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July 10, 2007



Sparkle! And the middle name began with a W but you wouldn't want to put that name on a resume either!!


I hope all is going well.
The name: Gordon. Not unusual in and of itself, but his surname was Bennett! That poor kid!


Veeder, after Mt. Veeder in Sonoma. Luckilly the kid's middle name was Jackson, so he could go by Jack when he grew up.

Bethany Schofield

I have three:

Jermaine Jackson named his son Jermajesty Jackson

My daughter, who we named Glynis, and everyone hates that name but us

My husband, whose name is Nakkia. I kid you not.


Oh I'm so happy for you all!!!...and I can tell you that babies born this week are way cool--both my mom and I have birthdays this week.

As to the weird name thing, I know someone who named their child Infinity Rose. Thought that was pretty tough to go through life with--definitely not corporate :)


My cousin named her son X!Zavier, because she liked how the rapper, X!Zibit (of Pimp My Ride fame) spelled his name. Um, yeah. Too bad that's not his real name. Way to go, 'cuz! ;)


My apologies if you were trying to keep this clean, but my dad went to school with a kid named Harry Dyck. Some of the celebrity names are pretty weird, but this has got to be one of the worst combinations I've ever heard of.

Laura Y.

Jason Lee named his son Inspektor Pilot.

I work with a gentleman whose first name is Gabriel and his middle name is Asher. He goes by Gabe. Gabe Asher (say it together quickly).



Very exciting!


I just read a book in which a couple called their not-yet-baby by a name they would never use in real life, planning to come up with the real name when the baby was born (like Danger). Trouble is, the name stuck: Quetzequotal.

Gwen in Bowmanville

An acquaintance of mine named her youngest Jacoby Rain. Personally, I don't think I could name a kid (it's a little girl) after a typeface and bad weather.

Welcome, little Danger!

Congratulations Mum & Daddy!!!


I am so happy for you!! And ummm...sure ALL babies sleep well ;). If by well you mean they sleep really good as long as you are holding them and they are attached to your breast then sure. LOL

The wierdest baby name I'v heard was Rasputin. My grandma wanted me to name Ben that. :( Then in my Romans class last trimester we learned what it meant and it means "debauched one". I laughed so hard when I read that in my book. I'm so glad I didn't go with her advice. :)


My cousin works in a hospital in VA and she has heard awful ones. I think this one was the worst she mentioned: It was pronounced Azz Weep Ay but had hyphens and apostrophes in it. Looking at it printed was: Ass Wipe
She said the parents thought it was hysterical. Whoever could do that to a child shouldn't be having children...
Congrats on the new baby-Enjoy every minute-even the sleep deprived ones because they DO grow up too fast!


Congratulations on the baby! The strangest name I've ever heard was Esmerilli

Mary Immesberger

Good Luck (by now) Mama and Pop and love and kisses to baby Danger. How about this DWEEZLE ZAPPA.


I have seen some weird ones. Why would some one name their daughter Perfection or Chasity is beyond me. I think it is Germany that will not record a baby's birth certificate if the name is something really out there. One of Demi Moore's daughter's is having her name changed to something simple. I think it was her middle daughter. Just remember that your child will chose your nursing home.

I hope everything goes well for you.


Congrats on the arrival of Danger!
I have a cousin who named her kid Castidad Dolores, that means Chastity Pains, it means that in Spanish too, the poor child is doomed!


Yay for you! I'm thinking smooth labor thoughts for you.

The name I heard: Dickilynn -- her mom was mad at her grandmothers and named her in a fit of anger in the delivery room.


You are going to be just fine! You're gonna be a momma! Congratulations!

As for the baby name, not the funniest, probably. But I used to work in an Emergency room and I once took care of a little three year old girl, half Japanese, named Harley. This becomes funny when you think about what a little girl named Harley grows up to be. She was the cutest thing at three, and that was close to 10 years ago :)


Congratulations! I do hope that little Danger is a good sleeper, but if he is, I'll completely envy you (says the mom who had two colicky babies). If the sleep isn't going so well, baby slings are lifesavers in those early months! Good luck and we'll be looking forward to pictures.

Oh yeah, and the name. I saw a story online a few weeks ago about a couple who wanted to name their baby 4Real. For real! I think it was in Australia, and the local government was refusing, saying it wasn't a real name. No kidding!


Oh, congratulations!!! :) Best wishes for an easy labor, and next 18 years ;)

Andrea (noricum)


I have some relatives who broke with tradition and *didn't* name their firstborn *son* Flower.

