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January 16, 2007



I love the CTH solids! I got some at their Labor Day sale and I have to say, I have never seen such saturated colors!

Glad you are feeling better!!!

Sandra D

I'll echo the hope for you that baby behaves. I have friends whose son is due in March and she's convinced he's a kick boxer.

Thanks for the link to the new Cherry Tree Hill!


I could not get enough Kung Poa Chicken with my first child. Guess what, she hates spicy food. She does like chinese but the more bland foods. With my son I ate a lot of peanut butter, and I have never been a peanut butter fan, he is allergic to peanuts, and all other nuts for that matter, I feel guilty about that. Glad you have your appetite back

Beth De Long

With my first daughter I ate copious amounts of guacamole,she loves it!My second daughter I loved chocolate sodas,she loves everything chocolate!My third daughter was beef and broccoli(oh how I miss Chen's!)and she LOVES Asian food!My first daughter is expecting my first granddaughter in May and she is still not really hungry for anything except for what she is not supposed to eat,lunch meat,pop,junk in general.Enjoy this time.


Mmm.. lipton noodle soup, pickles, etc. When my mom was pregnant with me, she seemed to want milk all the time, even though she didn't like it at all before. I've been lactose intolerant for all my life now... so maybe there is something to all those cravings. And Monica, you aren't the first person I've met whose child is allergic to peanutes after the mother ate a lot of nut products!

All the same, I'm sure Mexican food is fine. I'd suggest getting black beans tho instead of the refried stuff (full of lard) as it is very bad for your body. *eep*


I craved KFC mashed potatoes with my first daughter, and chocolate pudding with my second. Any weird cravings? I once craved peanut butter and eggs so bad that I had to make them, and I LOVED them. YUCK!!


When I was pregnant with my first daughter I could have eaten fish and chips through the whole pregnancy. With my second all I wanted was anything sweet - cookies, candy bars, etc.


With my first daughter, I craved Big Macs; there was only one McDonald's in the area at that time, so I had to really want one to go spend (non-existent) money on them, but I managed to do it a couple of times a month. She came out at 10 lb and 13 oz. I seem ot recall craving corn chips and popcorn with my second one (only 9 lb 13 oz), and once she was born, I had to cutout the corn as long as I was nursing her or she was up all night with really bad gas attacks.

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