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April 09, 2007



You look beautiful!!!!
I have been dreaming of going to Threadbare!!


I think we all have a week during pregnancy where we put on some extra pounds - no worries, you look great!


Welcome back! You look great!


I used to live in San Francisco, and was sad that I missed your first post asking for places to go.

However I'm happy to see that you went to all the places I would have recommended! I used to work at ImagiKnit and I STILL miss that place. I have yet to find another yarn shop that compares. And Tartine? Wow, I miss that place.


Pringles are WAAAAYYY addictive - I have been known to eat a whole can also! It sounds like you had a really nice trip - lots of yarn, food and fun!!!!


Oh, how funny! Before I 'knew' I was pregnant, I would down Pringles like they were going out of style! Now, eh, not so much. :) You look gorgeous!


If you want a yarn store with no empty space you need to come to my local yarn store. She doesn't have a spare place anywhere. Yeah it's cluttered and a lot of stuff is still in boxes but I love it! :) Even the teeny bathroom is shoved full of yarn. And she has an offsite storage unit if you need something you don't see. She just can't stop buying. She also knows the colors and what kinds of yarns most of us regulars like and makes sure she buys lots of it to tempt us. That means lots of pink sock yarn! :)


You found some of the greatest spots in San Francisco! Philz and Tartine are on the top of my list. There is no better way to put on weight than with a pain au Scharfenberger chocolate!

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