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March 28, 2007



I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

My best (so far) is definitely my honeymoon. My husband and I went to Disneyworld for a couple weeks. We stayed at the nicest Disney resort, enjoying every moment together. We just had pure fun for two weeks!


I think my favorite vacation was my honeymoon. We rented a house on the coast of Maine in mid-June. The tourists weren't out yet and we were pretty much alone. We walked the beach every day and ate lobsters several times. It was perfect.
Have a great time in San Francisco!


Same for me - my favorite vacation was my honeymoon (and isn't that just how it should be?) We took a cruise in the Caribbean for a week, and then spent a week in the Florida Keys at the most posh and gorgeous resort I've ever been to. It was pure heaven.


Favorite vacation - the beach. Every year we have a family trip to a beachy location (the outer banks or Delaware coast) and spend a week swimming and playing with the kids. Fun fun.

By the way - speaking of CTH sock yarn on sale, do you have a skein of CTH solids in hot pink? I'm fearing I may not have enough for my current socks!

Jenny Raye

My favorite vacation to date was when we took our older two children to Disney and Sea World back in '97 or so. It was, well, magical. I am looking forward to repeating the trip with our now 4yo when he is old enough to appreciate it.


I don't know if I can choose a favourite vacation, but one of the best was a trip to Alberta to visit family and volunteer at a music festival.

I hope you have a great time!


Fun! I hope you guys have a great trip! Silly us, while preggers with numero uno we opted to move rather than have that last "just us" trip. I still slap myself for that decision ;o)


Have fun on your vacation. I wished I would have taken one before we had our first kiddo. :)
My favorite vacation is visiting my family every year. We all try to meet up at least once a year. Although I'm hoping that I'll be able to take both my girls to Disneyland when they get a little older.


My favorite vacation was five years ago now. My best friend of over ten years has dual citizenship, American and Spanish, and her family lives in the US and Madrid, Spain. She took me home to Madrid for a two week holiday visit one winter. We arrived just before New Year's, and stayed through Three Kings day. I was treated like extened family, openly welcomed into the holiday festivities. We helped put together the Three King's gifts for her small neices and nephews, and attened a parade on the streets; we shopped at the local market where my friend's family is well known. It was so wonderful to see a foreign city through the eyes of her family, who live and work there, and who were so generous with their time showing me around.
Hope you have fun on your trip!


Favorite vacation: 2.5 week trip to Chile and Peru with my husband which was our real honeymoon since we couldn't take such a long trip right after the wedding. We started in Santiago, went all the way up through Chile into Peru and visited Machu Piccu. It was a crazy trip with lots of ups and downs, but it was a Gran Aventura!

Janet Miller

My favorite vacation was our 30th wedding anniversary cruise to Alaska last summer. We sailed on Holland America's Westerdam for seven days along Alaska's Inside Passage. It was heavenly! No kids, no stress, fabulous food, and my favorite scenery in the world.


Have a great time - I remember going to visit my best friend from Holland just before she was due with her first and it was great to spend a bit of time together like we used to when we were at university together.

My best holiday has to be the one from two years ago. I'd only just met my partner who, like me, has two children. He said that if we all wanted to go on holidays together, we needed a camper. A week later he brought home an old VW camper. At the time I didn't know much about them, but we both fell in love with it and it's now a firm part of the family. Anyway, he got it for a real bargain and spent a couple of months doing it up, and we then drove from Holland all the way down to the south of France (with the 4 kids!), camping along the way, and back to Holland again, in two weeks. It was epic, it was hard work, it was a bit of a test , but I have so many happy memories of that trip.

Dawne Lucas

Favourite vacation has to be the "work" week we spent at our church camp. It was early spring and we were one of many families helping to get camp ready for the summer. Not the most restful holiday but I still have the best memories with hubby and kids away from tv, phone, computer etc. Lots of team work during the day and board gaming at night ... laughs and togetherness. We've had beautiful family vacations all over the worldbut this one sticks out in my mind as the best :)

Enjoy your vacation!


My favorite vacation was my trip to Greece last summer with my husband while our kids were away at overnight camp. The best stop on the trip was the island of Santorini, which has now become one of my favorite places on earth! Greece was a beautiful country, awesome food, much relaxation, and the perfect place to rediscover romance after several years of kid-focused trips and activities.


Have fun on Spring Break!

