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October 30, 2007



Ooo, please post an update when they are on the site - that CTH looks gorgeous, and I've been dying to see the Alpaca Sox!
You're so cute with your baby worries! Of course you'll love him so much forever and ever, but once college comes? Well, he'll have put you through adolescent hell by then, so maybe it will be easier to let him leave the nest. And you can be sure he'll be back with laundry in tow... :)


If you are crazy then so am I. My little one is 6 and I still want to scoop her up daily.


Baby love is one of the best loves! I have to agree with Loribird though. By the time they get through their teen years, it's kind of a relief to send them off to college. I'm convinced the teens were designed by God to ease us through the separation anxiety!


When I had my daughter (who is now 17 1/2!) and was out with her for one of the first times after she was born, a woman came up to me and said that mothering was a "total love affair." I was so tired and dragged out then because she was getting up every 2 hours and was very collicky so I couldn't really respond to her other than to just smile. It didn't take me long to figure out what she meant. Now that my daughter is making college applications (and yes, I have been dreading this since she went off to kindergarden), I can't imagine my life being any other way than with her in it. I am smiling as I write this and know that when we take her to college next fall, I will need to smile as we unload her boxes, but will be a mess of tears as we drive away. Your son is lucky to have you in his life and you are lucky too. Johanna


I am so lucky - my daughter moved back to this city after college (700 miles away), and my son is talking of doing the same (he's *only* 300 miles away). If they wanted to live halfway around the world, I would support their decision... but I'm so glad they don't!

I wish I could either knit faster or devote more time to it - no more yarn purchases until I use up at least some of what I already have. But that Cherry Blossom looks luscious!


Ya know. Last night my 11 yo was Trick or Treating and he is my youngest and tears came to my eyes as I realized that another milestone in life is over as this is probably the last year he will Trick or Treat. As your children get older it hits you more at moments then all the time that this love that you have for them is so poignant and the way can't wait to see the new yarn!!

Amanda Cathleen

its amazing, love for our children keeps getting stronger and deeper. Its hard to imagine that when they are infants that you could love them anymore, but you will!

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