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May 29, 2007



I think the socks are lovely! I am the one with the 7.5 size foot! Me! It's me. I need to study the structure, the stitches, the fabric of the yarn. I live in Maine, where it's cold! I am a Hoosier. I am the one!

Linda in Ohio

Allison, love love those socks! This is the only time I am glad I have little feet! (I used to always have to have the man crawl into the display case to get the small size shoes for me years ago...)
Glad you had a great holiday. I got alot of knitting time in so I was happy.
Have a great week.

Laura Bowser

Love, love, love your socks - they are so cute. I will have to try the pattern also on the Dream in Color that I just ordered and can hardly wait to get.


I am one with small feet too. Sure makes making socks for me easier. I totally understand about loving the water when pregnant. I used to take water aerobics when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter it felt so nice not to have to carry the weight around for awhile.


I love these socks! Chocolate and cherries are two of my favorite things, and together they are even better. So I hope you pick my size 7.5 feet, so they can enjoy this combo as much as my mouth does!
I am still working on my first pair of socks. They will be a gift for mom (who has size 9 feet).


I can't believe you are already in your 9th month. It seems like it was just a couple days ago when you told us that you were pregnant. I'm so busy with school it seems time just flies by. :) The socks are beautiful. Too bad they won't fit my size 11 feet!! I used to have size 10 but then after I was pregnant they grew. I'm glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend. I spent it sleeping off a cold that is still lingering.


You know what my three favorite things are? Roses, chocolate, and handknit socks. Clearly, the socks are meant for me!


I'd like some socks! :) Actually, I'd like the yarn, but, if I got the socks, then I could get a different color of the yarn, 'cause liking chocolate I'd HAVE to get this color...


No Memorial Day long weekend here, 'cause I'm in Canada (but we had a Victoria Day long weekend the previous weekend so I can't whine too much!!)
LOL about always being hungry! I just had my 3rd baby 11 weeks ago, and in the last trimester, even though I was hungry, I couldn't eat much (no room in the tummy for food AND baby!) Oh, and heartburn!! But now that he's born, and I'm nursing him-I have room + appetite!! Almost out-ate my hubby at a buffet the other nite-and that's not easy to do!!
See what you have to look fwd to? LOL!

LOVE those socks!! I keep knitting socks for everyone else, so still don't have my own pair...


Pretty pretty socks! I remember when i was pregnant...I was so relieved when labor started, because it meant it was almost over! Hang in there!


Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy. No babies/stories from me, but I love the socks. They are so pretty! And they just happen to be in my size. Coincidence??? hmmmm...

Charmaine Holland

I would love to wear those wonderful socks while eating anything chocolate & smelling the roses sitting out on my deck knitting more socks! ! Have a great week


At the risk of sounding like Cinderella's step-sisters, I believe those socks would fit MY feet! I love all the new yarns you're getting in the shop, but sad to learn the Dream in Color is already nearly gone! I always have to ponder awhile before I order... Oh well, I'll keep checking back.


Pick me! I wear size 7.5 (used to be 7 before my son was born. Why is it that our feet grow when we have kids??)
Cherries and Chocolate are my very favorite flavors so I would love to wear them on my feet.
thanks for creating Simply Socks.

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