Yes, Flower. For a *boy*. Sheesh!


I can't think of any odd names right off the bat, but I want to congratulate you on the new baby. Don't be scared! You'll be fine! I felt the same way when my daughter was born 21 years ago, but it was the best thing I ever did in my life.

Susie Pitts

My mother went to college in the 1930's and she used to tell me of a woman named Tusenalda Noosepickle. Somehow that is the wierdest name I've ever heard, even if it was that long ago. My mother will be 92 this September and was an avid knitter for most of my life. I have knitted since early childhood and still love it! I only wish I could convince my daughter to knit. She is, however, expecting our first granddaughter on 1 August, so I have hope in a few years to pass on this wonderful, soothing tradition!


Landon Michael. I'll bet he'll have every season of Little House on the Prairie on dvd by the time he's ten.

Good luck!


My neice was ALMOST named Brenwyn. My Brother-in-Law wanted a female version of his own name, Brendan. My first thought was it sounds like she should be running through Middle Earth hunting Orcs.


Moon Unit. I think that this was Frank Zappa's idea.


When I was pregnant with #1 son, my friend Sue and I tried out the sound of so many names it made our heads spin - and also giddy! Eventually we resorted to trying out random words from billboards, like "Ortega Chille". I think the "winner" was "Spagehetti Christensen". Luckily, at the hospital we came to our senses, and Tobin James was born. :)


congratulations!! hope everything went well and everyone is recovering nicely. As for baby names... I went to school with someone named Katissa. But undoubtedly the worst names I've seen have been Jyzzmyn and Mykynzy - both nice names just horribly spelled


I met once a baby whose parents named Narayam (he was a boy) in spanish names that finish in -a are usually for girls. They say that this is the name of an indian "saint"...¿? poor kid.


Congratulations!!!! I hope you have really easy labor, and little Danger is just perfect. As for the worst baby name, my entry has to be my grandmother's name - Vorees. She's the most amazing woman, but I can't imagine grade school was easy for her.


You'll be fine! Congratulaions and best wishes to you and your family!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see baby pictures.
The craziest baby name I've ever heard was almost my name - my hippie Dad wanted to name me Chantpleure. It's a french word meaning, literally, sing-cry. It's not a name. He's not French. He doesn't speak French. He just got it out of a French dictionary. Thank goodness my Mom had more sense than that and they settled on
- Rachel

Janice in GA

Best wishes for an easy delivery and a happy, healthy baby!


No joke, this is actually someone that I knew. I sure hope he isn't reading these comments, but his name was/is Harry Bonar. Pronounced Bon-R (like bon bons and the letter R). I guess it could have been worse. Congratulations!


Congratulations!!! Sending you happy thoughts and well wishes...


I have an aunt who once worked on a labor and delivery floor. A woman came in and gave birth to twins named them lemonjello and orangejello. I think they were pronounced like the French would i.e. Le Mans jello.

I wish you a short labor, a speedy delivery, and a healthy baby.

Take care.


Oooh, exciting! Good luck!

Distant cousins named their first daughter Fraggyl (pronounced Fragile) Glass (second daughter, Crystal).

This was, unfortunately, at the height of Fraggle Rock. You can guess what everyone called her.

Jenny Raye

Good luck to the whole family!!!

Weirdest name for a child had to be Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple. For a boy, Axel.


Folks who came to my library had the last name of England. Called their first born: London. Can you imagine? London England. arrgh.


Artemis. Good luck!



When my mother was pregnant with me, she told my grandmother that she wanted to name me Misty Brooke. My grandmother, having a very odd sense of humor, told her that if she named me that, she would call me "Foggy Creek" for the rest of her life. ;-) As you can see, my mother reconsidered her choice. LOL


Wow, there's some tough competition here for worst name. Why do parents do that?! I know a woman named Honey Bee. And my great-grandmother's name was Fanny. That must have been fun through elementary school.

Congratulations on Danger!!


Congratulations! I kid you not, a friend of mine is a nanny, one of her clients had the surname Lamb, and named their son Sean. Sean Lamb.


A friend of mine was doing some electrical work at a low income housing project. The 'lady of the house' had a brand new baby girl. My friend asked the baby's name. The mother responded with: Fohmika Denaye. He asked where she got the name. The mother said, "Why, off that box over there our new table come in...:formica dinette.


My ex husband wanted to name my daughter Rainbow Skye. Oy. He lost and we named her Hannah. All the best to you, Allison!


