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August 03, 2007



Beautiful new yarns. You're not very good for my yarn diet. Sock yarns don't count as stash? That IS my stash!

Oh, and Target is The Bomb. There's one less than a mile from my house, so it's so easy just to "stop in" on my way home from anywhere. Actually glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a problem.

Kisses to wee baby James.


I thought I was the only one who left Target with $100 worth of stuff not on my list. But stuff for a new baby (and for The Kid when he's older) is just toohard to resist, not to mention all of the really cool gadgets and things.

The Wool/Tencel yarn is gorgeous!


I have to agree about the merino/tencel blend. I am just now finishing up a shawl in this blend, and I just love the shine on the colors! There are so many new blends out there to try!


i'm with you on target. i can go in for wet wipes, a carton of juice boxes and bday card and inevitably i end up with more. much more. sadly i don't think i've ever spent less than a 100$ in there. thankfully they don't sell yarn!

Judy L.

Why do you keep adding that new yarn? You're making me crazy!! It's beautiful and I'm really wanting some of that silk blend yarn.

We solved our Target addiction in January when we moved. The closest Target is now 75 miles away. I don't go often!


Target is especially hard on the checkbook when you have babies. They have the cutest baby clothes and all sorts of neat baby gadgets and toys. So, you are not alone! :-) The hubby especially likes their toy aisles. LOL


Panda is AWESOME! I recently designed toe-ups in it. I love love love that yarn.


Oh, yes, Target. The bain of my budget.

Why, just yesterday I stopped by for dog food. Just dog food, mind you.

And they had a fresh shipment of Wiis. Three of them, just sitting there. Waiting.

I did. You know I did.

Ended up with cat food, people food, toilet paper, candles, the aforementioned dog food...and a Wii.


No more Target this month. Really.

I swear.


Yes, I am a Target shop-aholic. In fact, since we now have a BIG Target, I usually stop there once a week, to pick up stuff I used to buy at the grocery store. So while my Target bill gets bigger, my grocery bill gets smaller... as long as I don't start wandering the aisles. I even own stock in the corp, so, everyone, shop there and shop often!

Janice in GA

Dude, I'm SUCH a Target shopper. When I don't go in to my local Target for a few days, cashiers tell me they missed me!

I luv me some Target.


Oh I know exactly that type of Target trip! We did that just recently...went in there for something small and left with a cartful. I had to send DH back to the entrance for a cart while I juggled all of our "finds" in my arms. hee.

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