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January 04, 2007



that is pretty annoying - especially since you drive all the way there just to see something in particular! your pal should love the socks and goodies!!!!


I'd really like to see The Queen but it's not playing near me anymore. We did go see The Pursuit of Happyness, though, and that was very good.


I love how the Feather and Fan pattern looks with the Claudia handpainted wool! I made a pair of Purple Earth and I love them!


beautiful socks - and I love that Sandy's resolutions are good for all of us.


No big deal about your Christmas socks, I'm knitting Chirstmas socks as I catch up on my blog reading (I keep tellingmyself if I'd just get off the computer I could finsh these things tonight!). I love your resolutions!


EEEEEKKKKKK. Did you send that package yet?

B. Rickman

Maybe it is time to suggest to that movie theater that they adopt a new year's resolution. Better customer service!!

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