My grandfather was named Phineas, but he was known his entire life as Guy. Those are bad enough, but when my mother was born, they considered calling her Guyla after him.

I also had a friend whose father was named Jerry, and she named her daughter Jheree. French accent or not, she's still a little girl named Jerry.

Moral of the story? Don't name a little girl after her dad.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Best wishes on the new family addition!

Strangest name ever: Placenta (yup, for real).

Also had a friend whose mom originally planned to name her Cannabis.


Here in Quebec, a couple wanted to name their child "Spatule". In english, its Spatula.. Yes! The thing you use to spread whipped cream on your cake! The government didnt accept the name so they named the child something else.

Some weird couple in the province of Alberta named their baby boy Diesel - because I guess they were working in the fuel industry. So weird!

Good luck in your labor! Have a fast delivery and a happy baby!


Congratulations! I hope all is well with everyone. The worst baby name I can think of is that of a friend of my mom's. Their last name was "Bugg" (it was a German area of Missouri, and that last name is more common there than you'd think!), and her parents had named her "Ima June" in, "I'm a june bug." How horrible!


Our daughter was born in the month of September, and I remember spending hours going through names in a baby name book. We got a real hoot with this combo:

Septima Fatima

We joked about using it for months, but eventually named our daughter Sarah.


I went to school with one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet, her name: Sunny Beach. Her younger sister was Sandy Beach.


How about the names that Michael Jackson picks out....Blanket and Prince!!!!!


Yay! I'm so excited for all three of you!

And how about Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple?????


My aunt is a social worker and knew a little girl named M'rald.

And I still think Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter "Apple" is a weird one.

Congratulations on the little guy!


Congrats dear Allison - may you have an easy and healthy delivery.... oh the joy you will know at the end of this time - it's beyond words... and so totally worth it.
((hugs)) and Cheers go out your way.


Congratulations!!! Being a parent is definitely trying at times, but it is a blast and it's the coolest thing in the world to watch your kids learning new things and growing up.

A friend of mine went to school with a girl named Allison Wonderland.

Another friend went to school with a poor girl named Female - her mother was very poorly educated and, when she looked at the birth certificate, thought that the doctor had already named her. So she copied down what he had written.

When I lived in Japan my little next-door neighbor girls were named (and these are common names there) Ai and Mami. As an English speaker I felt so ridiculous calling these little girls "I" and "Mommy".


Craziest one I ever heard was Velveeta. My grandfather used to collect strange names from the birth announcements. Sad to say, some little girl is out there being called by the name of processed cheese. : (


Several years ago I worked in a large doctor's office. We had a family with the last name of Pigg. They had two daughters - I want to say they were twins, but I don't remember if that part is really true. But the TRUE part is they named their girls Ima and Ura. Absolute truth. Can you imagine such a thing? Although, I must confess that I can't stop laughing, even now, as I type!


Congrats Glad to hear little danger has decided to make his appearance. There was a birth announcement in the local paper not to long ago and the baby was named Milo, I can't imagine looking at a baby and thinking, "you look like a Milo" And I also met a 90 year old woman whose name is Bambi, it just doesn't seem right.


Metallica. After the rock band. The parents actually fought for years before the name was accepted by the authorities here in Sweden (where they don't accept names that are considered too weird and cruel to the child...)

Good luck with the birth and the baby!


oh yay! babies babies babies!!

I noticed that someone else posted about Lemonjello and Orangejello. I heard them from a L&D nurse I knew in Louisville, KY. I wonder if they are the same or if it is an urban legend for maternity units now!

I went to school with a Candy Mintz.
And My GreatGrandmother was named Jaithina.

And NOT ONLY did Gwyneth name her daugher Apple Blythe (which sounds tooo much like "apple blite"
BUT she then went on to name her son Moses.

and didnt Nicholas Cage name his son Kal-El which is Superman's name back on planet Kryptonite?

ohhhhhhh I want another baby... but I will stick with normal names


I had a friend that worked for a school district and one of the students names was pronounced Paj-a-ma. When my friend asked the mother where she got the name the mother said from the Penney's catalog - Pajama!


The absolute worst was Topographical (last name, Mapp). Brother, Scientific. WHY would anyone name their children this?

Everytime I tell someone this, they crack up.


Congrats!!!!! How exciting!!! As far as a name....the strangest one was a kid I went to camp with one year - Richard Tryk - yep - Dick Tryk...


Congratulations! There's a boy that goes to school with my son whose name is Attila. Like Attila the Hun. I really don't know what some of these parents are thinking. I hope all is well and welcome to parenthood!!