I loved Grayton Beach Fl. That was 10 years ago, so I don't know what it is like now since hurricanes and torurism I am sure have taken it's toll. It is a small beach community next to Seaside which it where the film Turman was done!


Have a great trip! We have gone to some great locations with my husband for business (ie the Caribbean), but I would have to say the best vacation was our trip to Washington DC. It was a true vacation where he didn't have to work and we spent our time sight seeing. It was after 9/11 so NOBODY was getting into the White House - but we managed to have a personal tour since we knew someone who worked there. It was fun meeting the staff and we got to see places that aren't shown on a regular tour.


I think one of my favorite vacations was the last one before my first child was born. We knew that it probably would be, and treated ourselves to a little bit more style than we normally do. For one thing, it was our first vacation that didn't involve at least some camping! But it involved a lovely inn in Vermont, plenty of hiking, art galleries, cheese and ice cream factory tours, and gorgeous countryside. Vermont is a wonderful destination!


My favorite vacation happens every year. I own a timeshare chalet in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The chalet overlooks a golf course, and is in a valley between two mountain ranges. No cell phone, no computer, no one asking me a million questions a day via email or phone or in person. Extreme quiet. Very necessary to have that once in a while. It happens around Halloween time most years. I'm so grateful that my mother sold me that timeshare when they moved west.


Have a wonderful vacation!

My favorite was when I was 14. We always spent our summer vacations driving all over, and this one was a doozy. Starting from home in Portland, OR, we went down through N. California into Nevada to Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Nevada's Virginia City (cool, but very touristy); then into Arizona for the Grand Canyon; Utah for the Painted Hills, Zion Nat'l. Park and Bryce Canyon; Fort Laramie, Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming; Virginia City (much less touristy, still almost a ghost-town back then, with only a few people living there) and Glacier Nat'l. Park in Montana; through Glacier into Alberta, Canada and to Calgary; then over to Lake Louise and Banff, down the Fraser River Valley to Vancouver, B.C. and Victoria; via ferry to Port Angeles, WA and through the Olympic Mountains; and back down the Washington coast home. And that's only listing the *high* points. Talk about a trip of a lifetime!


When I was a kid my favorite vacation was to visit my grandparents on their beautiful cattle farm in Minnesota. Loved the hills, the streams, the wildlife, and especially the scary "Falling Rocks" signs along the highway.

Now that I'm a senior, my favorite vacation is to visit my granddaughter 2,000 miles west in Post Falls/Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Beautiful country and lots of sweet little girl play time.


My favorite vacation ever was my senior trip to London. It was my first time going somewhere without my parents, and I got to visit another country with a lot of cool things to do.


My favorite vacation was my honeymoon, to Costa Rica. There weren't all that many people around, so it was very private and peaceful, and we got to see interesting flora and fauna.


I think my favorite vacation was one I took to Washington before we decided to move up here. It was a generally stressful time and it was a nice escape.
Hope you enjoy your Spring Break!

Jane Douglass

My favorite vacation was last year. We drove from Michgan to Maine via Niagara Falls and Vermont and stayed four nights in Maine before driving back. Niagara Falls is amazing! We took our teddy bear, Earle, to visit his birthplace at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. We stopped at Green Mountain Spinnery - and, yes, we bought yarn. We went to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine. We went to local yarn stores all over Vermont and Maine and bought locally produced yarns. Our hotel in Maine was on a hill right on the coast. The weather was perfect, the view was wonderful, we ate lobster every day and just had a great time. I would go back to Maine anytime!


Have a wonderful time on your spring break vacay!

My absolute favorite vacation (it's really hard to choose, so I'll just pick one!) was the recent two-week trip to Hong Kong with my sister. It's so rare to find the time to travel with a much-liked sibling when one must contend with work schedules and vacation time, so this was a real blessing. I also got to see a childhood friend I'd not seen in a few years; and her new baby for whom I'd knitted a pinwheel blanket last year. And if it's good food and shopping you're after, Hong Kong is phenomenal!


My favorite (and scariest) vacation was a trip to the Grand Canyon. We took a mule ride down to the bottom and stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch. I can't even comment on the scenery on the way down because my eyes were closed the entire time!

Enjoy your spring break!


My best vacation so far was in January, 2006. My husband and I took an Alaskan cruise. We had been on cruises before, but this was the best! We even visited a fabulous yarn shop in Ketchican where I purchased 2 balls of quiviot! What a splurge! (I have knitted one into a scarf for my daughter, but the other one is still "aging" in my stash, and will be for me.) I loved seeing the glaciers and other Alaskan scenery on the trip. I like cruises in general because you can unpack once and still go around to new places! And there's free time for knitting, too! I hope your vacation is super!


