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December 28, 2006



I think that resolutions are crap, but I still resolve to go to the gym twice a week, bring my lunch to work more often than I go out, figure out how to knit tight enough to enjoy socks and knit more!


Yeah...sometimes I feel that resolutions are crap...but not this year. I really want to lose this extra weight I have gained over 2006. I want to lose that...and then some. About 35-40 pounds total. I want to fit into my daughter's I can raid her closet for a change! :) That is my resolution for 2007. I even got an eliptical machine to ensure that my resolution really does happen.


I want to knit an adult sized shawl in 2007.


Aside from the standard "lose 5 kilos" resolution, I hope to, after over 30 years of knitting, knit a sweater *for myself*. I also want to beat my sock total for this year, and try toe up socks.

My resolutions:

Knit something bigger than socks at least once. I went from a scarf to socks and haven't knitted anything larger than that. But now my mom may actually make me do that. She doesn't knit, doesn't know how. We went into a yarn store when out together so I could see if they had anything that I couldn't get locally. She fell in love with a cardigan sample knitted up by the owner from her own pattern and bought the yarn and all for it. $218.00 later we headed to Barnes and Noble and Ben Franklin to buy her a teach yourself to knit book and some needles and cheaper yarn to learn on. My mom said she has always been the type to start doing something by buying the most expensive way to do it. Guess that's where I get it from! I told her I hadn't even spent that much on yarn yet! :) Anyway, she lives about 1 1/2 hrs from me, so I imagine that once things slow down I'm going to be having a weekend knitting retreat with my mom.

I've also go the lose some weight and exercise more things, but those are almost year-round, not just a NY thing.


I don't like resolutions either, however I do want to lose some weight and knit more from stash etc. , etc.


Sorry, that last one (with my mom learning to knit) was me.


I would like to spend money more wisely this year, as well as take a chunk out of my stash this year.


I resolve to be as nice to me as I am to my friends, specifically things I say to myself.


Resolutions? Bring them on! I'll have some knitting/spinning resolutions on my blog next week. But one thing I'm definitely going to do is go back to the gym.


My knitting resolution is to finish my Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid by this time next year.


Mine are the common ones I make each year, to be healthier on my birthday than the year before (meaning lose weight and exercise more and eat more healthily), as well as some new ones.

This year I'd really like to organize a lot, and try to lose the "piling" gene I inherited, where there is a pile here, and a pile there, and the piles take over. To sit in my office chair at home, I have to move the pile sitting there. Other areas have the same problem. It's getting old.

Also, it would be good to at least organize the stash - yarns, patterns, magazines - so if I wanted to knit from stash, I would know what stash I had to knit from.

I've made a start here at the end of this year, and I'd really like to continue that, and chip away at the whole tendency to "do that later" that causes the piles.


I will start on my holiday knitting much earlier. I will eat healthier. I will (try to) not buy the same yarn for more than one project before I knit up the first project.


I have resolved to knit from my stash in 2007 (other than sock yarn, of course!). I am following the lead of Wendy's Blog, where this idea has recently been put forth.

I have also resolved to keep up with my blog and make it an interesting destination for knitters.

On the non-knitting front, I will also be resolving to drink more water and lose the few pounds that I've put on in 2006. Not as easy as one hits the mid-40's!


I wish I hadn't eaten so much during the holidays! Safe to say I ate enough for YOU and ME!!
My 2007 goals are... Finally make a Christmas quilt for my folks. All the fabric is bought, just need to sew it.
Finish the alphabet knit squares blanket for my son's 2nd birthday. (I have half the squares knit)
TRY not to buy any frivilous yarn just because it's pretty. (this is the one most likely to be broken - Hee!)
Knit at least 6 pairs of socks. (This may be the toughest considering I didn't even get ONE pair finished this year!)
And that's it!
Wish me luck!


I resolve to knit my stash under control... so that it fits *comfortably* into the two big bins I have designated for it. ;)


My number one resolution for 2007 is to get back on my modified low carb diet (no potatoes, sugar, white rice, or flour, sticking to low glycemic fruits and veggies, and leaning more towards healthier meats)and lose the 20 pounds I've gained in the last year! I also have resolved to learn to spin and dye yarn. :)


Every year I resolve to procrastinate less, and every year I end up leaving it for the next year, so resolutions don't seem to work very well for me.

