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June 12, 2007


Karen B.

Your pal's socks came out nice. I really like the mock cable as it is visually interesting and easy to do.


Those are great socks Allison! I know what you mean about freaking when you first read a pattern; especially when you have that comfort zone of a certain number of stitches. I saw the socks but never even looked at the actual pattern. I guess I better go back and have another look!


Congratulations on finishing your pal's socks. They are lovely! I have the cuff and part of the leg done on sock #1 using CTH turquoise I purchased from you. It's great yarn and a great color. Are you really due in a couple weeks? I'll keep my fingers crossed your little one adheres to the due date.


the sockapalooza socks look great! and the sweetpea pattern is really cute -- it'll look great in that colorway!


I have started socks with the Opal Crazy I ordered from you. The band was totally in German and I am not sure what size needles and stitch number to use to get the colors to work out like the photo. I have a photo on my blog. Any suggestions?


I am the "mom" of the Sweetpea sock. If you knit them in that colorway, PLEASE send me a pic!! I think it will be amazing, and will show off the pattern to great advantage.


It has been almost 20 years since my son was born but reading your latest posting it seems like yesterday, WHEW! And the baby name: Gas Tank. It was only a few weeks before his birth and my husband thought he would be a baseball player and needed a cool name. I burst out crying when he said it, because I thought he was serious - hey it was my 1st child and I was one ball of emotions!
"Robert" is now a corpsman in the U.S. Navy and my husband & I just laugh and laugh when one of us mentions the story of Gas Tank!


My husband and I remember hearing about twin boys named Lemonjello and Orangejello, the pronunciation was not as you would think, with accents on different syllables, but that was their names!

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