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March 01, 2007



Hey, I do stuff like that all the time...and I'm not pregnant!


I had rather bad baby blues on the third day after my second was born, and we had a visitor who'd put on quite a lot of perfume. Of course she wanted to have a cuddle with him (well she would do - he was adorable ;-) but when she'd gone, I couldn't stop sobbing because he smelt of her perfume and I didn't want him to smell of her perfume.... I can laugh about it now but it seemed like the end of the world then!


:) that made me giggle to read....I would think you're allowed to do stuff like that as all your spare brain and energy functions are going into building a little person!


I have bad news for you. It is common knowledge that brain cells are lost with each birth. I've had four and I can testify that it is true. I do stuff like this all the time! Thanks for sharing the story.


Oh now, that's really funny. First the trail of yarn and then the misheard question from the nurse. I'm laughing WITH you.


Oh my... you just gave me my first belly laugh of the day!

These little "hearing" mishaps happen to me all the tiime because I am hard of hearing (who came up with that phrasology anyway? Shouldn't it be hard TO hear?)

Just consider all the "brain farts" good practice for menopause. I turned 50 this year and I swear lost 50% of the old gray matter at the same time - not good when you are a writer by profession. Somehow I never have trouble remembering knitting patterns though - funny how the brain works, isn't it?

How lovely it is to have such a good writer, avid knitter and "yarn pusher" so close by in Indiana. Will have to stop by some time on my way to visit family in Michigan, if you have a shop???? At any rate, consider my frequent purchases, deposits into the upcoming baby's college fund (never too soon to start - take it from someone with two college age boys.)

Blessings on you and your little bundle of brain drain!


Don't worry. Your mind will come back after the baby is born. But don't get too attached to it. Because when you start going through menopause, it's gone again


Your brain will return. I swear. I lost my mind 3 times but it's back :o)


The one time you can, without guilt, blame everything on the hormones! Work it, girlfriend!!


The yarn sample story made me laugh so hard I teared up. Hang in there!


lol...too funny. I was pretty scatterbrained when I was pregnant with both my girls. I was forever telling my hubby that the baby was sucking my intelligence for herself. My oldest is as sharp as a tack, my youngest is to and I'm still a scatterbrain....wonder if I was correct in thinking I was losing my


laughing so hard here---- great story! At least it was a trail of yarn and not something else more embarrassing!
I remember being fuzz-brained while pregnant. fortunately it passes (or at least I think it did!)

Gwen in Bowmanville

Ah, now that brings back memories! As I recall, once you get past the sleep deprivation stage, your ability to think like a normal human being does return.


It's the change in estrogen/progesterone/androgen levels that is making it hard for you to think. You'll be fine after the baby is born. Don't try to do a lot of kniting math right now. It won't be pretty. Have a great weekend!


What a comical story! As everyone has reassured you, you'll eventually get your brain back. I'm still laughing about the yarn sample!


Oh I hate to tell you, it just gets worse from here!! I have lost brain cells after each kid, starting with the pregnancy. Add in the lack of sleep after the baby is born and they just never seem to grow back!

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