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July 23, 2007



Congrats Allison - What a beautiful baby boy! Sorry to hear you had such a rough go of it, but the prize at the end was well worth all the trouble, no doubt! Have fun with baby James and take good care of yourself as well!

Wendy in Cambridge

He's beautiful! Congratulations.


He's so handsome! Don't worry about small, the best things come in small packages. He'll sprout in no time, faster than you can imagine and all his clothes will be too small really quickly!


Congratulations! What a beautiful little boy!


What a honey! My third was born at 6 pounds and lost even more weight after she came home. Scared the poo out of me, but of course she is fine now.

Congrats to you all!


What a beautiful baby boy! My son arrived 21 years ago, at about 6 pounds. He was the smallest baby in the nursery. Today, he is over 6 feet tall, wears shoes 2 sizes bigger than his Dad, and is an incredible joy in our lives. Congratulations. Oh, and take it slow and easy. We can wait. Your "baby" will disappear out the back door before you can say "newborn".


Congratulations for bringing home such a beautiful little boy!


Congratulations!!!! He is gorgeous. My first daughter was 6 pounds 2 ounces at birth and 5 pounds 8 ounces when we left the hospital. She wore preemie clothes for the first few weeks. Don't count on it happening again, though, because our second daughter was 8 pounds 8 ounces (and they were both 1-2 weeks early). Being a mom is just a blast (though certainly trying at times). I am so happy for you!


Congratulations Allison (and Joe!) He's absolutely gorgeous.
Both of mine were fairly big - first one was 8 lbs, second one was 11 lbs... (ouch ouch and ouch! and he was born one day early and at home too, with just gas and air - did I say ouch?) Needless to say he looked a bit chubby and went straight into 3-6 months clothes. Not that you can tell anymore, he's now just a lean, tall 5 year old.
Take care of yourself, enjoy the babymoon, o and can we ask you the 'has your life changed?' question again in another year? ;-)


wow, what a cutie. He is so sweet, you could eat him. I´ve never seen such a beautiful little boy before and the name is just adorable (ok ok, I admire somebody with that name *blush*). Both of my nephews were a week overdue and really heavy (3,5kg and 3,8kg) but if I have a look at Jamie- boy that doesn´t mean anything, size isn´t everything, right? ;-)
Many nice hours with that precious litle sweetie and enjoy him while he´s still small.
Greetings from Germany
Elisa, whoose second name is Ulrich - yes a boys name and daddys first given name, do I have to say more? ^_^;;


He's beautiful! Congratulations, Allison!!


Congrats!!!! He is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!


Congratulations! He is so beautiful...

Mine came home weighing about 7 lbs, and nothing fit for weeks :) We were told by family & friends to not buy newborn clothing, that he'd grow right out of it... had to go pick up sleepers out first full day home b/c the 0-3 month clothes were oceans on him. Big strapping boy now, you'd never know :)

Congrats again!

Sue J.

Congratulations, Allison. He is adorable. Don't fret too much about his size. 22 years ago when our son was born he weighed just a little over 6 pounds. Now he is 5'11' and weighs 190 and is a law enforcement officer. With all the love and care you are your hubby will lavish on him, he'll grow right before your eye. It's a magical time. Enjoy every minute.


Heartiest congratulations to you, Joe and wee Jamie. He's so cute! Please post a photo every now and then.


Before your first baby is born, you know you are going to love him/her; you just have no idea how much!
He is a beautiful baby!


Hannah was a big baby, weighing almost 8.5 pounds. But I bet little James will be big big big before you know it.


Congratulations on that beautiful boy!

When my best friend's daughter decided that February was just as good as March and hit the scales at a whopping 5lb 2oz (and came home at just under that), I made an emergency trek to Walmart, Target, and the Carter's Store for anything preemie and/or NB. We managed to score sleepers and a couple of cute "out-in-public" outfits. She outgrew it all in a matter of a month, but at least she had a few things that fit.


Congrats to new mom, dad and baby James! Very cute pics. :)


Congrats - he's adorable!

I had about 20 hours of induction and a c-section. Aren't you glad that induction works so well?

My little one was 7 pounds 7 ounces and I still had to roll up the sleeves of all her shirts. She's two and a half now and a little short, so even now I usually have to roll up her pants and long sleeves. :)

Judy Laquidara

He's a doll! So glad you're back. I've thought about you often.



Congratulations. He's beautiful. I know what you mean about not feeling any different. I just felt right. I'm so happy for you all.


Congratulations. He's so beautiful, and you look great too.


He really is a cutie! And I think you look pretty good for what you had just been through! I was induced for only about 7 hours and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. Congratulations on your bundle of sweetness.

