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June 22, 2007



You are still who you were--just more space/time/and sleep challanged. Congratulations to both of you.


It's a PIRATE shirt. What cool guy could resist posing with a tiny pirate shirt?! Danger will do doubt look adorable in it when he's big enough.

Gwen in Bowmanville

You will remember. I remember when the last thing to go into my daughter's room arrived. It was the crib. My husband put it together, and suddenly, we had a nursery! We just stood there and grinned at each other like idiots.

Flash forward a couple of months, and there is my usually sedate and reserved husband walking about the house holding the baby on his head, exclaiming, "Baby hat! Baby hat!" That 'baby hat' is now 10 years old.

Oh, and Alison and Joe aren't being replaced. You're just getting new job titles.


You'll remember! It's been six years for me and I still remember seeing my gruff, 200+ lb hubby holding our little baby girl and turning to a smooshy, cuddly daddy. You'll definitely remember.
Sounds like the both of you are ready for little Dangers arrival.


That's so sweet. I haven't made the transition to parenting (except for our cats...and they didn't have a nursery :) ). You make it sound like a wonderful experience and I'm sure it will be!


To be fair, that IS a tiny shirt covered in skulls. Which is just about the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I'd pose with it.


what a fabulous post!!!

Kathy in KS

Hi there! I just found your blog while blog jumping while my 3 are napping. Congrats on the new baby! And you aren't being replaced, you're being added to. Did you disappear when you two fell in love? No, you just got better. Same thing here.

And you will remember. Maybe not every little minute detail, but you will find that almost every day, you'll fall in love over again over something he does with the baby. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding birth (I had one hospital with Dr. and 2 birth center with midwife, one of those was in the tub...wish the 3rd had waited), nursing (I breastfed all 3, although not at the same time), or anything else related. Mine are 9, 5, and 3, so I still remember most. Congrats again!



I still remember how excited Hubster was with each of the girls. Somethings you never forget. We wouldn't let you anyhow.


I remember all those tiny little clothes. Now my daughter is almost 21! Where does the time go!? When are you due? It sounds like you're "nesting" a little bit over there.



Once you are parents, you are changed forever. Enough years pass and you will remember life BD (Before Danger) as if it belonged to someone else.
It is not bad, it just is.
And helps protect both your and your partner's sanity when the young alien life forces get totally out of control.
Best to all of you as a family

Susan P

Oh yeah. You betcha. You will always remember these nine months. And it only gets better...

Baby blessings!


That was so sweet; I very nearly started tearing up. Danger will be in great hands, congratulations!

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