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March 13, 2007



I find that a lot of patterns for baby socks are not at all proportioned to fit an actual baby's feet. So I used one of those "any size foot, any size yarn" calculator patterns to create a custom pattern - based on measurements from my own actual baby's feet - and now they fit like a charm!


I know this won't make you feel better, but when my son was born he couldn't wear any newborn socks. His feet were too big!!! hee! Like Momma, like son!!

I loved it when I could feel him move. My best friend worked in the same office building as I and whenever he started grooving I'd call her down to feel him!


My daughter used to jog! I swear that's what she was doing. Used to drive me nuts.


Awwww very sweet!
Feeling the baby move was the best bit of being pregnant - I missed that after they were born!


what a cute little sock - the slip stitch heel is'll be durable if nothing else!


You knit it with the slipped stitch heel because it's CUTE that way! You did it for the same reason they make hiking boots for babies who can't walk. Mimicking adult stuff is just CUTE on tiny little babies! Great job. They're adorable!

Sandra D

Ditto on the CUTE!! Really cute. And the slip stitch heel makes it pull in a little and just looks good. Stylin feet for the dancer! Or for whomever.

Beverly J. Killick

Allison - the little baby sock I don't think would even fit your big toe!
But, precious - very precious.
Happy knitting - - Bev

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