

Jo Ann (shamrockknits)

My favorite of all times is the miniature Bun Vanilla candy bars (out of Ft Wayne of course), but they're hard to find these days. Sometimes you can get regular size ones in Wal-Mart of all places. OK--this year's favorite that you can still get is a Butterfinger.


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!! My brothers and I would trade candy when Halloween was over, but no one was willing to give up their Reese's. I especially like the new big ones.


Umm, I have to say this is not what I'd call a fair question. I'm shocked at all of you who so readilly provide a single favy-fave. I mean, I for one can not choose! There's so much delicious stuff, and each has it's time. Something small and easy, like M&Ms or a lollipop while watching a movie and knitting all those millions of Christmas socks, or something more detailed for while shopping for yarn, like a Snickers or Milkyway, etc. Or an Almond Joy, easy or difficult depending on the way you eat it (all in one, or first the almond, then the edges, then you can get to the coconut), so you can have that any time, or anything while checking out patterns (depending, of course, on the intensity of the search). So, I give up. I can't choose, and I won't try to. This is the best answer I can provide, but I would really love that case (my parents are starting to understand my love for sock yarn, or at least my mom is, but accesories, well, she figures any bag is the same as the next, and I have no money! I'm working on it, though. I actually got a job teaching violin! I'm so proud : b. Wouldn't u figure I had to brag about that online?) Anyway, thanks for the oppurtunity to try, though I'm not likely to win with my unsure answer!


I adore the Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses, made my Necco (you know, the little peanut butter candies in the black and orange wrappers_. I seem to be the only one, though. ;)

Amy Scott

Oooh a contest!! I love all candy, but I have to say my fave Halloween candy is candy corn. I *heart* candy corn!


The candy corn with the chocolate bottom. The best of both worlds for Halloween...candy corn and chocolate..


This year I was excited to find miniature Pay Day candy bars. My favorite changes each year.

Does my name being Betty help my chances to win? :)


Sweet-tarts, yum!


My favorite Halloween candy would be Almond Joy mini candy bars!! Yum!


My fave Halloween candy are Smarties! They're so additcting. Sorry, no Kit-Bars in our house - I ate them all :)


My fave Halloween candy are Smarties! They're so additcting. Sorry, no Kit-Bars in our house - I ate them all :)


My favorite candy when I was a kid was Pixie Stix! Paper tubes filled with flavored sugar?! Are you kidding me? But now that I'm older and my tastes have gotten more mature, I'm still a Pixie Stix girl!


I would probably say Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but Deb (Chappysmom) introduced me to Kit Kats from the freezer last year and those taste awesome. Plus, since I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I figure those are slightly less damaging than the peanut butter cups.


My favorite is Goldenberg Peanut Chews. They seem to be around only at Halloween!


My all time favorite candy is Resses Peanutbutter Cups any size YUM
Love knitting socks!!!


My favorite is Heath Bars!

nancy ialacci

I always buy the Hersheys mini-bar mix so I can eat all the Special Dark!


Can it be anything but Candy Corn?


We didn't trick or treat when I was a kid, and I don't have kids of my own....waiting for my friends' kids to be old I don't know if you get these for Halloween or not, (esp. since I haven't seen them in stores in ages!) but I like Chunkys!


Mmmmm Candy Corn! then milkywayss



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