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February 26, 2007


Linda Peter

Hi all,
I was at my local B&N on Saturday, they had "Favorite Socks" of course, I bought it. My only complaint is about the pages. At every point in the book where a new pattern started, the pages are seriously stuck together.... You have to be very careful trying to pry them apart...I ripped one...
I wonder if all of the books are like that???? Is this a problem with spiral bound books????


I looked on Overstock for the book also - but not BN yet - have to check there too!


OMG, I'm not alone and it isn't an Amazon problem. I too went on line to order this book along with Pam Allen's Lace Style. Webpage said both were in stock for immediate delivery, but when I placed my order, the shipment date cam up as April 2. What gives? Anyone know the correct release date for these books? Interweave Press, are you listening?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Linda Ford

I ordered both Favorite Socks and Lace Style directly from Interweave ( and received both very quickly (less than a week). Both are excellent! Also, I had no problem with the pages in my copy of Favorite Socks.


I ordered from BN last week and got it within a couple of days. I used to be a diehard amazon fan but my last 10 or so purchases have been from BN....their fast and free shipping is way, way better than amazon and they seem to ship things out quicker and have more in stock. So, yeah, you should be getting yours in a few days. :)

Susan Osann

I purchased it from my local yarn shop in the Washington DC metro area about 3 weeks ago!


Susan - I'm with you. I bought Favorite Socks from Amazon over a week ago, and it estimate shipping would be on April 2nd, as well. I don't get it, but whatever...I had a gift certificate!!


And yes - I did the same thing!!!! We were watching the Oscars and during commercials, we switched to Dog (should I be embarrassed?) and just stayed there. Oh, boy.

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