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November 16, 2007



Be very careful with the baby's seat. It looks like the Bumbo seats that have just been recalled for tipping over.

This has more information on the Bumbo recall.


Well, if you can't wait until February, I'd be happy to take my shipment early. I mean, if you REALLY want some feedback, I'd be happy to help you out...

I can't wait either!!!!


Aww!!! what a great smile. Ditto on the tipping warning though.
I think you should take a weekend off with no work. I imagine it would be hard having it right there all the time.

Kathy in KS

James is soooooo cute? Did you just let him pet some yarn? I think that's the same look I get on my face. Of course, I don't get nearly the same reaction.


Now that's a happy looking kid!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun.

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