But I'll probably carry on the tradition anyway.


my main fiber related resolution is to be more methodical with my spinning. I would also be happy to knit myself a sweater this year.


I am determined to learn some sort of color knitting. Or maybe even more than one type. It looks like so much fun! Now to find a book or class to teach me...


Learn to speak Italian, knit from stash. I have all these cool projects lined up -- several years worth, I'm afraid. Some have turned into "what was I thinking?", but I still want to make a lot of them.

Shanidy Hough

I'm resolving to be a better housekeeper and to find my niche in a new town and a new job!


I never have any resolutions at all. I always go with the flow of things.


I don't usually make resolutions, but this year I am making a few. First, get back on track with the exercise (at least 3 days a week of a good workout with cardio and strength training). Second, (or part B of first) get back on track with healthy eating.

Third and last, organize my stash and keep it organized (this is the one I don't see much hope for - the keeping it organized part).


I've designated 2007 as the Year of Grace. No resolutions in particular, just a focus on living simply and in the moment. I'm planning to learn to meditate and learn to spin. And yes, knit more from my stash. : )


Every year I resolve to be healthier than the previous year, and I think I can honestly say that I keep that resolution. This year I am resolving to have less and do more, be kinder and gentler, and to volunteer more.


I resolve not to resolve this year. I am finally to the point in my life where I feel it's about time I start accepting myself just how the good Lord made me. I may not be thrilled with the results, but if I try to love myself as I am, hopefully, others will follow suit. Since knitting socks is all part of the package, it's a win-win situation in my opinion!


My goal is make an effort to really knit from the stash. I don't have a LYS nearby, and so I have the tendancy to treat the yarns I buy online, etc. as "precious" and usually hoard them rather than knit with them.

And I mean to blog more too. :-)


Personal resolutions... to get out walking more often. As it cools I go less and less, but I need to steel up and get out, if only for the fresh air. Knitting wise? A sweater I start & complete this year for myself :)

Happy holidays, good luck on the bedding search :)


I'm resolving to exersice more often (which will hopefully lead to a little weight loss, but that's not what I'm resolving)!

I'm resolving (well, our family is resolving) to spend our money more wisely (we're shooting for a 10% reeduction in monthly spending).

And I'm resolving to be even more ecologically and environmentally aware.

And to make more socks!

Tracy Hite

I resolve to knit at least one new item for each of my three children in 2007, and to finish my own afghan that's been off & on for almost a year already.


I usually make a few resolutions, but I won't be making any this year because I have a larger list of goals (101!) that I am working to accomplish over a longer period of time (1001 days!). So far I've completed 19, and I have until April 2008 to finish the rest :)

I can tell you some of what I'll be working on this year -- I'll be reading a lot of Newberry and Caldecott medal books, I'll be knitting a few pairs of socks, and I'll keep drinking lots of water!

Eva McMonagle

I recently completed my last year's resolution to knit a pair of socks every month for a year and to knit from my stash almost exclusively. 12 pairs of socks down and I only bought a few new skeins of yarn. Yes, mostly sock yarn. I can't help myself.

But it was hard! So many other projects were calling me when I diligently knit those socks. Sweaters, shawls, scarves, felted bags! Oh, my!

So this year, I want to knit more lace. Scarves, shawls, lacy sweaters, lacy socks, bring it on. But I'm not going to try to knit one every month. Maybe one a quarter. Because after all, I gotta keep knitting socks.


My goals are to pay off the car loan and to knit 6 pairs of socks. I have a few more in mind, but those are the big two.


I need to be more frugal and spend money wisely. It just seems to flow from my fingers. With one son in college and a daughter soon to go, I really must get a handle on my expenses. DH wants to retire and really should be able to, if I get a handle on this compulsion to buy all the beautiful yarn I see!!!!


Oh my - I have too many resolutions, none of which I'll keep, I'm sure. So I'll say "enjoy myself more, and knit what I like." That's a resolution I can keep!


My new year's resolution will be to accept people as they are. Try to find something good in each of them, even when it's hard... ;-) Oh and finally finish knitting at least one sweater for myself!!!


