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September 06, 2007



I got my club yarn today. I love it!!! It colors that were made just for me!

Mary Rose

The mailman just delivered my sock club yarn - it's gorgeous! And as hard as I've tried not to start anything new until I finish the two I'm working on, I may not be able to resist casting this one soon. It's just too pretty to wait. Thanks Allison!

Tracy H.

I've been looking for a nice wood nostepinne. Is that an item SSYC might be adding to your line of accessories?


look at all those boxes!!!!!


Those are lovely! Some of the colors you mentioned up there (Wickedness), I don't think I saw.

But, yeah. I think I'm going to order the colours I wanted for myself today, even though I'm not *supposed* to buy any more sock yarn this month. I know if I don't snag it now, it'll be gone!

But yeah. The mocha and mint colours went quick. *dashes off to buy*


OOO, there is an awesome hand dyed, self striping, sock yarn by Mama Llama. She now even has a cashmere blend yarn that comes in self striping!


I love the new sock club yarn, such a nice hand! And I know why you love the "Monkey" pattern, it's my new fave!



ohmygod I felt guilty about mailing 30 Dish Rag Tag prizes. You totally win the Postal Worker Abuse Award.

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