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October 10, 2007


I received my yarn yesterday. It is so beautiful. I have to finish my Monkey sock for my swap but then I am on to this yarn. Thanks so much for club.. I love it and I will watch for further clubs....

Mine arrived today and I think I am in Love!!! Not too smitten.... it's already wound and I'm about to start knittin'!

Thanks for all the fun and yummy yarns!

Sandra D

It's always interesting to hear from the dyers who produce the yarns we love. And I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the club's Dream in Color offering! I must make something truly special with this one.

Kathryn in Minnesota

I adore this yarn. Yesterday was a tough day at work, so tough that I'd forgotten there was a mystery skein on its way to me. I got home, collapsed, noticed that my sweetheart had placed a suspiciously-yarn-sized package on the table to catch my attention, and VOILA: I was suddenly having a much better day! I think this is my favorite skein of yarn ever. (Okay, so there's a Handmaiden silk/cashmere blend making grumpy noises from deep in the stash, but it can't beat the Dream in Color for color. Yum.) THANK YOU! (I'm writing Veronica and Nancy to thank them too.)


I haven't received mine yet (maybe today) but I was so excited when I saw the word "orange". I LOVE orange!! I think I'll go outside now and stalk the mailman ...

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