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October 08, 2007



I commented to my SO that I wanted to lose 30 pounds, and he expressed concern that I would lose my butt. HA! Fat chance (so to speak).

Baby fat is adorable... on babies. Puberty appears to be the age when chubby anything - cheeks, thighs, knees - ceases to be cute.

When my (27-year-old) son sees me knitting, he asks, "How can you stand to do that?" Apparently, it appears monotonous and dull. My (25-year-old) daughter once made an effort to learn to crochet, but quickly abandoned that - so much nicer for Mom to do the knitting (and subsequent gifting).


James is one cute baby! I am actually teaching knitting to one of my son's classes. Not only does it help with arithmetic skills, it also helps with fine motor control and hand strength, which is really important for developing that pencil grip for writing.


I am teaching my 7 year old to knit. She even took her first knitting class this summer. She still only has the attention span to knit 2 or 3 rows before she wants to do something else, no finished objects yet. But she does enjoy looking for new yarn. :)

Judy L.

He's so cute! Yep, those chunky thighs surely look better on him than they do on me! :)

My son is almost 20 and nope, he never did learn to knit. He'd be more likely to use my expensive sock yarn for a fishing net if I let him near it.


I taught both of my daughters to knit around 7 or 8. They messed around a little, but only a little. They are older now, and the 16 yo knits sometimes, but the 17 yo isn't interested. She says that she still remembers how though, so maybe some day she will show an interest again.

Those pictures of James make me want to reach through the computer screen and pick him up. He is just adorable.


James is a cutey!

I've taught knitting at my sons' Montessori school, Lower Elementary (roughly ages 6 to 9; mostly working with 8-9 year olds, a few 7 year olds).

Some of the boys are interested, some aren't, although 1/2 to 3/4 of them will at least try knitting. Their interest seems to be more related to the engineering aspects - some times we have the kids make their own needles from dowel rods - and occasionally the potential for mock sword fights with the needles!

The boys generally don't stick with it; maybe 1/3 of the girls continue to knit sporadically (although I've had a couple of the girls really take to the knitting and continue at home and for longer time periods).

Keep it easy and fun, small projects that he is interested in (small bag, belt, wrist/sweat bands), colors that he really likes, and follow his interest when he shows it, although I would guess that you may want to wait until he is 7 or 8 to let him develop his fine motor control to a greater extent.

Have fun!


I have three boys, ages 5, 7 and 9. I never expected any of them to knit. My 9 year old suddenly announced that he would be participating in a school knitting project for the homeless. To my astonishment, after about 2 minutes of instruction he was off and running beautifully. My 7 year old is chomping at the bit to get started himself. Here I thought, rather chauvinistically, that as a mother of three boys, knitting would be mine alone. However, I told them very clearly, keep their hands off my stash! They can start their own!


I'm definitely going to teach the twins (4yo today!) how to knit. I've tried a couple of times early last year, with less than stellar success. They are both very interested in it. I caught Kat staring at my fingers as I knit on a sock yesterday in the car. I did start them with a little finger crocheting about a month back. The boy didn't get it, but she did. Finger knitting is next, and probably very soon.


I love seeing your baby pictures, he's is soooo cute.

I have taught both of my sons to knit when they were 6 & 8. They both know how and the youngest, (now 9) will pick it up occasionally. They have the skills and I'm hoping one day they will find it relaxing and knit something other than a washcloth. They certainly have the supplies to knit at hand......yes, I'm an addict.


My mum taught me to knit way back and I asked her if she could teach my now 8 year old to knit as well, which she did on a holiday last year. My children see me knitting regularly and my eldest will pick it up from time to time, but she hasn't finished anything yet. I'm hoping to teach my 5 year old soon, as I suspect he'd really enjoy it. My 8 year old loves crafting anything though, is forever cutting and sticking and glueing, and rummaging through my fabric stash. So she's definitely inherited a bit of the creativity!

James is a cutey! Glad you're getting a bit more sleep - makes you feel human again doesn't it!


Oh, how James has grown! Those legs are adorable.

I learned to knit at 6 while probably bugging my grams "how to do that". I've taught all the girls at around that age, only the middle one is close to smitten though. James will let you know when he is ready to learn new things.


All three of my kids learned to knit at around 8. The eldest, now 16, really enjoys it, the other 2 ... not so much, but they know how.
I love little chubby baby thighs. My sons were so chubby we could never get him the outfits that had the fitted legs around the thighs, we couldn't snap them :)


Kids are great knitters! My three girls all learned to knit at age 5...only 2 stuck w/ it, and they are fantastic at it!! They both knit sweaters, socks, hats, you name it. Oldest DD knit a silk beaded amulet bag on size 0000 needles when she was around 13 that won a grand prize in our local fair. The youngest, while not a knitter (booooring!!) is an artist in her own right---drawing, painting etc. So, I guess we can let her off the hook (ha!)for not keeping up the knitting.

What a cutie James is. He's filled right out, hasn't he??? Love those babies!

Sherry Fernandes

Well Allison, it's really hard to pick just one favorite when I have so many! (I love all things chocolate.) But I guess that if I have to pick one it would be Almond Joy simply because it's not a candybar that you see around a lot.

Please add me to your constest for the Betty needle bag. Thanks
Patricia Leclerc

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