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September 12, 2007



OMG, he's such a cute little chub! My babies were all like that, too. 20 pounds by 3 months, then they finally slow down (on the gaining so quickly - not on the nursing lol).

I just got my yarn order today and I love my sKNITches! I got the Leaflet, too; and after seeing your Jaywalkers I'm thinking that's what it must become!

Kathy in KS

I love sock pictures almost as much as baby pictures! Especially chunky baby pics. There's just something so adorable about how they have no ankles or elbows, just makes you want to kiss them all over. Thanks for the Jaywalker idea, I have some green striped yarn from knitpicks and I've been wondering what to do with it.


The new sock yarn is great! And James is, as always, the highlight of your posts... glad to hear you got some knitting in, don't let the little guy run you too ragged :)


I love his cubby cheeks! He'll always be a good eater and probably not picky either.

The socks are cute. I can never get Jaywalkers to work for me. Don't know if I am unable to count the gauge correctly or what but they never go over my ankle. :o(


I feel like a copy cat, but your sample swayed me, too and I ran off to order yarn! And of all the colors you had left, I liked Leaflet best! I do have a couple of other fun patterns that go up and down, so at least I will make a different sock out of them.

And James is lovely. I was a breastfeeding counselor for 15 years (so I saw a lot of babies) but I still smile to see a sweet li'l baby being held by Daddy. And yes, they DO eat a lot. With my second, there was a while when not much knitting got done. But his sturdy 14-year-old frame and cheerful disposition remind me it was all worthwhile.


EIGHT WEEK CHECK-UP????!!!!!!!! Well, there you go. I can't believe it's been that long. Hold him close; it goes so quickly. He sure is a cutie. Love the sock, by the way!

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