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July 04, 2007



Hang in there! I'll toast you with a mai tai, how's that?


Okay, this is probably going to be way TMI ;-) but one way of hurrying up Danger's arrival is by ending the pregnancy the same way you've started it... ;-)

Every time your blog comes up in bloglines, I'm hoping for a baby picture. Hang in there, won't be long now! (although it feels like forever at the end doesn't it).


LOL I couldn't get enough blue box mac and cheese while I was pregnant. All three times. And hotdogs. Yum.

My son was due June 23. We're celebrating his 16th birthday next Wednesday. Yup, he didn't arrive until July 11th. And if not for being a handed a forced eviction notice I can't imagine how long he would have hung out. LOL

Hang in there and have a wonderful 4th!


Well, come on, Danger! He'll be here, just when you're not thinking about him. Good luck!


I so know how you feel. My first daughter was born in August and being hot sucks when you are nine months pregnant. Hang in there. I hope he comes soon for you.


I hope Danger arrives soon! He's just making sure he will have the best birthdate for summer picnic birthday parties. Wouldn't want to be too close to the 4th.



He is adorable, looking forward to more photos of the two of you and the store reopening; I will be checking out the new goodies,Sknitches looks yummy can't wait to touch it. ;O)

Chow and Happy 4th to you too!

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