My favorite vacation is always going to the beach in Florida. We go to Cocoa Beach for 2 weeks in the summer and because my two older kids are 19 and 18 and my youngest is 11, each year becomes more special because I don't know if it will be the last one with all of us together.


Good idea, getting a last "spring break" in before the baby gets here!

My favorite vacation was Paris, with my college roommate. It was a total blast. By the way, know how they call it the city of lights? Totally wrong. It is the city of punishing, unforgiving, absolutely enormous staircases. (L'escaliers de Montmartre, anyone?)

kathy b

Favorite vacation:

Hawaii. First time I didn't want to go back home when it was over. Im afraid to fly now, so I'll likely never go back.


My favorite vacation was over 3 summers that my husband planned for the 2 of us. I love lighthouses and my husband (Mr. Spontaneous) plotted and planned the location of many of the Michigan's 119 lighthouses. We traveled to all we could see without a boat! We traveled dirt roads and walked miles on rocky trails to see these pieces of our history.We climbed as many as we could also I enjoyed it so much and especially because my husband planned it all for me. I am very lucky to have him for almost 25 years and counting.


my favorite vacation was a trip to bryce canyon and zion national parks. it was so beautiful and peaceful. and cool, for summer. it was perfect--and i'm not even an outdoorsy kind of person.


Ooh! I was out in SF last month and got to enjoy an afternoon at Imagiknit. Yum!

My favorite vacation was to a wedding that was held at Zion National Park in southern Utah. The room was cavernous and we had a view of red rocks to die for. We hiked. We ate. We *relaxed.* It was the sort of wedding where you get to the end and you want to thank them for letting you be a part of their celebration.


My favorite vacation was our cruise/land tour to Alaska in July,2006. My mother always wanted to go and sadly never made it - I took the trip for my 50th birthday and her honor. She was the one who taught me how to knit. During the trip, I finished and delivered a pair of socks for my brother in Seattle and finished knitting a pair of socks for myself out of Cascade Fixation. During the trip (in Ketchikan) I bought a skein of Qivuik yarn - this has since been knit into a lovely, warm scarf for myself - a scarf that will always remind me of that wonderful trip!


My favorite vacation was a trip with my sister to a fabulous spa in Utah for my 50th birthday. We hiked and saw gorgeous scenery, then were pampered with spa treatments and wonderful, healthy food. I can't wait to go again!


One of my favorite vacations (there were many) was a mini vacation my husband and I took before the children came along. For my birthday hr took me to Northern Arizona (from Phoenix) and we spent the weekend at a "gatekeeper's ranch" camping under the stars. There was a natural hotsprings in the creek and the rock formations and the scenery was asolutely beautiful.


Our best vacation was last year, when 15 of us were in the Domincan Republic for a week together----we stayed at an all-inclusive resort and the kids could swim up to the bar and get their "dirty monkeys"---chocolate milk with a banana! We STILL talk about it!


Smart girl for taking a vacation before your family adds one more.
My favorite vacation to date was our 10 year anniversary. It was our second honeymoon and we went back to the same cabin in NC we went to for our honeymoon. It was very romantic and very relaxing, nothing planned but the cabin time. We went hiking, shopping and other things I can't share on this blog! ;-)
Hope you have a great time!!


My favorite vacation was for my husband's 8-week sabbatical. We flew our plane (a little 4-seater) from Oregon to Florida to visit his family and do the "Disney thing" with our, then, 18-month-old son. We tried to take our time and stop for lots of fun stuff and visiting friends on the way: Zion Canyon; the Grand Canyon; Carlsbad Caverns; Austin, TX; etc. After a few weeks in FL, we headed up to TN to visit my family for awhile and then hopped back up to OR via St. Louis; Mt. Rushmore; Cody, Wyoming; and Yellowstone National Park. It was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime trip, particularly since we had great weather the whole time! I'm a little sad that my son, who is now 4, won't remember it, so it may have to become a twice-in-a-lifetime trip one day! :)
p.s. We are expecting our own little boy in May--so I totally hear you on that "last vacation" thing! :) Enjoy your vacation!


