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March 09, 2007



I knit some Go With the Flow socks for my sister last year but never did get around to doing a pair for myself. I love how that pattern looks in the Koigu! I'm with you on the handwashing for that one- I do throw mine in the washer but their in a zipped bag on the "hand wash" cycle and I lay them flat to dry. I think they fuzz less that way.

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope the berries were good; I am only living vicariously - they don't ship to Canada. It is killing Nick! Hey you are pregnant; indulgence comes with the package!


Duh...mean't to tell you I love the socks! They look great.


The socks look FANTASTIC!


Oh man, I'm loving everything about that sock. Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was a good one. Those berries sound divine and "Joe" I'm sure totally deserves them!

Love the socks. I haven't tried that pattern yet, though I've looked at it several times. I'm into the plain Jane socks right now since my sock Mojo deserted me!


I love the sock. I need to restart mine.


Yay! Weren't they great? I put 'em on a big plate and cut into 'em with a knife -- after the first one I realized I needed a plan of attack :o)

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!
Your socks are looking so lovely.




Sooo very pretty! Koigu, a perfect pattern, and you will have one lucky and pleased BF pal!


That pattern looks great with the Koigu! So nice. :)


Beautiful sock!
Oh, you should have given a warning about following the berries' link. Fortunately, they do not ship here but still.. Sounds like a nice anniversary. Congratulations.

Madame Purl

Happy Anniversary!!! Gorgeous socks.


What beautiful socks! I do put my handknit ones in a mesh bag and wash them on delicate, but then hang them to dry. So far, it's been ok.

Those berries do sound delicious - happy anniversary!

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