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January 09, 2007



hmm - that is pretty, and I'm not usually a self striping fan either....i'm approaching (in a few years) my last birthday in the 30's and I think it may hit just as hard. the end of a decade of life is a bit traumatic!


You'll have plenty of the Opal for a 9" cuff; I just knit a pair for hubby with 9 1/2" cuff and 11 1/2" foot. There was even yarn to spare! I wasn't using a ribbed stitch for the cuff, but given that you are probably knitting a MUCH shorter foot, I'm guessing you'll have plenty.

Last Birthday of your 20's is nothing; I'll be hitting the last birthday of my 40's in 2 1/2 yrs! Damn, I don't feel that old.



Happy birthday!


Happiest of birthdays!

That Panda yarn looks very interesting!


Happy Birthday! You are so young!! I didn't freak out until I turned 35 (I have no idea why). My DH threw me a big party for 40, so that was OK. I'm 43 now, but DH is 37 and most people think I look younger (isn't hair dye wonderful!), so what the heck!

I like the wide stripe sock yarn. I want to make a sock with cables where the cable twists at every stripe change. This may be the yarn.

Best wishes for the new year!


Happy Birthday one day late. You'll have some changes this year, that's for certain. I bet you'll love every minute of it, though.


Happy Birthday, Allison!

I passed the days of 20-something birthdays long ago -- mine are now 50-something, and life is still great!



Happy Birthday!!! So far the 30's are not as traumatic as I thought they would be. Enjoy it!


Happy Birthday!!!


Sorry about your pal, Allison. I've been lucky so far (knock on wood), but I think it happens more than we think! Happy (belated) b-day. :)


Happy belated birthday!!
you know - I have enjoyed every single one of my decades - and they seem to improve every ten years.(hah!) besides, you have fabulous excitement happening this coming year.. let's celebrate!

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