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March 06, 2007


Linda in Ohio

Allison...I would LOVE to receive these socks. They are wonderful. I don't think that having to put them into a mesh bag is that much trouble to have such lusciousness on your feet!!!
Go for it....


I wash my Koigu socks with impunity. In fact, I have a pair of Go With the Flows that I knit in KPPPM on size 1s last spring. They just get thrown in the washer along with everything else, no mesh bag. I try to remember to pull them out before the rest of the load goes in the dryer, but they've been through that torture a couple of times, too, and they've weathered it just fine. I happened to wear them last night to bed and actually thought to myself, "These have held up really well."

I think part of what makes this work okay is that they were knit on size 1s -- it's like there isn't enough room for any of those pesky fibers to even think about getting felt-friendly with their neighbors.


I'd love to receive them. My feet are 9" long and 8 3/4" in circumference. I prefer a traditional heel flap. Get crackin' girlfriend!!!!

Only kidding, but yes, if they are for me, I'd give them a very happy home :o)


I'm with Lynn - I've knit socks for my mother from Koigu and there hasn't been any problems, and mom is NOT known for special care. (I'm just thankful she asked about Dad's Silkroad Aran Tweed sweater before chucking it in the machine. That was a hell of a lot of knitting.)

Linda Ford

I haven't used Koigu, although I have some in my stash, but I ALWAYS remember to wash my handknit socks, gifted to me by a friend, in a mesh bag and lay them flat to dry. This may be because I also knit socks, but it doesn't seem like a lot of work to me.


The only two complete socks I have right now are made from Lorna's, and I put them in a mesh bag! Or at least, after I wore my first pair so much that I put a hole in it! ^_^;

So now, all my knit socks go in a bag. (:


I have no experience with Koigu socks but I throw all my superwash socks in with the clothes, no mesh bag. I like it that way.


Any sock knitter should know how to properly care for socks.


for me? I'd love them! they're beautiful.
And, if you decide that you cannot part with them, I promise not to cry if you knit a pair of Lorna's Laces socks in that wave pattern.
not for me?............... I am definitely pouting now.


The socks look great, and I'm glad to hear you like the book - it's on my wishlist, but I was undecided until I started hearing such good things :)


I wash my Koigu socks (hubby's actually) and they have held up fine. I'm sure if the recipient knows they are Koigu, care will be taken!


I might fall over if I got those socks! They're amazing! And anyone who is working hard on a sock exchange would know the love and care that went into knitting them, and would make sure to care for them accordingly... at least I hope they would!

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