Jo Ann (shamrockknits)

I graduated from high school with a guy named Harry Crouch. Definately bad! Then there was Moon Beam Zappa! Chastity Bono!


I hope all goes well!! And we'll want baby pics now, too!

I'm into baby names that are different and out of the ordinary but, Worst baby name: Eros, yep, Eros, just to confirm that I typed it correctly. Honestly, one of my daughter's friends just had a baby last month and that's what they named it. And now I can't remember if it was a boy or girl. Doesn't matter. Weird. Maybe they want the kid's theme to be "I'm Too Sexy for My . . .Diapers"??


O now Allison, you can't do that - finally a post from you but only saying you've gone into labour! Don't you understand that we're on tenterhooks here?? ;-)
Hope all's gone well and looking forward to some baby pics very shortly.

As for the name, my partner said he heard of someone who named their baby Ikea (yes the shop) because the baby was conceived in an Ikea bed....


Congratulations! The weirdest name I ever heard in real life is Tangerine. (And that was way before Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple.)


Finally!!! Congratulations.
A family in Florida named their four boys Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Harry. Don't know the last name.
The worst name I have ever heard is Dweezil. Thanks, Frank Zappa.


Congratulations on your little blessing!
I think the Zappa family has the corner on wierd names. What with the aforementioned Dweezil there was Moon Unit and I think a couple more that escape me at the moment.

Stephanie Jean-Louis

An acquaintance of mine has a Boeing co-worker who named his son Aileron. Ailerons are the hinged control surfaces attached to the trailing edge of the wing of a fixed-wing aircraft (Wikipedia). Plane-obsessed, I'd say! Congrats on the birth of your little one!

Sandra D

Oh, congratulations! Anxiously awaiting your next post with a photo of the little guy!

This name isn't all that strange, but it's a cute story that happened at knit night at my LYS last month. The shop stays open late so while our little group is knitting, there are often customers as well. A family came in with an adorable little boy (about 3). The grannies in our group asked his name, and couldn't understand when the child told them. He was saying Aaa-jah (sort of like Ahhh-choo! and Elijah). His mom had to clear it up - his name is something Andrew James Atkinson (not exactly right, but it's the initials that count). But in discussing his name at some point (shall we call him AJ? Andrew? Andy? how about his intials AJA?) The child overheard the discussion, and decided then and there that his name was Aja. He was tested when one of our knitters called him Andrew - he didn't even look. When they finally got his attention, he reiterated that his name is Aja. I think that's the way it's going to stay.

Sandra D

OK, now for the strange names. A friend's first grandchild, a daughter, got Myla Orion, as in the "hunter" constellation. Ny great niece is Hannah Sage, with a sister who is Horizon. My niece seems stuck on "H" names.


Oh! Best of luck to you and Joe!! Can't wait to see pics of Danger. I knew a girl whose name was Kelly Greene. What were her parents thinking?

Labor is the easy part; it's the next 18+... :-P I'm sure little Danger will HAVE to sleep sometime. Just make sure YOU sleep when he sleeps & teach him to sleep with noise (tv or radio on), and without being held constantly. Remember,just like puppies and goats, what's cute when they're 10 lbs isn't cute when they're 50lbs. LOL Hang in there, you'll be just FINE!

Worst name I've heard of
was my X's great grandmother. Mehitable. She went by something else though, Mattie or Nettie. LOL

Most confusing nameing goes to - my inlaws. 5 kids, all names that start with "M". So "they'd have M&M as their initials". (bizarre in itself) Of course, they all had nicknames so when we were dating, I thought Michael had about a dozen sisters Melissa called Missi, Melinda called Mindi, Michelle called Shelly... I married him anyway.


Congratulations on the baby! When I was a kid in school there was a boy named Apollo and his brother was named Mercury. I guess their parent were into mythology :) I always wondered.


Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!
The worst/weirdest baby name I've heard belongs to a friend's son. She and her then-boyfriend were in a reggae-hippy-Rastafarian phase when they got pregnant, and her firstborn carries the name Tafari. No joke, but poor kid...


Yay, baby! As I say to all new moms, enjoy the moments you can (snuggles and sweet coos) and just survive all the rest (late night feedings, non-stop crying, and all that poop). Sadly they grow quickly, but thank god they grow quickly too! Those little guy keep you on your toes.

As far as names, I don't think this truly competes, but I know a woman whose last name is Kelly and given name is Kelly. Yup, Kelly Kelly.