Have a great trip!
My favorite vacation was a summer I spent in Tanzania teaching English and computer skills in a tiny little town. One weekend I went on safari and I saw the famous Wildebeast migration- the most spectacular thing I've ever seen.


great contest idea! Have a wonderful vacation.
My favorite vacation ever was a trip to Jamaica. We stayed at one of those all inclusive type resorts (where everything is paid for before you go) It was the most relaxing time I've ever had in my life, and the Jamaican people are so wonderful. Perfect weather, beauty everywhere, great scuba diving and sailing, total relaxation = perfect.

My favorite vacation was in the Northwoods of Wisconsin one week in June several years ago. Cottage on the lake, good fishing, nice little shops in nearby Minocqua.


San Francisco was lovely! My in-laws took my hubby, me, my sister- and brother-in-law. It was a "family" vacation. I even ran into a student from my school at a restaurant we went to (fyi, I live on the EAST Coast!)

My fav vacation was actually my honeymoon! My husband planned to take me on a cruise to my favorite place, ALASKA. The trip just made me want to move there even more...I almost did before I met the hubby!!! We also visited Seattle and Vancouver (Canada). We loved both cities and want to go back.


We never went on vacation much, couldn't afford it, but I do remember one summer trip to Gatlinburg when I was four or five. My dad took me fishing, using popcorn for bait. I caught five that day, though the first two got away so they didn't really count, and Dad didn't catch any. Looking back on it he probably let me "win", but I'll never forget the pride I felt beating the old man!


My favorite vacation with my husband, (and really our only vacation we've had since we were married over four years ago) was when we visited his mom in Maui. It was so beautiful. I learned how to scuba dive which I thought I would never do. Snorkeling there was like swimming in an aquarium. I only wish that our brand new camera didn't get stolen on the way back home! I can't remember everything I saw, and if we had those pictures, it would have definitely helped bring those memories back! Well, I guess Mike and I just have to go back there some day! Thanks for reading!:)


Vacation?.......What's that?Have A wonderful trip before the baby comes!


My favorite vacation was a family trip that started a day early when Hurricane Charley was coming. We first went to Stone mountain Georgia...hiked around on a beautiful day and then traveled up to Asheville for more hiking and white water rafting. DH actually even has photos from the trip as his screensaver in a slide show.

And hope you are enjoying your vacation!


I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!! My favorite vacation so far was when my ex-husband and I went away for our five year anniversary. We stayed at the best bed and breakfast with a huge tub and bathroom. They were so sweet to us. I was about seven months pregnant and my ex husband was actually nice and payed attention to me for once. Of course in the middle of the affair (a mere three months later) he said that it was all my fault that he was never nice to me other times. Oh well...I"m glad he is gone...although if he had been like he was on that vacation all the time we would have actually made it I think.


My favorite vacation was going to Ireland, England and Wales with my great aunt helen. She was in her 80's and had been several times herself knew all the cool things to see and do and wore me out! It was a fantastic trip just the two of us. She passed away a couple of years later but I still remember all the fun we had together! I can't wait to go back with my husband and children. :)

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

joan, ny

Enjoy your travels! Last summer my family traveled to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We stayed in a lovelt B & B type resort. It was part of a larger resort. Next to the B&B is the stables. So, one day I actually found myself in a white wicker rocker on a wrap around porch- actually knitting a shawl (one of my first projects filled with mistakes :))- my husband had walked to a pond to fly fish about 1/2 mile away and the kids were taking a trail ride-just the 2 of them and a guide. As I took a sip of coffee my children rode by with the guide- it was incredible- to me - like out of a movie. Me on a rocker knitting, kids going by horseback, husband off fishing--i would never have imagined myself in this experience!! You must try it someday. Enjoy your trip!


favorite vacation... I'd have to say it was the two weeks we spent in DC in the winter with our friends. It was late December but not too cold and we had a blast walking around and exploring different parts of DC, Alexandria, and Arlington.


My favorite vacation was visiting northern Ontario with my husband. We stayed in a very rustic one-bedroom cabin with two twin beds. Not very romantic (wink, wink)! We were serenaded by loons every morning and evening. We had wonderful home-cooked food made by the lodge owner, and we had such beautiful scenery every day.


My favorite vacation...that would be the time 2 years ago when my boyfriend and I went to London. I remember being on the tube from Heathrow to our hotel in the city and just being completely open-mouthed the entire time, not quite believing I was actually out of the US. I'd never even been to Canada before (shocking, since I live in Maine!) and was amazed. We'd do the tourist thing during the day, eat all our meals in pubs, and loll around the hotel room at night soaking in some BBC and planning what we'd do the next day.

