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May 02, 2007



That's funny. Is there a place on the web where we can post overheard cell phone conversations?

I was in Pizza King a while back (yes, Clara's), waiting in line at the cash register, and another woman in line was... talking. Just standing there, hands in her pockets, talking. At first I thought she was talking to the little girl in front of her, but it turned out the little girl belonged to someone else. The little girl kept staring at The Talker (as was I, but hopefully less obviously), probably because when you are holding a cell phone to your ear, you look like you are on the phone, but when you are using a handsfree device in public, you look like you are stark raving mad.


Don't even get me started on people using cell phones in public restrooms. I just can't wrap my head around it - it's wrong on so many levels.


Oh yeah--to add to the above comment about phones in restrooms...what's up with that?! People at my work do that...and I work at a corporate business office building-type place! I just know it would skeeve me out if I was on the phone with someone and I started hearing flushing toilets, etc...


Super funny - I heard a good conversation about a month ago. "Yeah, then the doctor started squeezing at it and when he couldn't get anything out of it he told me he'd do a biopsy." Oh yeah, and this was at a RESTAURANT. Super nasty.


My step-daughter and SIL almost never turn cell phones off, almost always answer no matter where they are, and it's bloody annoying. What is so earthshatteringly important that they can't miss it when a movie's starting - in a theater?! (He hadn't the brains to find the allergy pills at home...) I finally got one for emergencies, but grief, I refuse to have it surgically grafted. And if I'm with someone else, whoever's calling can damned well use the handy voicemail and leave a message.

My late husband had a wonderful saying: "The phone does not have the Constitutional right to be answered."

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