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June 26, 2007



You should call your local movie theater - there's one near me that offers afternoon shows called "Crybaby Matinees" where they show grown-up movies, but it's ok to bring the under-2 crowd so you can actually see a real movie during naptime.


I think this is the perfect time to go to the movies! All the baby will do is sleep and eat anyway. He can do that at the movies as well as at home! I re-read 5 & 6 but my friend re-read the whole series!

Jennifer Morgan

Sure, you can take a weeks-old infant to the movies, especially if you're nursing. What better place to nurse in public? We took ours up until about 6 months before we ran into any problem with fussing. I do recommend going to as early as possible a showing, on a weekday if you can, just to avoid glares from other patrons. But really, I don't think there's any problem with it. Oh, and I just finished HP6! :)

Carrie K

We've got a speakeasy theater that has Baby night for parents.

I'm planning on reading the last chapter first. I'm about four book behind in the HP series.


Heh. I started rereading the entire series on June 1. I'm already halfway through OotP. I think I'll be fine.


I second the comments about special showings for parents. Here in Minneapolis there is a Mom & Toddlers showing during the day. Give 'em a call and see what they say.


I haven't brought a baby to the movies, but I had the same dilemma when my oldest was born shortly before Fellowship of the Ring came out! In the end we went to see it while my mom pushed the pram around town for three hours. She didn't dare to take a break and sit down for fear that he would wake up...


My daughter reads all the previous books before the next in the series comes out. She is VERY excited about this last one. I never brought any of my babies to the movies but I'm thinking a newborn should be very easy. At the worst, you might have to leave to change a diaper. Go for it!


mm - thanks for the muffin recipe - I'm always up for a good muffin! they are the perfect little meals!

hubby is very excited for HP - he got the "special edition" book from Amazon and is anxiously awaiting the movie. I would think maybe a newborn that young may sleep through the whole thing! (with some baby earmuffs maybe?)


I always reread the books prior to the release of the next one. I just never grow tired of them. I think if you did an early morning, weekday showing, bringing Danger should be fine.


Just feed him while you're watching the movie, that will do the trick. It was the only time in my life that I watched a lot of television, when I was nursing. We took our eldest camping when she wasn't quite 4 months old yet; no problems at all.

And I'm probably the only person in the UK who hasn't read HP....


Take him to the movies! My little one is 2 and 1/2 now and my one regret is that we didn't take her more places when she was tiny and portable. She wasn't much of a crier and would sleep forever. I took her to work for her first 8 weeks without a problem. Now it's difficult to take her places, since she likes to scream for no reason and doesn't like to sit still.


I've been getting more and more frustrated with each movie. I don't even want to bother seeing the 5th movie. Can't wait for book 7 though!

Best wishes for a safe and easy delivery. :o)


Taking a nursing baby to the movies depends on the baby. We were successful with 3/4. The odd girl out had colic and spent the first four months of her life screaming. Maybe that is what prepared her for her focus on Opera?
Anyway - it works for anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the child. Plug the baby in and s/he will be a happy camper. I recommend going with another adult so that you don't have to juggle baby, diaper bag, popcorn and drink by yourself.
With our youngest at 14, there weren't options other than normal matinées when ours were young.
I still remember the oldest at 18 months suddenly waking up, looking at the screen. I forget what western, but it was the usual chase scene. All excited, she started yelling - Puppy, look at big puppy.
The people around us were not amused.


Like the other comments above, it might be really easy for you to take the baby. As long as I was holding my daughter and nursing her she was fine - I was exhasuted, but that's another story :).

Thanks for the muffin recipe - it sounds yummy! And yes, I need to reread number 6 also. There was quite a lot in that book.

B.  Rickman

Cause you can't sleep, it comes on you when you least expect. To keep going each day, and carry the baby, extra calories are needed. Eat when you want to!!

Don't worry about forgetting anything and take lots of pictures. You, your hubby and the baby will grow and change faster than you ever imagined and the time will fly. You will find yourself wondering "where did the time go". and "How did this child get so big all of a sudden".

Keep a journal. I did and I am so glad I did. So many lessons many experiences captured. You will look back when the kid is no longer a kid and be in full wonder of all that is being a parent.

Thanks for sharing yourself, your talents, your hubby and now your newest edition with all of us on the net. You are kind, giving, patient and creative. You will be fully blessed for all you have done, all you are doing and all you shall do in the days and weeks to come.


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