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April 23, 2007



Beautiful socks from Margene. I love this sock swap, too, and am so glad I have participated.


Your new socks are gorgeous. That was so sweet of Margene to make a pair for your little one too. :)


You'll have a new pair of socks to wear when fall rolls around. Take care during your last few weeks of freedom.


Yay! I love how tiny the baby socks look next to the mommy socks!


what a lot of work that must be - taking pictures and keeping track of everything! 10 weeks - wow! that went by pretty quick!


Yay! The first pair have arrived and they are lovely. As I was reading your post I was thinking how it must be fun to get a package -- you are always shipping out orders so it must be double the fun to have a box arrive that you know isn't work related.

Enjoy your fantabulous socks!

PS: Thanks for getting my order out so quickly last week -- SSYC is da bomb!


gorgeous socks from Margene - glad that you have a treat to look forward to when the "sausage-feet" part goes away.. (and it WILL.. promise) I agree with those above, be gentle on yourself these last few weeks.


So very lucky to get your bloomin feet already and an additional tiny pair from Margene. Enjoy!

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