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February 27, 2007



This is good info to know. I too have tried different patterns with the Anne I purchased a while back, but have been fearful that the fabric is too delicate. Now I feel better about trying again. One question - did you alter the number of stitches you cast on because of the yarn's thinner weight?


I did cast on more stitches. I usually cast on 64 but I cast on 75 stitches when I knit the Yarn Over Cable pattern with Anne and US 0 needles. I had to cast on in multiples of 5 b/c of the pattern repeat, and while 75 seemed like a lot, I have wide feet and it worked perfectly. For someone with more *delicate* feet, I would likely cast on 70.


I always find I knit most sock yarns with what they call for on the ball band. Even Trekking calls for a #2 needle which for me creates way too loose of a fabric....from what I hear, most people knit Anne on #0's too....


Same here, I knit on 0's with Anne. I usually knit my socks on 1's but the Anne definitely needs a 0 for me.


I knit Anne on two's and do fine. The fabric is the same as with other yarns. I think I have an automatic tension adapter some where in my brain. I LOVE Ann yarns.


I too, have made socks with Schaefer Anne and have been pleasantly surprised to find that they are my hardest wearing socks of all. As someone who almost always gets gauge on the recommended needle size, I did have to drop to a size 0 to get a firm fabric and increase the number of stitches, but the yarn is a dream to work with and went quickly in spite of the 9 st to the inch guage I worked them at. There are more Anne socks in my future!

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