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April 30, 2007



My pet peeve is when the clerk talks to the other clerk or bagger and ignores that you exist...thank you!? That would be a shocker!


I have noticed that a lot - I'm not sure if the bigger stores do it because they have to or out of habit, but it is nice to hear....


Oh, I've definitely noticed that! I think in a lot of places "customer service" has gone out the window. My personal pet peeve is when we go to this bagel place that I swear is run completely by high school kids and when they take your order, they don't even look at you! They are too busy looking to see who's coming in the door or what someone else is doing to pay you any attention.


I agree with you completely! I've been on a little rant about that myself for a while now! I swear, I would have lost my job when I was younger if I was as rude as some people in retail these days.

I'm so jealous that you get to see Kathy Griffin, and so close up! You'll actually be able to SEE! She is the funniest!


Yes, I have noticed it as well. However, in my case it's often the small businesses that are more friendly and gracious, and the chain-type places where the people working the register grunt at you. (So guess where I shop whenever possible?)

However, it cuts both ways. I've seen lots of rude customers. The worst is the person on their cell phone in the checkout line, who cannot pause their conversation long enough to acknowledge that the checkout clerk is a fellow human being.

I tend to blame cell phones for a lot, but much of the really bad (in the sense of "acting like they are inside a plastic bubble and no one else matters") behavior seems to result from people who are talking on their cell phones.

And I don't know if I've ever said it in any of my orders or e-mails but: Thank YOU for your wonderful customer service.


Terrible customer service is among my top 3 pet peeves.(cell phones and unattended children in public are the other 2) There are stores I will not shop because of the rude, lazy or incompetent service I've gotten in the past no matter how great the deal. I've also been known to refuse certain checkers at the stuff*marts because of their unfriendly manner. I'd rather wait in line and get a smile than deal with the frown.

Enjoy Kathy Giffin. I hope she's a ton of laughs for you and that the little man doesn't put his feet or hands in any painful or urgent places!


If you have not read it - try "Talk to the Hand" by Lynn Truss. She is hysterically funny while acurately and bitingly looking at the trends in politeness.

A British author - her first publically acclaimed book was "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" - all about punctuation. And yes, it is humourous while bemoaning the lack of attention that most of us pay to insuring that our sentences are understood the way we intended.

I am too old fashioned, if I am limited in time, I always learn more than Please, and thank you in any new language I tackle before going on to anything else.



It annoys me no end. I spent 10 yrs in retail/service and learned,"If you take a person's money, you thank them." Nowadays they act like you're an intrusion in their life. If I don't get a Thank-You, I look them straight in the eye, smile and say,"You're welcome."


One of the other things that annoy me is when you say Thank You and people say "No problem!" What happened to "You're welcome"?


I've noticed the lack of courtesy, but it does go both ways. It really struck me on a series of plane rides earlier this year. I noticed that on five of six rides, none of my seatmates ever said "please" or "thank you" to the flight attendants. I also noticed the big smile and extra attention when I did use both phrases. It's one reason I try to patronize smaller shops - it's easier to connect without feeling like one member of a hard of cattle passing through.


Maybe after doing the same thing for 40 hours a week they just want to mix it up a bit?

I have to admit that I didn't always say thank you when I was in retail and was giving people thier change. Sometimes I would say "Have a good day" or something else instead. Mostly because you would often see hundreds of people a day and saying the same thing over and over gets really old.

And I almost never say "You're welcome" to people... mostly because to me it seems sort of pretentious or presumptuous. Who am *I* to be telling people that they are welcome. I'll say "No problem!" or "My pleasure" and hope that my smile tells them that I'm sincere.

As for the cell phone thing? OMG So rude. I would wait for people to get off their phones. And if they looked at me like wtf was I doing I would smile and say "It's ok, I can wait until you're done with your call."


I've noticed it too. With all the self serve scanners, I wonder if people are losing the ability to interact. The funny thing is the machines always say "Thank you."


Hmmm. I've been noticing just the opposite. Like when my daughter and I were shopping for her wedding dress (but not in wedding dress stores or departments - she's very non-traditional), we were greeted and treated nicely wherever we went. Maybe those salespeople work on commission.

Or maybe it is my age (we'll say middle - I have no idea who Kathy Griffin is). Or maybe because I try to look the waitstaff, cashiers, and clerks in the eye. Or maybe because when I am not treated well, I don't return. That winnows out the chaff.

BTW, Allison, if you are 3 weeks from giving birth, you are in your *ninth* month. Rest assured, the mental fog that is caused by hormones now will be replaced by sleep deprivation once the baby arrives. Good luck!


I've certainly had my share of rude customer service, including a cashier at Rite Aid who commented to another employee that she wished they could have a weekly "smack the customer day." On the other side of the customer service desk, I work for a bank, and I can't keep track of the number of people who come through our drive up with their phone stuck to their heads that won't even glance in my direction when I say hello.


Here's a thank you, putting my phone away (who are these people that they can't be 'away' for 20 minutes?), covering my mouth when I cough, and not running into your calves with the baby carriage for all of you. Store it away for the next time some snarky person gets you. And if you come for a snack, I'll give you a plate, and a napkin, not just a paper towel : )

B. Rickman

As one who has to deal with customers on a daily basis, I have a perspective too...

I have customers who expect me to know just what they want without them telling me.

I have customers who take their anger out on me when there is a problem in the store, or they just want someone to yell at.

I have customers who never say "Thank you" for showing them where something is.

I have customers who complain about why something is where it is and "why can't I change it when they come back to the store so they can find it".

I have customers who run into me with their carts and don't apologize.

I have customers who bring their children to the store and when the children dump items off my shelves the parents do nothing. God forbid I should quietly ask the children to stop running in the store so that the elderly people are not run into by them.

And.....I have some few customers who tell me what a good job I do and keep up the good work.



I agree with you. You're not being over-sensitive--bad manners is contributing to the breakdown of society! I feel the same way you do and I'm sure it's because our moms made dang well sure we had good manners, yes?!


Sadly, I have come to expect rudeness from clerks so when one is friendly it comes as a surprise.
What is really bothersome to me is when friends are rude; like going to lunch or dinner with a friend and having them answer their cell and and talk to someone else for 20 minutes. ARGHH! Anyone have a nice way to let a person know how rude this is?

It seems that good manners have fallen by the wayside in many areas. While this has nothing to do with clerks, I had a rather strange experience. I received a wedding invitation that specifically stated that the bridal couple only wanted art work or cash as gifts. Not feeling comfortable with selecting artwork for someone I didn't know that well, I sent a generous check. The gift has never been acknowledged either written or verbally although I have seen the couple several times since the wedding. (My bank statement indicated that the check had been cashed). When I mentioned the lack of a response to the bride's father, his response was "Oh, no one received a thank you!" I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

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