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June 05, 2007



wow - that yellow and green almost solid Anne is amazing!!


Gah! I just placed an order with you yesterday, and now you're showing all these lovely yarns! :) I really like the Willa Cather and Minty. Hopefully they don't sell out too fast and I can place another order in a couple of weeks!

Sandra D

ONE favorite? Not possible! They're beautiful. All of them.


I'm in the same boat as Stacey--although I just got an order! I have to start using up yarn before I buy more, but I've been LOOKING for the Scotch Thistle yarn ever since I got the Heartstrings pattern! ::whimper:: I can't pick a favorite either, but the Butternut and Willa Cather are really appealing.


Mmmmm! Minty and Butternut look scrumptious!

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