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October 24, 2007



I think you've got something there with that recipe and the additional ideas! I'll be sure to link to it so my friends can also try it!

This reminds me that when both my babies were small I ingested way more cow's milk products than before (I ate cereal and milk, something I never do now). It was a craving almost as bad as the one for margaritas (which I did hold off on until after they started solids and I wasn't The Sole Food Provider). Turns out one baby was not able to deal with whatever came through to him, and he cried a lot until I cut it out (he now handles dairy fine at 14). Doesn't sound like you have this issue, though.

Eat all the pudding you want--you deserve a tasty treat.


Oh my god, this sounds so incredible! I am definitely going to try this!


mmmm - that looks amazing! I love pudding!


This looks SO tasty. I can't wait to try it. I think I even have lavender.....(O.o)

Kathy in KS

Bless your heart. Cravings. Hmmmmm. Sure you're not..., well, no, you couldn't be. Could you?

Please put my name in the contest for the Lexie Barnes needle case (15"x5").
Thank You
Patricia Leclerc
PS I just love this website!

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