Gwen in Bowmanville

Congratulations! 8-) My Grace was seven and a half pounds -- classic newborn. Right? Didn't make a difference. All the newborn sleepers still managed to engulf her for the next three weeks. Then they fit perfectly for a week and were too small as she turned one month old. The point of my story? Enjoy every second of his tiny-ness. Babies grow FAST! He'll grow faster in the next 12 months than he will at any other time in the rest of his life. You will be totally boggled on his first birthday if you look at a sleeper that you kept from when you brought him home and remember that it was too big.

Now for the un-asked-for advice. Make sure you get enough sleep. And all the help you can from who ever offers. It's hard enough recovering from a normal delivery. Major abdominal surgery is a beig deal. And such a drag, when you just want to focus on your new baby and do everything for him. The best way to take care of him, though, is to take care of Mama first. I know, because Grace decided to present feet first, so she was a section, too. "Get enough sleep" and "Get help where ever you can" were the second and third most common things I heard after "Congratulations! Boy or Girl?" And wouldn't you know? All those people were right.

Congratulations again!
And Bless you all!


What a beautiful boy, and you look great, despite the drugs! My daughter came home at 5 lbs., 12 oz. But, that didn't last long...they grow quickly. Best of luck to you and your new family.


What a beautiful little guy! Congratulations to you and Joe!


You'll be a great mom!



You and little James look fabulous, considering what hell you went through to get him here. I only had twelve hours on the 'intervention train' before my first c-section, and it was weeks before I felt 'normal'... that sensation that you'll spill out your incision... or is that just my personal weirdness? The young man you've produced for our viewing pleasure is a doll, but babies grow and change so fast. Take a ridiculous amount of photos. You won't believe how much he'll change! The best thing we did was 'family bed' and nursing laying down. Hopefully you have some good mommas to hang with, once y'all can get 'out and about'. Congratulations, and best wishes for a decent four-six of sleep. *Knitter schmooch* Cami

Sandra D

It's easy to see you're a great mom. I'll echo the above advice to take as good care of yourself as you do of that adorable little boy. Glad to have you both back!


He is so beautiful!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you both!


Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy!


You look great and James is beautiful.


He's beautiful, perfect - you've done a great job!

Kathy in KS

I'm going to second and third and forth the advice given by Gwen to let people help you. Wow, he is beautiful. You guys should definately have more. You make 'em good.

So sorry to hear about the induction experience. That sucks. But, very glad to hear that both of you are doing so well now. Take your time and get better. Keep in mind too, that probably any questions you have can be posted here, and a TON of knitting mommies will come to your rescue.


He looks GREAT! Even though he's not a bruiser, he has that filled-in and alert look that later babies tend to have.

Best wishes to you and your FAMILY!


My youngest daughter was 9 lbs 10 oz. She was too big for all the newborn size clothes I had washed and put away for her when we got home.

Your little James is just adorable. Almost makes me wish I had another one. ALMOST.


Awwww!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! He is so adorable and perfect.


My daughter (who is now almost 15!) weighed just over 6 pounds when we brought her home. She was definitely fragile, but healthy, and she grew quickly. Treasure every moment with James.

Andrea (noricum)

James is *precious*! Isn't it funny how babies start out with such different sizes? Do they know why James is small even though he was past due?


We did the same thing with our first baby - brought clothes that were too big to the hospital because we never dreamed she would be so tiny!

What a beautiful little guy. Congratulations!

And you are right - I never felt different with any of the children - they all fit seamlessly into my life.


He's beautiful. Enjoy -- it's a cliche, but it goes fast!


Congratulations! What a precious baby boy. Enjoy every minute because he will be filling out those clothes any day now.


Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy!


What a handsome man!! And Allison, you are a beautiful mother. Bless you both, and of course your DH, Joe.


Congrats!!! Maybe it's the name James..... my last is a James and his was a 21 hour induction...they said the work c-section and my cervix opened right up! :-)

My first was under 6 pounds when we brought her home. We had to buy premie stuff so that she was able to wear something!

Congrats to all of you. Relax, enjoy, knit because in a few years, you won;t have time for any of that!!


Congrats Allison! James and you both look beautiful!

Jessica Rose

Oh he is gorgeous. I had the same surprise with my little one (who is turning 3 this October, time really flies). He was barely over 5 pounds when I brought him home (5pounds 10 ounces when he was born). Which was scary they kept telling me if he went under 5 he'd have to stay in the hospital longer.


beautiful! i feel the same about our dd. not that i was different, just more ;)


Congratulations! What a cutie he is! Perfect little man! I know what you mean about how tiny they are when you actually see them. The clothes look like they'll be too small when you buy them, but when you put them on, you see how tiny the baby actually is. My daughter weighed over 8 lbs, but she was still so tiny!


Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!


