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December 01, 2006



Ooh, can't wait til that yarn comes in so I can add some to my stash!

It's 72 degrees here in south Georgia. Hard to think of it as almost winter! That's okay, the warmer temperatures are much easier on my hands and feet, and on my joints, than the temps where I lived in Idaho.


You sent him a great package! Glad the sock bag worked well for him!


Your package to Dave was awesome - and yes, he wrote a fabulous post about it... one of the most creative one's I've ever seen .
I hope you get your white christmas.. I think the winter storm that was here, and is now at Leah's MIGHT be heading your way too :-)


Dave did do a great post and you put together a fabulous package!


Interesting - crab shells?? Amazing the stuff they get into yarn these days!!

The package is so great! It looks like he really enjoyed it!

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