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June 16, 2007



I'm glad to see that crib is finished! Whew, is right! I know you're very excited.


Wow! That is one lucky Danger!! Great Dad, Great Mom, and a Great Grandma! Sounds like he is already a step up in the world!

Oh and I have a grayish-black thumb, so no advice from me!


The crib is beautiful! That man deserves some new socks. ;o)

Try Miracle-Gro once a week or every 10 days. It works well for my tomatoes.

In a few weeks, you'll be sleeping just fine when "Danger" is asleep. Well, once you get over watching him sleep because he's just so adorable.


The crib is gorgeous. The wood and the shape...perfect!

Sue J.

The crib is lovely. Hubby is a talented guy. Your life is going to change in ways you can't even imagine. But nothing is better in life than to love and be loved by a child. It's all worth it.

Kathy in Iowa

I also love nasturtiums! They seem to grow easily around here (Iowa), so can't really give you any pointers. I do think I had to powder them for a bug infestation that is common, however.

The crib is lovely. What a man! What a lovely keepsake for "Danger".

Enjoy your new stage in life...and cherish every minute!! Congrats to grandma also...I am still waiting and hoping for such an event to happen. (I also would make 8 curtains...gladly!)


That's a beautiful crib and will be a wonderful family heirloom.


The crib is beautiful and I know the nursery will be adorable.


The crib looks great! Joe did an excellent job. I had to buy mine from the store. But it's still holding on strong with little one #2 sleeping in it now.
Yup, they still make Weebles. :~)


Your crib is beautiful.
I just have a comment about the bumper pad - please consider taking that out before the baby sleeps in it. My brother recently had a serious tragedy with his then 3 month old son nearly suffocating to death when his face pushed up accidently against the bumper pad while napping. The baby was so little he did not have the strength to pull his mouth and nose away from the pad. He nearly died and is currently fighting for his life.
I'm not trying to be a downer for this happy and exciting time in your life - but be aware please!!
If I can save just one family from going through what we have over the past four months, I would do just about anything.
Goodluck and God bless you and your family. Children are such a blessing!!!


The crib looks great. How exciting that your husband made it for the baby. I remember those nights when you couldn't sleep because you just can't get comfortable. I got my socks and they are great. Thank you so much.


Wow, what a nice heirloom to have for your baby and the baby's babies. Best of luck with your delivery!


Two words for you: Body Pillow! They are a lifesaver at the end of pregnancy! Beautiful crib. Really gorgeous. And I LOVE nasturtiums too. Can barely spell it, but I love them. I could NOT get the to grow in Virginia but out here in Wa state they grow like weeds. And you can eat the flowers too!


Ya, I remember the last couple of weeks it being really hard to sleep, and it was the end of summer too, so I was miserable. All I can say is pillows, lots of pillows, and A/C. At least you don't have to go through summer, that's a blessing! Gosh, how exciting, and they always stay your little babies. My daughter is almost 21, but I can still remember vividly the day she was born.


I love curly maple. Can't wait to see the photo of the completed nursery. Time will fly by and you'll have a baby in it before you can turn around! Enjoy the preparation and anticipation!


What a beautiful gift for the baby. Yes, I remember not having a lot of sleep in the beginning but, looking back, it was such a special bonding time. Just make sure you have a great comfortable chair that you can sit in with the baby. I spent ALOT of time in my chair!


The crib is gorgeous Allison! You are lucky to have such a talented husband - but then he is lucky to have you too..LOL. I love Nasturtiums; they are such pretty flowers and so easy to grow which is nice. It's hard to believe that you will be a mom in only a couple of weeks! I am very excited for you both....


What a fabulous crib - heirloom quality for sure!
only 2 weeks left - wow. May the last couple of weeks be easy :-)

amanda cathleen

what an amazing crib! you husband has an amazing talent.
during the last month or two of my pregnancies I couldn't sleep a damn either. I could sleep better on the couch then I could in my bed for some reason!
if you pinch off the blooms of your nasturtiums before they go to seed, they should produce more flowers. Because the plant is trying to make seeds for next year.


I had such trouble sleeping before my baby was born AND after that my daughter was sleeping through the night before I was. :) I was really glad that they replayed Conan at 3 in the morning.

The crib is amazing. And Good Luck!


I actually have a little opposing advice on the nasturtiums - from my reading (and also my personal experience), they don't flower well if they're in soil that's too nutrient-rich. (If you want the leaves, like for sandwiches, then go ahead and fertilize).

I planted mine this year in the front garden, didn't fertilize at all. The leaves are small but they're blooming like crazy. (I think also the extra rain we've had this year helps - my tomatoes look better than they have in years.)


Beautiful crib!

The only piece of unsolicited advice I wish I had paid better attention to was "Sleep when the baby sleeps."

After you tear yourself away from how adorable that little one is, of course.

Best of luck.


Actually "Danger" isnt a bad name... a girl I know named her kids "Justice" and "Chaos" although now that I think of it, it may have affected their personalities.... LOL


Congraulations Allison! The crib is beautiful - very nice work. I'm sure little 'Danger' will feel right at home. Will you be teaching how to knit?


Yep- they still make Weebles! they just came back out on the market a year or so ago-
Best wishes on the adventure in front of you! There will never be anything like it again! And it will ROCK! Danger is a great nickname! My son and his best friend are known as Death and Destruction! We aren't sure which is which, but it fits!

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