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November 28, 2007



I personally have two favorites: Vul-Hawk-In, which is a vulture stuffed with a hawk stuffed with a robin; and Co-Rel-Corn, which is a coyote stuffed with a squirrel stuffed with an acorn.

I'm as twisted as you, which is probably why I've bought yarn from you LOL.


My dad was describing what his step-son-in-law (are you following this?) cooked for Thanksgiving dinner, and I said, "That's turducken!" But I think he (the ssil) made it from scratch, even deboning the turkey himself. Dad said it was delicious. Who wudda thunk?


I have seen turducken before, and it makes me very wary. I just can't get the image out of my head of a turducken-maker standing there trying to convince the duck to swallow the chicken, and the turkey to swallow the duck!

How about a Tur-ta-rot, for the vegetarians: Turnip stuffed with potato stuffed with carrot? (That actually sounds okay, with some garlic and olive oil... hmmm...)


Dude, reading the comments, I just realized that, yes, you would have to debone the things to get other things inside them- that completely makes it even more weird to me.
Jellyfish, stuffed with calmari, stuffed with a sand flea
I could do this all day.


Have you seen this...

Perfect for Easter! ;)


Turducken is fantastic! It's even better the next day. We ordered ours already made from a New Orleans area source (I'm not sure where you are) and it arrived frozen in dry ice! Very cool :) We used it for a large family gathering and had plenty for eighteen, and left over. I recommend it. No bones about it!

Judy L.

I'm from Louisiana and they've been around for years there. In my opinion, they're more of a novelty and they're fun to serve when there are a bunch of people who've never had one. I personally don't like duck and will take fried turkey any day over a turducken.


It grosses me out too. I just don't need that much meat. Kind of like when I make something for dinner with no meat and my husband eats it, says it's good, then says, "Isn't there any meat in this?" What, do we need MEAT with every meal?


I've never heard of that. Geez... look at what I've been missing!! :)


how about a special version for the pet-haters (or lovers, depending on how you look at it): Pup-Kit-abbit, a dog stuffed with a cat stuffed with a rabbit. I suspect that it wouldn't taste very good, but it makes me giggle, like the old woman who swallowed a fly.

Kathy in KS

My gosh, I'm 12 too! I keep thinking of that line from the movie Elf, right after he drinks an entire 2 liter bottle of Coke. I don't know what makes me laugh more, the 2 1/2 minute long belch he lets out, or what he says afterwards..."Did you hear that?"


I want to come have pizza with you guys. And bring my girls just so they can see there are other warped adults in the world, just like me.

Turducken is about as appealling as calf nuts rolled in dirt and ground up cockroaches, fried in used motor oil from my BIL's big rig. ICK.

I can't stop laughing, again. Thanks...what a great way to start the day!


And to add a whole other aspect to this mind game, my friends and I always wondered how the biathelon (cross country skiing and shooting) came about for the Olymics. So we would think of other sports to combine - cross crountry wrestling where participants run 2 miles, wrestle and then run again. Or javalen field hockey... the possibilities are endless.


I haven't noticed turducken much around here & wonder if it's the original being sold there. I first heard of it when my daughter lived in Baton Rouge. It was invented by a Cajun butcher in (I think) a small town in the general area of Lafayette. The original has Cajun oyster stuffing in between the chicken & the duck & the duck & the turkey. That turned me off but, if it were some other kind of dressing, I might like it. I love a lot of Cajun food but some is just too much for me. I can't bring myself to try crawfish (or mudbugs as the Cajuns call them - they do look like bugs to me) but I did try alligator tail & it wasn't bad. I don't think I ever had a bad meal at a restaurant in La. & have missed the food since my daughter moved back to the Chicago area.

this was broadcast thanksgiving morning for years on NPR--/what the famous chefs, julia child, etc. were bringing for thanksgiving dinner. it was a great radio vignette. jane


Just thinking about Indy.... We drive through there on the way from Chicago to Nashville and we stop to get the kids a little "out-of-the-carseat" time at the Indy Children's Museum. If you haven't been, check it out. It's completely worth it -- stroller-friendly, kid-friendly -- it's fantastic!!! And free parking in the parking structure too!

Turducken. Revolting. Thank goodness combining yarns for knitting usually has a much better result than combining fowl for dinner.


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