Congratulations on your baby! I can't wait to hear all about the little tyke.

My cousin named her son, Tulson, which is her maiden name. An uncle commented, "Tulson! That's even stranger than Elijah!" Elijah is the name of my nephew.


Congrats to you all!

This isn't that weird, but I went to school with a girl named "Jennifah." I grew up in New England, and always imaged that when she was born, the mom told the nurse "Her name is Jennifer" but with a New England accent, so the nurse wrote down "Jennifah" and it stuck.


Congratulations on little Danger. My husband grew up in Texas and there was a family named Hog and they named their daughter Ima--Ima Hog. I bet she had some issues later in life. This (and my husband swears to this) is really true.

Stephanie Miller

My co-worker June's friend named her twins:
With the accent over the second syallble in each "name" (NOT the 3rd syallable).
UNREAL!!! but TRUE!!!!

Jes Deamer

Two worst:

Crystal Chanda Leer

Bradley ... Justin Case :D


I had a friend growing up who was born on Christmas Day. Her name was Christine Smith. Her mom told her that she was almost named Mary Christine Smith so that she would be Mary Chris Smith (Say it out loud if you don't get it).


congratulations on getting a little danger in your lives!
My cousin has two girls. the older one named Maya Marie, and the little one named Lola Leeloo. leeloo from the 5th element. no joke. poor girl. and my dad always sings "lo, lo, lo, my lola" which makes its hard to not burst into laughter (song, lola by kinks)

Laurie Duncan

I know someone whose last name is Hart and actually named his son - Bodie

Now tell me if the kids in school are not going to call him Body Fart???


Everyone thinks Gynneth Paltrow's Apple is weird, but when I was little I told my mom I wanted a sister and I wanted them to name her Apple! This was well over 35 yrs ago. Unfortunately, I never got my sister, but I think mom was glad she didn't have to oblige me.


Delicious. I kid you not. I'm also not a fan of Peighton. The poor kid is going to be spelling its name for people for the rest of its life. I've had enough of the 'unique' spellings already!

Amanda W.

Check out this website to learn more about urban legend names and why the stories persist.

Meanwhile, here's a true one: A student of mine was named Tierrany, as in the "tyranny of evil men." Poor girl.


I went to college with a girl named America


We had a college basketball player here whose name was Baskerville Holmes. As the story went: his mother watching Sherlock Holmes "The Hound of the Baskervilles" while in labor.


A friend of mine came up with two baby names when his wife was pregnant - one for a boy and one for a girl. For a boy it was Damon Nick (say it together and it sounds like "demonic"). For a girl it was Lucy Fur ("lucifer"). Fortunately, their son's name is Ian (and a normal middle name!).


Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor which I think is th weirdest. But Frank Zappa came up with some oddities too - Dweezil & MoonUnit. Also years ago, when I worked for Medicare, we kept lists of odd names. There were 2 sisters named Peach Blossom & Pink Blossom (Blossom being their last name) & brothers Royal & Navy Blue. There were a couple of Dr. Peppers in the Chicago are & a Dr. Bonebrake (I always thought he should be an orthopod but he was a gynecologist). But my favorite name (& this was someone born in 1901 or before) was Hyman Peckerman.


Wishing the three of you many happy years together!!!
As for names, well in my granddaughter's kindergarten class is a girl named "HARPER"
It is hard for me to believe that one would pick such a name for a sweet girl.


Congrats to you all!

I went to school with a guy named Eric Apple. His sister's name was Candy Apple! Seriously!!


Happy baby time!!!

A girl I went to high school with was named Robin Hood.

Her sister was Raven. I guess her mom liked birds.

She was very beautiful, and an extremely friendly person.

Karen C

Add me to the mystified (appalled?) folks who nominate the Zappa kids, esp. Moon Unit.

When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her daughter, my then-five-year old wanted to name her cousin "Pretty Flower of the Valley." As my sister-in-law lived, and still lives, in Manhattan, we couldn't discern the origin of the valley, but my daughter was sad that her suggested moniker didn't prevail.

And as proof that wisdom is not guaranteed with age, my husband has a relative who, upon becoming 18, legally changed his previously normal first name to "Dark." And his (the relative's, not my husband's) MOTHER USES THE NEW NAME!

Congratulations on your new adventure -- it's a wild ride!


When I was going to a Roman Catholic parochial school there was a family that had four boys and one girl. The girl was second to last. There names were: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Ann and John. I kid you NOT!

Good luck with the little one and check these out:

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