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June 18, 2007



I totally agree with you on the positive changes in this batch of Sea Wool. That Popsicle takes my breath away, and I didn't particularly like it last time. And I agree that what makes hand-dyed yarn so special is it's uniqueness from dye session to the next. Uniformity is more important in large items like sweaters, but socks are much more fun in serendipitous colorways. I don't even try to match color sequence in a pair. I think they're much more interesting if they're fraternal twins rather than identical twins.


that is what is great about hand dying - it's a little different every time!!!!


I love the hand-painted yarns. I just ordered 3 skeins of the Sleeping Dragon(which I have never used before) and if the colors are even half as yummy as they look in the pictures, I will be in heaven. They are just beautiful.

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