Congratulations! James looks like a sweetie, and just think, he's already got a perfect song named after him. As for you, trust me; you simply look tired. And rather cat that got the canary. [g]

And don't worry, James will grow. I started out at about 5-1/2 lbs., I grew just fine! Ok, maybe a little *too* well, but James will probably be tall and full of muscles! Which means one day you'll be yelling at him over some teen thing and get a start when you realize you're looking straight into his eyes. ;) According to my Mom re my brother, anyway.


Congratulations, Allison! James is beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen such a good looking newborn. They usually take a while to get so cute. He'll grow fast. Glad all ended up well, although a 30 h induction sounds pretty crummy. He knew he better be cute when he finally arrived. Smart baby! Take care!


Congratulations!!! Wasnt it just a month or so that you announced you were pregnant?!!? And here is that little man. He is BEAUTIFUL!!! And before you know it, he will be too big for that newborn outfit!!

Karen Burke

What a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!! as another mommy to a James I must say I greatly approve of the name as well. My Jamie was only 6.4lbs. but he was a surprise 4 weeks early. They are sooo tiny but wonderful wonderful wonderful!
So glad you are both home and doing well.
Take it easy recovering from the c-sec but try to stand up straight as much as you can. Best advice I can give after two of them that I didnt plan on.

happy babies!!!!!

Carrie K

Congratulations, Allison! James is a handsome boy.


Congratulations! He's a cute little guy!


Awwww! Man seeing his cuteness makes me want to do it all over. Again. He is absolutely precious. And my biggest baby was the Princess who was born at 8lbs...even she looked lost in her sleeper and sleeves had to be rolled up. He'll grow into all so quickly -- enjoy!

Ann Carpenter

Golly Molly, He's a real cutie!!! Wish we had a new little one in the family to spoil. Our youngest family member is our great-nephew who is 8 and an angel. As for little, a friend's granddaughter weighed only four pounds, two ounces. Talk about little. I went to a shower after she was born and everyone was scared to hold her! Our neighbor's baby was a month early and weighed five pounds and my cousin had one a month LATE who still weighed only five pounds. But, she's nearly forty now and still tiny. Go guess! But he is just as cute as I've ever seen. What a lamb.
Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas


Congratulations! Little James is adorable, enjoy this wonderful, exhausting, time of your life!!


Wow, I think you are very brave continuing with the shop and looking after a baby. Remember to have lots of rest time.


awww, what a sweet little guy! He looks like he smells amazing (I adore the smell of freshly baked babies! ;)
I also wanted to mention that I also had a wee one. My first child was 6lbs 13oz and weighed about 6.3 when we came home (and she lost a little bit more the first weekend home since she ended up being pretty sick with a very high bilirubin level) Everything we had pre-bought for her was too big. We ended up picking up 2 preemie sleepers at a discount store, but really, I don't think the larger clothing bothered her, she just curled up in a ball anyway. Not to mention she was born during a very hot week, so all she needed was a onesie, and a swaddling blanket, and she was good to go :)
Enjoy James and smell him lots! That scent wears off :(


Congratulations! to you all! James is quite handsome. Babies are a lot of work, but sooo worth it. God Bless you all.


Oh my - he's fabulous - So glad you are both doing well. He's gorgeous - hope you are feeling less overwhelmed by the day - he's amazing.. (oh, did I say that already?)
Congrats on baby James.
And yup - they're amazingly teeny - but no worries, they grow faster than weeds in the garden, and pretty soon you'll be saying to yourself "but I just bought those jeans for him last week, and they're already too short?" (smile)
big cyber hugs and lots of cheering from here are going out to your family!

Lyn Wilson

Congrats! He's beautiful! And... to answer your question, my two babies were much bigger then 6 pounds :) I am very happy for you as a family.



Blessings for you and your family,and esp. the beautiful child you just had. He is going to grow up to be
a chick magnet-oh wait-he already is. Good health to all.
May he have a long life,great health, wealth, luck and good love!!


He's lovely! And enjoy him- because he'll be a huge teenager before you know it!


Congratulations - he's gorgeous! He'll grow so fast you won't believe it!


He is just perfect! Congratulations and to a job well done. First births are usually the hardest (so I hear) so the next ones should be easier. I can't get over how cute he is!

Linda V.

He's bee-yoo-tee-ful! Congratulations!

Michelle M

What a gorgeous baby!! Congrats to all! My Hannah was 2 1/2 weeks early and 9lbs 1oz. We had to ask the nurses to find a bigger diaper for her!

At least it's summertime and you don't have to buy a lot of clothes for him to grow out of too quickly. We had clothes that never fit either of my kids, so at least you won't have that problem!

Enjoy your new life with your precious little one! They grow up much too fast.


He is truly one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen - just gorgeous. Both my daughters were about his size & the younger one (who now has 3 little ones of her own) also grew very slowly. She weighed 10 lb at 4 months & about 17 lb at a year. She didn't weigh 20 lb until she was almost 2. I did always worry more about her because she did seem so tiny & fragile but she was actually just as tough & resilient as her older sister (who grew like a weed - she was 5lb13oz when we came home from the hospital [at 6 days old] & 10 lb at 6 weeks - not a fat baby just long & big for her age.

