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February 05, 2007



I imagine that if there was something specific your pal didn't like they'd have been sure to tell you so that sounds like free reign to do what you like to me.


the embossed leaves look great! great pairing of color and pattern :o)

and since i actually know who your pal is i'd say have fun. if she gives you a lot of wiggle room it's because she means it. and i don't think she's afraid to walk on the wild side as long as it still falls in the purrrrty range.

my pal for the first bf and for this one gave me lots of wiggle room so i've looked over blogs for color ideas and just made sure to find a pattern that i knew they hadn't knit yet. have fun!

and i have a crazy question for you since you carry the lorna's crack goodness: can you give a guess as to what colorway the sample on the raindrop lace pattern (from fibertrends) is knit with? i was thinking it was the denim semi-solid but then the yarn looks darker and the other blues seem brighter...i'm confounded! and i'll quit rambling in your comments now :o)


If the giftee were me, I'd want you to make something *you* like... that way I get a more personal gift from you. However, it's not me (since I'm not participating). Good luck picking something. :)


Just a couple suggestions that might help narrow it down: I would stick with a superwash yarn, to make things easier for your pal (even if she handwashes everything, it's good to know the socks won't go crazy and felt into tiny ones!), and a pattern that doesn't go all the way down the foot. Yes, it is SO pretty, but they aren't that comfortable to wear in shoes. You could also use a yarn that your pal hasn't had a chance to knit with, something a little more obscure or hard to find?

I hope this helps you out a little. =)


if she gave you a broad range, odds are she likes almost anything! I'd go with something you like as you'll be knitting it, but also something that you know for sure she'd like....I agree with the superwash thing!


My sock swap pal also left me loads of room to play ... and I agree, it's a bit daunting to just begin :-)
the embossed leaves look great.

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