I have a huge list of goals for the 2007 year, I do this every year for my business and myself. Then in November I review to see what changed, etc. 2006 was the first year I achieved many of my goals and I'm excited to plan them for 2007.

One of them is to spin at least 1/2 hour each evening before bed and use this activity as a form of meditation. I have difficulty meditating but spinning really chills me out so hopefully this works.

Anna M

B. Rickman

I want to make it back to VA from CT. That is what I resolve for 2007!!

Barb R.


I resolve to stop trying to figure out what it is I want to do when I grow up (I'm 47 already, for goodness sake) and instead to embrace my ordinary little life in all its present glory.


Resolutions? With a brand new grandbaby on the way (only 2 months pregnant now!) I have lots of baby knitting and English smocking to do for him/her. Can hardly wait. I WOULD however, love to finish a couple of my own projects and knit a few more pair of socks for myself. With working full-time, somehow I think the baby will win this challenge!!


I have lots that I would like to do, but I imagine there is little that I will accomplish. I am hoping to get into better shape (hopefully before my wedding). I want to do some more lace knitting and I hope to improve on my spinning. Most importantly, I am hoping to deal with the stress of this past year better than I have been.


My main goal this year is to keep on top of the housework, so that I can spend my weekends knitting instead of cleaning. And lose 20 lbs., of course. But really, my primary resolution is to learn to knit socks, and knit them well.


Update the blog more, become a better photographer, finish more work, silence my inner critic more often, stop eating seafood and be 100% vegetarian again (even without eating meat, I gained 30 freakin' pounds with all the shrimp, cheese, butter, and salmon!) Also, live with more compassion and think before I speak. (And appreciate the things I and others do RIGHT, rather than what we need to fix...)


Spend more time with my children, lose 50 pounds, knit more. I'm going to try not to worry about everything and just enjoy life. You end up missing out when you worry all the time.


I think I've done pretty with knitting in the last 3 years ... and I just got a sewing machine, so I'm going to get better in sewing.
Have a wonderful 2007 ahead. :)


I haven't exactly thought of it as a New Year's resolution, but I decided a little while ago that 2007 is going to be the year when I knit myself a sweater that fits me, that I like and wear. When I first started knitting, I knitted mostly sweaters, but they all had various problems and/or remain unfinished. Lately I've been knitting lots of socks and lace, and sweaters only as gifts (for children, so they're smaller, and also because they'll fit eventually unless they're too small to start with). So I feel I've done enough practicing, and next year I want a sweater for me.


My resolutions are to be healthier (lose weight), knit something for myself (everything I knit is for others) and lay the groundwork for a secret wish of mine.

Amanda Cathleen

I really suck at keeping resolutions, but this year I came up with one that I know I will be able to keep and will enjoy doing so. Here is my New Year's resolution: Too have more fun!! : ) Its going to be a great year


I resolve to find a way to get back to my running schedule I was on for a good 6 months until life got all hectic on me. I also really need to actually use my stash faster than I buy more to add to it. So its either knit and sew faster, or buy less and I'm aiming for the knit and sew faster :)


Mine are to make more time for my children ... just to 'hangout' with them AND to make sure they brush their teeth before they go to bed ;)


I like to try to live my life in such a way that I don't just make resolutions once a year but continually set goals for myself. :)


I resolve to finish my master's thesis and move on to the next phase of my life (whatever that may be). While doing that I resolve to better manage my stash, be a good mate, and read more!


1. Accomplish the exercise tripod more regularly: aerobic, weights, flexibility
2. Fewer weight yo-yos, and lose the current yo.
3. Fewer carbs
4. Buy less yarn (sorry)
5. Be nicer to myself
6. Set up systems to minimize procrastination.

I think about these other than at New Year's. I used to resolve to swear less. That NEVER worked past February.

Laura Y.

There's so much I want to do this year! I don't do NYR's, but here's a list off the top of my head of things I'm trying to accomplish this year:
- Finish '06 Christmas presents before my birthday (end of Feb.)
- Start '07 Christmas presents EARLY!
- Finally make my poor DH his birthday sweater from 2 years ago
- Lose pregnancy weight and then some
- Get pregnant again (which sort of makes the last one seem silly, doesn't it?)
- Exercise some self control when it comes to buying yarn...especially beautiful indie sock yarn and/or Lisa Souza
- Get a design (or three) published
- Stay in touch with friends and family better -- I'm truly lousy at this, and always feel horrible about it but never seem to manage to change. Still worth trying, though.


