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February 09, 2007



A boy!!! How wonderful!!! I love my little guy so much!!! Although at 20 months, he's not so little anymore. Enjoy the next 4 months!!


Congrats! That's wonderful!!


Congratulations and thanks for sharing the news!


My little boy moved later than my girls...that whole lazy thing is pretty on target :o)

Amanda Cathleen

yay! A boy!! Congrats : )


How exciting to know what you are having. I always wanted to know with mine, I know some people like the surprise, I like to be able to plan ahead and get things ready. Don't worry you will be feeling him move soon. I really missed that after mine were born. Love all the new sock yarns, I may have to break my yarn diet really soon.


a boy! congrats!
I bet you'll be feeling him move at any moment :-)


Yea! Congratulations. A little boy will be fun.

Carrie K

A boy! Congratulations! And an active boy at that. OTOH, what boys aren't?

Pretty yarns! I'm FINALLY knitting up that gorgeous pink & brown yarn you sent me. Monika at Smoking Hot Needles as a mitered sock that it should show it off fabulously.


My guess is that you have felt him move--don't think big kick or elbow jab just yet--think what your hand would feel like if you were dragging it in the water while you were floating in a canoe or inner tube and moving your hand against the current ever so slightly. Congratulations and start knitting up a storm for the lucky guy.


All your new yarns are looking so tempting!

About the kicking-I felt exactly like you did-like it wasn't for real. My son was supposedly quite active, too, but I could never feel him kicking. Then again, when you don't know what it feels like, it is harder to know!

Congratulations-boys are so much fun!


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