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July 02, 2007



Why, yes! Actually, I've knitted two pairs...the other pair is for my Sockapalooza pal. (I really need to take better pictures of my FOs.)


I may just have to make a 3rd pair sometime....the pattern goes so quickly and it's easy to remember.


You'll have to scroll down a bit, but you can see the (one, at that point) sock I have knitted off this pattern.

I used Lorna's in the Apricot color (purchased from YOU!) to make these. I really like the pattern. And I agree with you on the book - I keep flipping through it and going, "I want to make these next! No, I want to make these next!"

Bethany Schofield

Did you find that these were hard to make, hard being relative, of course. I have been meaning to start these but I find them a bit intimidating.


very very pretty! your ob will love them. and i'll keep my fingers crossed that on your next visit she'll give you good news in exchange for the pretty socks!


There are tons of them to be found here:


The socks are beautiful. I am currently working on them in Zen String Bambewe. You can see the one I finished here
If you look at the Favorite Socks Knitalong listed by Amanda above, look at the June 6th entry where someone made a slideshow of Waving Lace socks. Lots of inspiration.
Good luck with getting the little guy to make an appearance, and I can't wait for the sock club to begin!


Look at you, generously thanking the doctor for removing the bun from your oven!


I've been following your progress as your delivery approaches. I hope all goes well. The gift socks to the MD should guarantee it. The socks look lovely, BTW.

Renee' Sawyer

Hi Allison,

Check out Alison's comments on June 26th. She is knitting the waving lace in a soft mauve color.

Your Doctor will be thrilled!


Your socks turned out great. I am currently working on a pair and just posted an in progress pic to my blog.


those are beautiful!! love the pink - i'm sure your doctor will HAVE to tell you it's almost over after getting those!

if you search on Flickr, I bet you come up with quite a few pairs of those!


Ooh. Beautiful color!!

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