Love the Opal Uni - and it is hard to find, glad you got it in stock!

For 2007....yarny resolution is to knit as much from my stash as possible and have a sock on the needles at all times...non-yarny is to get back on the gym track - I used to go every day, but life started getting in the way!


My resolution: To put pictures in frames and to put frames on walls. That's it.

Hope you're feeling better, and enjoy your birthday.


I haven't picked a resolution yet! Maybe I should resolve to plan ahead more often.....


I resolve to limit my knitting projects to no more than three on the needles at one time. Two is better, but just doesn't work for me.

Last year I resolved to knit birthday socks for the people I love who like to wear them. It worked great and spaced the gift knitting out over the year instead of Christmas stress. This year most of them have already requested their preferred birthday sock colorway, so I guess I'm resolving the same thing in 2007.


Hmmm, I hadn't thought much about my New Year's Resolutions yet. But now is as good a time as any.
1. Cook and eat healthy foods, and order take-out less than twice a month.
2. No more procratination!!!
3. Work on our house re-decorating. I'm going to aim to have all rooms painted and finsihed by the end of 2007.
4. And, amist all of these new "rules", it's important to remember to HAVE FUN too. :)


I resolve to comment more often, not just when there's a contest involved =) I am also trying to eat healthier and drink more water, but I don't consider those resolutions.

Happy New Years!


1. Declutter my house some, so it will be easier to move.
2. Use up my sock yarn stash. So I have room for more.
3. Knit an adult size sweater. For me, of course.

Happy 2007!

MaryAnn Baker

I hereby resolve not to fight against my HMO because it gives me heartburn-and I just can't win. I will no longer tilt at windmills that are too big for me to fight. Instead,I resolve,to battle quietly,with charity knitting and other good causes.
And give my kitties more luvin' time!


My resolution is to remember that I am perfect just the way that I am. What others think is not as important as what I think!


I resolve to bake more bread. Yum.


My resolution is to stick to my budget. Even though we have the money for our bills, my college tuition and holidays go into a separate account, we are always dipping into it because we run out of money before we have gas and food. If we can stick to our budget, we will have plenty for me to take full course loads and have awesome holidays.


No resolution but I plan to enjoy life and my husband, kids and grandkids.


No resolution I am just going to enjoy my husband, kids and grandkids. Of course I'll keep reading blogs.


I have lots of resolutions that I know I won't keep, so I'll just list the ones I do intend to keep.

1. Buy more yarn
2. Knit more socks
3. Spin more yarn, including finishing spinning the yarn for a sweater for my husband.
4. Enjoy the coming year and stop stressing myself so much

Happy New Year!


My resolution is "Knitter know thy self" I resolve not to start projects I will never finish or even wear if I did finish.


I resolve to let the people I love know that I love them. This will be a big step for me.

Also Happy birthday to you - I am twice your age and my advice is - The best is yet to come and won't it be fine!!! If you play it right, life only gets better with age.


I need to lose 10 pounds to get back in my clothes. I also want to finish all the projects that I have started


I don't really do 'resolutions', but rather set "intentions"; and one of this new year's intentions is to live a life of joy.
Happy New Year!


I plan to do more of my Christmas knitting earlier. I thought I had it all planned reasonably well, then my DD threw in a "sock-worthy" Jewish boyfriend who suddenly needed a Christmas stocking for his visit to our home for Christmas, and a hand-knit pair of socks. I did manage to get all of the knitting done in time, but many of my other activities had to suffer. I'm sorry I wasn't able to bake like I usually do, and I fell short with little gifties for co-workers. I have a plan for the co-workers next year already, and I resolve to start knitting gifts MUCH earlier. One of my problems is always wanting to give the recipient their new socks right as soon as they are finished, instead of putting them away for later. It's not a big resolution, more of a tweaking on how I want to continue to do what I do.
Happy New Year to all!

Sandra D

I normally don't bother with resolutions, but THIS year I'm making one. I resolve to knit up at least a quarter of the gorgeous sock yarn I've ordered from SSYC in 2006. That doesn't mean I can't buy new, but I will be judicious about it. But I intend to make a bunch of socks in 2007!


to speak more softly, and love more deeply........