Next time we go, we're definitely going to Stonehenge. That's the one thing we didn't do that I regret.

Renee' Sawyer

I think my favorite vacation is a trip to Hawaii. We loved it so much we ended up getting a timeshare. The Island of Hawaii is my favorite - such different weather and landscape and all on one island. They do have one yarn shop and I managed to find it!


My favorite vacation was also our honeymoon. DH planned the whole thing we went to San Diego. We went to the Zoo and to Sea World loved it and hope to go back one of these days.


My best vacation was the year my two sons (17 and 15) told us it would be our last family vacation as they would have jobs and sports to occupy their time --girls too I suspect). We went to South Carolina and intended (so they thought) to go on to Washington D.C. The morning we left my husband slipped a new music tape in for them. We had taped a message about 3/4 of the way through telling them we were going to Disney World. We sat patiently until the many songs were over and they slowly understood what the message was saying. They chattered like little boys for the until we got there. It was an awesome week we'll never forget. Now that they are married with kids, we go on a family vacation each year---with everyone--because they decided not to ever give up a family vacation no matter how old they got.


My favorite was the most recent one. I live in the Midwest, and have a brand new foster daughter who just turned 17 years old. I took her to my home town, San Francisco, during her winter break. She experienced a lot of firsts: first big trip, first plane ride, first look at the ocean, first crab, first bridge crossing, and many more. I got firsts, too: looking at my home town through my daughter's eyes, full of wonder.


My favorite was the most recent one. I live in the Midwest, and have a brand new foster daughter who just turned 17 years old. I took her to my home town, San Francisco, during her winter break. She experienced a lot of firsts: first big trip, first plane ride, first look at the ocean, first crab, first bridge crossing, and many more. I got firsts, too: looking at my home town through my daughter's eyes, full of wonder.


Hope you had a good time in 'Frisco!
My favorite vacation was one we took last fall in the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove from Fort Wayne to Pigeon Forge and stayed there an amazing week. The cabin we rented was high up in the mountains, with an overhanging deck and a hot tub in it. The colors were glorious, and the mountains simply magnificent. We would go to the town or the national park everyday then spend the night by the fireplace. I had a cooler full of food I had made and frozen back home, so we had a picnic on the deck everyday. It was magical.


My favorite vacation was going to Maine and just exploring all the fun little towns (and yarn shops). My stash increaased greatly and I got to meet lots of neat people.


My best vacation ever was to Turkey, to get married and meet my husband's family for the first time. I was so worried about what it would be like that when I saw Istanbul from the plane I burst into tears because it was so beautiful - freaking out my husband and some of the other passengers, no doubt!
I hope your vacation is/was restful, and didn't involve any tears!


My favorite vacation yet was in Germany, where I travelled around the country on the trains with only one small bag, and explored each city by foot.

Lisa Miller

My favorite vacation was a study trip I made to Italy with my husband one July. We studied Italian in a tiny hilltown in the south of Italy and lived like Italians--shopping for produce every day, stocking up on locally produced olive oil and wine, shopping in the weekly traveling market and spending too much time in the plaza drinking espresso and people watching along with everyone else. It was a very small village and far from any sizable town. The was nothing to do at night but watch the sun disappear into the sea.


Wow, everybody here has done a lot of neat stuff.

My favorite vacation was a trip to Chicago my husband and I took a few years ago. We went for my grandmother's 80th birthday and took a side trip up to Steven's Point, Wisconsin where I did genealogy research. It was just a laid back, low key vacation instead of an overly programmed one. My experience has been that the more I plan things, the more I have a crappy time, and this vacation was spontaneous, relaxed, and included a lot of time with my more distant family.

Allison Calhoun

It wasn't exactly a vacation, but I drove across the USA when I moved from Oregon to Virginia. It took five days with one of my best knitting pals, and we saw all sorts of sights, stopped whenever we felt like it, ate at every greasy spoon we could find, and overall had a grand time. It *felt* like a vacation, so I'm counting it!


I think I can get in under the wire here. My favorite vacation was spent with my family on the Oregon coast, reading, working puzzles, and taking long walks on the beach (this was in my pre-knitting days or there would have been lots of that, too). No TV, no computer, no phones. Extremely relaxing.

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