Ronda Trent

Aw... what a cutie! congrats!
Don't fret about him being small... I have twins that were born 11 weeks early. My son weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces (16.5 inches long) at birth and my daughter was right at 4 pounds (16 inches long). They were 3 weeks old when we were able to bring them home and both were right at 5 pounds. A week later at their first doctor's visit they each weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. My husband was freaking out on the drive home from the hospital, though... our car wasn't big enough for one of us to sit it in the back seat and we couldn't see them because the baby seats have to face backward.
BUT - They grow quickly and they are tougher than you think. :^)
Today my little ones are 4 1/2 years old... My son is 37 pounds and 40 inches tall, but my daughter is 52 pounds and 43.5 inches tall! She is the height and weight of the average 7 year old! She seems huge in comparison to my son, but he is in the upper percentiles for his age, so we aren't worried.
Take care of yourself and remember to get some rest!


Oh Allison,
He is absolutely gorgeous! Nice job! Beautiful baby. And lovely name. A favorite of ours had we ever had a boy.

My three girls were 6 lb 11 oz, 6 lb 1 oz, and 5 lb 13 oz. Preemie diapers for the last two for the first two weeks. Middle child had a very skinny rumpus to boot! They were very healthy, though, and all grew up and are now completely fabulously sized almost-adults (5'6 1/2"; 5'5 1/2"; and 5'5".) They are 20, 17, and 14. Be still my heart. lol

But don't worry. They grow VERY fast, so in no time, James will be modeling all those darling clothes. I also remember the outfits I picked out to bring the girls home in and they turned out to be huge sacks on them.

Anyway, you look fantastic. Be good to yourself and enjoy your little love.


I want to join with the rest and congratulate you. My kids did change my life, but it was for the better. Don't worry about the weight. They grow fast.
Wish you the best!


Hi there! I found your blog through Amanda/Clothesknit. Congratulations on your new baby! He is precious, and you look actually pretty good in the photo. =) You asked if anyone else brought such a tiny baby home, and for me the answer is yes. My daughter was 5.5 lbs, four weeks early. It was quite a shock, esp. when my son was 9 lbs, 3 oz. But she grew at lightning speed, and so will James.

Again, congratulations!


Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son!

Elizabeth H.

Congrats on a beautiful baby, and you look pretty good in the photo.
I went home (1951) at 4.5 lbs. Believe me - I've outgrown it!
I know I'm too late for the contest, but here's an entry anyway. In the late 70's while I was a L&D nurse, Mr & Mrs Titsie named their baby girl "Lotta Bubbles". I STILL pray for this poor (now grown) child.


Congratulations! He's absolutely adorable. My very best wishes to you, Joe and James. And just so you know, I have been checking out sock yarn in person everywhere I go on our vacation here in the U.S., and all I can think of is placing another order with you, because you have everything I love! Take care and get sleep whenever you can. :o)


Congratulations! He's beautiful!


Congratulations! Such a handsome little man! My "little man" (now age 20, 160pounds, 6ft tall) was once under 6 lbs. as well when we came home from the hospital. All you need to care about is healthy, not big. Hope you all get to sleep some. What an adventure before you.


What a beautiful son you have! Enjoy every goes so fast!


YAY! Welcome to the world James! You're VERY handsome! I can see why Mom is so in love with you!

B. Rickman

You may not see the change yet, but, yes, you will change. You already willjust take a bit of time to nitice it. Chris was just over 6 pounds when he was born. I too was suprised at how small he was compared to how bit I got! Brian sas bigger at over 7 pounds.

Many congratulations Allison. Being a mom is the greatest, hardest, most rewarding, hairraising, educational experience people can ever have. Tell hubby to hang on too. He is about to see himself in miniature and it can be a bit shocking!!


Congratulations to you, Joe and James!


CONGRATULATIONS! He's SO handsome!!!


Congratulations. He is beautiful. I came home with two under that weight, but my pair were born at the same time. I don't remember what their release weights were, but my son was 5lbs 13oz, and my daughter was 4lbs 8oz. She was soo tiny that the preemie clothes were monstrous on her. They fill out quickly though! Enjoy James. They grow so darn fast.


He is one of the most beautiful boys ever! Brings tears to my eyes.


Oh my goodness, that face is absolutely precious! I'm sure you and your husband are so happy right now. Congratulations!

My daughter was only 4lbs 3oz at birth, and she wore preemie clothes for the first two months of her life (though the first month was spent in the NICU), but even my average sized 7lb son still seemed to float away in the newborn clothes at first. Don't worry, James will grow into them faster than you know it!


I think you look quite beautiful! Congratulations!

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