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July 30, 2007



Gorgeous baby! I must be getting the grandma itch, because everytime I see a baby, I want to hold him/her... until the diaper needs changing.

Vicarious dinner out: A margarita with the applewood grilled chicken at Applebee's, served with a small spinach, walnut, and feta salad and GARLIC FRENCH FRIES. Mmmmm, garlic....


Not only can you take pictures of knitting with your iPhone, but you can also email them to your Flickr account and then write a blog post about them. That's my favorite part of having such a beautiful little piece of tech. Now I just have to start remembering that I *can* do it! (And Casey over at Ravelry needs to figure out a way to add photos to projects without having to click and drag (but no pressure)...)


Don't you worry, he'll grow into and right back out of that gown so fast it'll make your head spin! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Vicarious alcoholic beverage? I think I'll go have a glass of homemade blueberry wine, just for you! ;^)


My aunt is a short but *very* round woman--to the point where she never did look pregnant. My cousin was born at full term and 21 inches long, weighing in at only 3.5 pounds! She was a string bean baby, and clothes just hung off of her. She was pixie-short for quite a long time, but completely healthy. Now, she's a lovely college sophomore, 5'3", and wishes she were still a string bean (she's very curvy). You just never know.

Laura Y.

You WILL have time to knit again, and you WILL have normal conversations with your husband again (or at least as normal as they were before you had a baby). I have a 15-month old, and we actually have a pretty normal life, though we don't go out to dinner as much as we used to. Of course, we have one on the way, and I expect things will get hectic and sleep-deprived again, but at least this time I know for sure there's a light at the end of the tunnel. When I was where you are now with our first one, I really sort of suspected that people were lying and I'd never get a full night of sleep again.

Carrie K

Things will never be the same again and who would want them to be? He's so cute!

Oooh, and an iPhone. I covet an iPhone desperately. If I hadn't just bought myself a Garmin GPS last winter.....

James'll just have to get scholarships. It'll be good for him. Character building. Your iPhone is an investment in his future! ;) or something like that.


Yes they are so small. My middle daughter wore preemie clothes for two months because she was so little. I don't have an iPhone but I do have an iPod and I love it.


Oh he is absolutely adorable!!! And he will be out of that before you know it......


What a little cutie! And who knows why they are the size they are. I just can't believe my 6 year old was ever that tiny, and she was. Enjoy your new iphone -- they do look like fun!


He'll grown out of it in nothing flat. Before you know it you'll be talking about how you can't keep the poor kid in clothes. :)
I love my mac but I didn't get a iPhone. We're moving to an area that doesn't have AT&T coverage.


Look at that precious baby!!! :-)

I got an iPhone a few days ago and (just my luck) I got one that's messed up. Since you can't just take them back and get them to exchange it, I'm having to mail it off to be fixed and it'll be gone for no telling how long. WAAAA! Aside from the whining, I absolutely love the technology! Pretty cool, huh?


just you wait... pretty soon James will be double in size, and you'll be chuckling at how he was ever small.
IPhones look awesome. It's on my someday list.

B. Rickman

Don't think about your size! One day he may just put his hand on both of your heads and speak with a low voice "Hi Ya'll. Brian is the youngest of my sons and was 6'3 at 16 years. When he put his hand on top of my head I knew something was feeding him something that I was not aware of!!

Live vicariously: A large glass of your favorite wine, a huge plate of your favorite pasta smothered in white sause and shrimp, a huge green salad with all the trimmings and a deadly chocolate pound cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and chocolate shavings on top!

Kathy in KS

I had a beer last night and thought of you. You know, I checked with my midwife, so check with yours before you do anything, but mine told me some beer now and then would actually help my milk supply.

Give James a big smooch on the head for me. I have a cold and I don't want to get too close.


What they all said about babies growing--at one point, we joked about changing our son's clothing every hour so we could tell everyone that he'd worn their outfit. Our daughter was even more dramatic as she grew; her belly would pooch out then zoop! Overnight she'd grow. Truly.


Have them small, grow them big is my motto. Both mine were small and now they are at the tops of the growth charts. He's lovely, by the way:)

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