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July 06, 2007


Kathy in KS

Your belly looks beautiful. Really. You just can't see it from where you're looking.

I heard to stay away from broccoli and melons. I think I remember someone saying the broccoli caused excess gas and the melons were supposed to cause some sort of digestive issues. But, for the most part, listen to your body and your baby's. Assuming you'll be nursing, everything you eat will get into your milk and into your baby. My midwife told me that it was good to eat different kinds of things, it would make my milk taste slightly different, and my baby would learn about different tastes early on. On that note though, it's a good idea to keep track of what you do eat, so if you notice your baby being unusually fussy the next day, you can look back and see if it's something you ate.

PS. I ate broccoli and melons the whole time and it never did anything to any of my 3. But, I think it depends on the individual.


Come on, Danger!!! Summer is a great time to come and play!

You look beautiful! I'm sending good labor vibes your way...


Stay away from broccoli, cauliflower and anything in the cabbage family, asparagus and strong sour pickles. Also don't eat too many spicy things all at once. My sister had a feast of Thai chili peppers one night, fed my niece before she dropped her off here and about an hour later I had a screaming miserable niece with not just diaper rash but a little chemical burn on her butt.


Bellies are beautiful! I remember being surprised when told not to eat zuchini while nursing, but what's true for one is not for another. Just eat healthy, nurse on demand, and enjoy that baby.

Off topic - re vertical gardening - have you tried out a Topsy Turvy? See at
This is my second year using one, and it is a great alternative if you are short on space.

Keep cool!

Roxanne look beautiful from where I'm sitting. Baby bumps are cute! Wishing you a good labour and delivery.


Sending good vibes your way for the babe to arrive soon!!


I agree with everyone else - you look beautiful!!


The heat is miserable when you are overdue. 4 summers of pregnancies left me feeling like a steamed sausage, all plumped up and ready to burst. It won't last forever. We promise. ;o)

I agree with what you want. Each baby is different and Danger will let you know if he's unhappy with things. I am a firm believer that eating a wide variety of foods while nursing truly does help create a less picky eater. None of my girls were picky as small children and really aren't now either. The youngest has always loved spicy stuff (neither Hubster or I do) pepper cheese and spicy salsa were among her favorite toddler snacks.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery and cooler temps soon!


I'm puffy too and I'm only 6 months. I've spent many of the past evenings with my feet in a bowl of ice water (which I highly recommend, BTW).

I've read the whole no spicy/no cabbage-family foods too, but I've also read that (breastfeeding) moms who eat lots of vegetables have kids who end up liking vegetables. I'd really like to have a non-picky eater, so I'm at least going to try and eat as many vegetables as possible... and as one commenter suggested, just keep track to see what happens.

Good luck! I'm sending labor wishes your way.


You look cute. Tell Danger that the knitting world is waiting for him.

Beth De Long

Allison you look beautiful!When I was nursing I was told not to eat chocolate or drink oj.I agree, just eat healthy and your baby will let you know if something isn't agreeing with him.Good luck !

amanda cathleen

you are just glowing there girl! I hope Danger comes soon.
Eat what you want when your breastfeeding, but keep a food diary so that way if your little one has tummy issues you'll be able to figure it out!


You're totally doing that "glowing" thing those making-baby advocates talk about. Tell Danger to come play outside!


I've had five children and the only thing that ever bothered them was dairy. Yep. One slice of pizza, or a bowl of ice cream was enough to turn my breastmilk into a nightmare for the babies, reducing them to miserable, little fartbags! Baby yoga only goes so far; if you should be so inclined to eat dairy (and some people don't) take those 'lactaid' tablets, about three/six times the normal dose (I'm not kidding) and all will be well. Yogurt, though, didn't seem to bother any of them. All five of mine were born here in summer, in the sultry Indiana heat...(the last two at home) You have my sympathies... and try eating parsley and drinking more water to get the swelling off, though it can take weeks after Danger's appearance before your feet will look normal again. Arnica gel smoothed on top of propped-up feet feels great in the evening, too. Speedy birth to you... it's just like pooping a monkey combined with the worst food poisoning you've ever had... and when it's over, you have a cool little human to show for it! Cami


you don't look big -- just very pregnant! here's hoping danger graces you with his presence soon!


If you are 2 weeks "past due" you still are "on time". Your due date is an arbitrary date. Don't worry, when Danger is ready he will come out and play.

Drink lots of water, keep up the 2 grams of salt daily - it helps to pull the fluid out of your cells and make blood, and do some walking, as much as you can manage, in a cool mall!

Nothing is more beautiful to me than a woman in full pregnancy bloom. You are doing what your body was made to do - nurture and protect. You look wonderful!!

Enjoy this time because you will have your hands full soon, :).


You look awesome! Your hair looks amazing! If Danger isn't here yet, you should have somebody take a picture of you & Joe with Daneger on hte inside. My boys ADORE looking at a picture of mommy and Daddy with Mommy's belly. They always say:"I was in there?!" One day Angus told me that it was really dark in my body and all he wanted was a light bulb. I kid you not. You will do great (if you haven't already!). Kepping you in our thoughts! Love ya- KT


I have heard from various kids that they spend a lot of time looking out of their moms' belly buttons when they are on the inside. I have no documented evidence of this, but if you maybe show Danger some exciting things on the outside it might entice him to come out.


I think you look great! But, I know how you feel. My first born was 2 weeks late, and I just rolled from one place to another. When I was nursing, again with the first born, I had to stay away from anything in the cabbage family. And, spicy foods weren't so great, either. Best of luck to you and Joe!!

Gwen in Bowmanville

The only thing I remember my baby not appreciating was citrus. One little clementine. The poor little thing screamed for 2 hours until she managed to pass the gas. I also remember the nurses telling me that I wouldn't be able to eat raw fruit or onions or cabbage. I also remember thinking I was never going to be able to eat anything that tasted good again. That was almost 11 years ago. Once she started eating pablum, I got to eat food with flavour again! It's such a short time that they can't tollerate that stuff. Danger will be having chili-pepper-scarfing contests with his Dad sooner that you'd think. (And winning 'em, too!)


Oh I hope your boy comes out soon. I went 13 days over with my second and then we kicked her out. It was not fun. No sir-e!

I ate everything with my girls. Nothing seemed to really bother them. It's trial and error though. You may have good luck too!


With my second one it was corn; corn chips,pop corn, corn on the cob; even juice, etc with corn syrup. It gave her horrendous gas. A friend of mine had the dairy problem with her first baby. But don't let your delivery hang on too long. There are dangers lurking when you are too far over due. But there is over due adn there is really overdue. According to the dr' schedule I was 17 days past due with my first, butI knew when conception was, and I drew my due date from that knowledge, and I was really only a couple days past due.


Both of my girls have reacted severely to dairy and soy. My doctor tells me that most problems are caused by dairy, soy, strawberries, peaches, and cantaloupe. But I would eat normally at first and just cut things out if he's really colicky. And remember that allergens stay in breastmilk for three days, so if you cut something out it may not make a difference immediately.

Karen Wong

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michael jones

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