My resolutions for the new year are as follows: Finish as many quilting projects as I can before I can start any new ones. I plan to work on SOMETHING once a week on sunday afternoons. I also want to finish at least 1 pair of socks/month (preferably two).


Hmmmm....knit more socks!!!!


I stopped counting how many years I've celebrated my 29th!! heehee
my goal for the new year is to get even more organized with my stash & needles especially!
Hope you have a safe & happy New year & happy Birthday!


I resolve to finally knit something for myself!! I learned how to knit about a year ago and have still not made one. single. thing for moi!


I find that with resolutions I tend to break them fairly easily, and early on in the new year. However, I am aiming at making several changes in my life, which will include: lose weight, exercise more, try not to buy too much yarn...I really don't know what else, but I'm sure I'll find things to change in some way or another.


My resolution is to become more organized.


I'm going to get healthy. I think that is the doc's new year's resolution as well: get me out of her office!


First of all, a belated congratulations on the wee one you're growing! Yay! (I must have missed your original announcement about it.)

A very realistic goal for 2007 is that I am getting healthier through better eating and more exercise. =)

Happy New Year to you!


My resolution for 2007 is to find a job where I can knit.


I am going to learn some simple two-color knitting (fair isle style) in 2007. I vow to use up some of my stash, get rid of a lot of the stuff that I bought years ago and never used, and start purchasing yarns that I can see what I'll use them for. I also vow to straighten out my needles because I think that I've got duplicates and know that I've got borrowed needles that I should return (and then purchase my own of).


Lose weight and get more sleep ---- right after I knit a few more rows......


What a timely contest... I have been thinking that I should really start taking a percentage of my paycheck and put it into my savings account or my retirement fund.. and I suppose I should get a bit more exercise!

Renee' Sawyer

New Years's Resolution -
My closet and the garage are in desperate need of some sorting through. Key word for the new year: SIMPLIFY!


I would love to slim down 5 to 10 lbs. or so..........


Resolutions? Don't normally make them but this year I'm gonna be more appreciative of my friends more and take time for myself. I'd like to finish some knitting and quilting projects.


How about my blog resolutions?
1. no more than one meme posed on my blog a week.
2. a picture in every post
3. more knitting/stitching content


I resolve to knit more, eat less, and learn to fly(

Melissa Wright

My resolution---knit, knit, read, read--repeat throughout the year!


I usually don't make resolutions, but this year I am looking forward to starting a jogging/running program. I'm too fond of the couch and just need to get moving!

I also hope to balance reading time with knitting time. Knitting kind of took over this past year and I only managed to read around 15 books.

Happy New Year!


LOL - long, long ago I made a resolution to never make any more New Year's resolutions. Amazing, I found one I could finally stick with! It's been oh, about 30 years or so, and I haven't regretted it yet. ;) Change comes when you really want it, not because it's something you think you should want to do.

Marti Johnson (aka Sock Queen)

After having one of the worst years in my long life, this New Year 2007 has to be better than the first part of last year. So, to help myself and those around me, I'm resolving to return to my happier self; to shed the last remnants of depression and to celebrate the good things still in my life. Losing a loved one can make you think that nothing will ever be right again, but if I stop to remember all the good things we had together, and how he would have encouraged me to move forward and celebrate those good times without tears, then my life will be better. Certainly he would have enjoyed all the fun I've had learning to knit socks (and would have claimed several pair for himself in the process).


I've never been able to stick with a resolution yet but here we go:
(in no specific order)
1. lose 50 pounds
2. spend more time with my children
3. build up my stash
4. find more time to knit
5. try not to worry so much about everything...just gives you heartburn and a headache.

I think that's pretty much it


1) I resolve(with my hardworking firefighter hubby)to get out of this crappy apartment and buy a house!

Maybe I should knit that into a scarf or something. Shadowknit a scarf that says Get a House for the subliminal messaging effect...

2) I also want to start FLYing again.(

Happy 2007!


I have two goals to reach by Memorial Day weekend -- lose 12 pounds and not buy any worsted weight (or bulkier) yarn. Sock yarn is exempt, so you still may see me over here :-)

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