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May 21, 2007



That is some wonderful sock yarn!!!!! You keep getting all this good stuff! No pooling - I'm in!!!!


I'm always up for trying a new sock yarn - I'll definitely give that Dream In Color yarn a try.

Susan P

Ooooh Pretty! Can't wait for the Dreaming in Color yarn. Have been suffering from internet lust, as it pops up in FOs all over but seems to be only available at "LYS"s. In this case, even though it is coming up on summer, it should be....(wait for it)....everybody OUT of the pool!

Blessings on you and the coming attraction!

P.S. Thanks for the goodies. My order arrived today. I love my postal worker; she makes me so happy some days!


Smooshy Sock Yarn sounds like a dream come true. So does a sock club...too much sock yarn is never enough!


The special CTH colorway looks fantastic! And did I just read the words SOCK CLUB!?!


Omigawd that DIC color is gorgeous! I'm gonna start saving up immediately. ;) Actually... a couple of weeks... Should be just the right timing, budget-wise. [g] Whee!

Karen B.

Dream In Color is terrific stuff! And it truly doesn't pool in any noticeable way which makes it work for lace socks and such very nicely. So looking forward to the 300 series colors...


AW, I missed the sign ups for the tea swap again. I need to pay more attention to that. Those are some pretty colors in the Dream in Colors yarn.


Oh my goodness, you're a tea pro! Ah, well, you're gonna get stuck with my amateur selections, which, by the way, I've already made and purchased. Still have to get the yarn and goodies, though. I thought I'd mention that the lady at my tea shop said that all teas can be decaffeinated if you just pour off the first shot of water. I'm not so sure I believed her, so I got you greens, but you might want to check that out if you've been hankering a pekoe or something. :-) Cheers!!

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