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July 27, 2007



Oh Allison - Congrats!!!! He is just beautiful and so are you. What a lucky mom! I understand the milk mouth you are talking about. Cherish him and your time together, he will be grown before you know it! You want to be adopted by some Wyoming rancher lady? I don't have any grandchildren yet and would so spoil you both rotten! LOL


Hooray! Thanks for the fun contest. Enjoy the baby days...they go so fast. My little James just turned 5 and I have no idea how that happened.


I refuse to call him anything but Danger. That's what he is to me.


Oh I love that. My newest one is 5 months and the milk still dribbles out when he falls asleep. Aren't they just presious. Enjoy James...they do grow fast.

Kathy in KS

James is so beautiful. Oh yeah, the yarn looks nice too. I remember those milky days. With the babies, not the yarn. I remember with my know how their necks are all scrunched up? Well, most of their bodies too, I guess, I remember how his legs wouldn't straighten out, I think from being cramped in the womb. Well, I had those milky dribbles too on him, and wiped them off. I bathed him regularly, but it was so hard to get in all those creases. One day, I leaned down to kiss him and he just smelled awful. Long story short...I discovered a crusty milky yuck in one of those neck folds that I had apparantly missed during bath time. For how long, I don't even want to think. I do miss those days when all my kids needed was either a clean diaper or my boob. Or both.


Congrats on your handsome baby boy! He is so wee precious! Thank goodness he is healthy, darling and growing so well.

Do you plan on getting in more Sea Wool? I'm so addicted to the Sea Wool I ordered from you in June.!


he's lovely! mine were never quite that small (7lbs 10oz and 8 lbs 2oz) but i still don't know how they got to be 11 and 7 so fast! i'm looking forward to watching james grow and develop.


He is so beautiful! (I also love the fabric - or sheet - that is behind him). Love love that cuddly stage, too bad it is with sleep depravity at the same time!


Awww, he is a cutie. Enjoy every moment, they grow way too fast. Mine were all over 8 1/2 lbs, and they still didn't fit into most of the new born clothes. You will be surprised how quickly he will outgrow them though.


James is so happy and HEALTHY looking! Great job, Mama! (And Daddy too.) James reminds me so much of my boys when they were babies. Enjoy and much love to your family.

B. Rickman

I remember when my boys did not want me to go to the bus stop with them anymore. I cried, cause I knew they did not need me anymore in that kind of way. but they need me now, in a different kind of way..not that they are 20 and 18. Your childeren never stop needing's just that what they need from you changes.

Learn the diffferences. It can be just as much fun as milk mouth!!


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