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October 15, 2007



What a fine baby. I remember being totally amazed that a person was growing and thriving on just stuff I made all by myself. I spent over a decade as webmaster for a nonprofit breastfeeding organization and never got over that wonder.

Another wonder is Trekking XXL 100. That is my favorite yarn, ever--even though I love my unique indie-dyed yarns every so much as well. I treasure my socks from that yarn. Anyone reading this who has not tried one of the Trekking XXLs that shift colors subtly needs to try at least one!


Boy was I surprised when I clicked on your link to see some socks and was taken to my own blog!! Thanks for the compliment!

I love these socks so much that I haven't even dared to wear them yet. The colors just make me happy whenever I look at them. I feel like I want to only knit with this yarn from now on. I think anything made with it would look good.


What a little man James is! Enjoy his littleness while you can.

Re baby bibs, Mason-Dixon Knitting has simple patterns for bibs and burp cloths. Some pix are on my blog.


Wow, look how big he is, standing up like that! Adorable little man! Good job mama!


They sure do grow up fast! You are doing a great job with him (both of you.).


I can't wait to start Dream In Color, but I have a pair to finish for Christmas (gotta get an early start) and I promised my 9yo dancer a pair of leg warmers. I found an easy crochet pattern at Lion Yarns. After those two I'll start on the beautiful yarn.

Your baby is a cutie! Before you know it he'll be a teenager.


Aww, he is just so adorable. I love babies in overalls they are just so darn cute. The bib looks like the one in the Mason Dixon book
I think Trekking had the best guy colors for socks, but yeah I would get tired of the same colors.


I'm so glad the bib is coming in handy! The pattern is from the Mason Dixon book and is super easy. A friend had the football button left over but I know she gets a lot of the fun buttons at some place like a Joanns craft store. I love green too!

Love the Dream in Color club offering but I haven't decided what pattern to use yet. The colors are awesome!


God Bless America that boy is CUTE!!! So chilly here today I am actually wearing my beautiful socks you made for me! They do indeed make my toes toasty!

Sandra D

James is adorable - love the little red toesies on his socks! Love Cynthia's socks, too. Love, love, love my Dream in Color special edition.


What a cutie!

My DH and my BIL have both given their approval to a ball of CTH that's denim blue and grey/black. I think it's one of their potlucks, not certain on the name however. So if my two conservative "manly-men" like it, (they're almost fighting over who gets the socks) I'm sure Joe would too... I for one am quite tired of grey (any shade thereof) and navy. Why can't men do stripes in socks?!

Sandra Siegfried

Bib Pattern

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