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September 17, 2007



"Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life... worrying over the tiniest of things? Huh? Is it? IS IT?!?!"

Yes. It is. My baby is only 7 months old so I am hardly an authority, but I worry about stuff that hasn't even happened yet, like if someday she is running and falls down and skins her knees! I am tearing up just thinking about it! Ugh!


Of course that's what you've got to look forward to for the rest of your life. And according to a colleague with three grown-up children, it doesn't change when they leave home. Sigh.
James has turned from a newborn into a baby who's aware of his surroundings. He looks gorgeous. So does the sweater. He'd qualify for the Fall Cable KAL 2007.

Jenny Raye

"Would I become a complete headcase? Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life... worrying over the tiniest of things? Huh? Is it? IS IT?!?!"

Ummmmm.......yes. Just wait until you take them to college, drop them off, and slowly drive away. Heart wrenching! Also tearing up...since I just did this with my eldest baby.


Yes it is, I'm afraid. =)

Speaking of worrying over the "tiniest things," my son was born 13 weeks early, and spent 15 weeks in the NICU in a hospital 350 miles away. He came home on oxygen (only 6 weeks' worth, thankfully!) and has been great since. He'll be 4 in January and has the occasional cold. My husband and I are starting to calm down, but every once in a while we'll hear him cough (or more often, see the runny nose!), and wonder how long we should wait to go to the doctor. Amazingly we haven't had to go to the doctor for much more than his well-child checks; it's Mom and Dad that have been to the doc more!

Not that you had to hear my story, but it does calm down a little! It will always be there, but it's because you have a wonderful little person to love and cuddle and grow with. Last night I was talking to my sister and we were both saying "NOW we know how Mom and Dad must have felt! I can't imagine our kids being as old as we are now!"

Hope he starts feeling better soon!


Yes. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you get to look forward to; wait till he starts climbing. (You know Those Women you hear at the park? "Be CAREFUL!!!" Yeah, that's me now.)
You should do the train-of-thought thing more often - it makes sense to me, and I even enjoyed reading it :)


"Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life... worrying over the tiniest of things? Huh? Is it? IS IT?!?!" Yes, it is & it doesn't stop when they are grown - mine are 31 & 34 & I still worry about them (&, of course, I now have the 3 grands to worry about too). You can imagine (maybe) how I felt when my daughter's uterus ruptured at the birth of her 2nd baby & how much I worried during her 3rd pregnancy. But there is so much to make up for the worry. The biggest reward is seeing your children become adults that you like - because they are interesting & honorable people who do well at something they enjoy (I'm not talking money - rather satisfaction). And, having them ask for your opinion is just the cherry on the icing on the cake!

Kathy in KS

Uh, yeah, what they all said. Just think if you have more. Stuff multiplies exponentially. Love too. I love the arm thing. He looks like the kind that may not try to walk, just go straight from crawling to running. Not that you need to worry about that. Yet.

Just so you know, if you were ever to make a list, not that you would, or certainly not that I ever did, but at the age of about 3 months, you could possibly, I mean this is totally a guess, of course, come up with approximately 137 things to worry about. With the baby. Not including hubby. I don't even have time to list those.


6 years later and still worrying. It comes with the territory of love. His little sweater is beautiful. I hope he feels better soon!

Colleen Humphreys

It does get easier...they learn to talk, and tell you what is wrong. But it's gets harder...they learn to talk and argue with you!!!!

What you worry about changes, some...but you don't stop 17 yr old baby is driving her own car now....


You will always worry about your offspring, but the topics change. My daughter recently honeymooned in St. Maartin, so, for a change of pace, I got to worry about hurricanes, air catastrophes, stinging jellyfish, etc.

JAFest tip: Go early. We were there at 10am Sunday and while there were a lot of other early birds as well, it was not as crazy as it gets in the afternoon. Or go only when it rains.


And then there's the Panic You Must Not Let Them See.

"Wow, that really is a fantastic trick. Never do it again."

Said after watching a 9 year old do a back flip out of a swing. Yeah, he stuck the landing like a pro, but yee gods! jump starting my heart afterwards...

You can learn to fear the words 'Hey, look what I can do!'


My mom used to say, "When they're little, they walk on your feet, and when they're big, they walk on your heart." I doesn't matter how old he is, you'll still be worried when he has the sniffles. Isn't it wonderful, though, to love someone so much? Ah. . . .

Now, my Hoosierland! I remember the Johnny Appleseed Festival! I never went, but I have heard of it. I also flipped over to Knitty, to take a peek at the Broadripple socks, thinking they just might be related, in some small way, to Broadripple, and yep, there it was. Broadripple. I love visiting your site, not just for the yarn, and sweet baby fixes, but I feel connected to home. A great feeling.


Yes, my dear! It's called motherhood! But the majority of the time, it is just a little thing, for which we can be thankful.

He's so cute! I just want to squeeze his little cheeks!!


He is so adorable. I just want to hug on him. Yes you worry all the time. I worry about my daughters getting their hearts broke by some STUPID man. Hopefully very far in my future since they are only 7 and 4. I worry about alot of things but I love them so much it makes it worth while. I know it is hard when they are sick and there isn't much you can do for them. I hated sucking out their noses because they hated it so much. Hang in there hope you get some sleep soon.


James in that beautiful sweater is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am not one of those people who fawn over every baby but that little guy is seriously cute. Hope he is all better soon.


He is so cute, sorry to hear he is not feeling well. And yes, you will worry about everything, I would be more worried if you didn't.
The sweater is gorgeous.

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